My Dream Boy

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Taylor Holmes' story started off as any other romance cliche… a boy who was secretly in love with his best friend, but didn’t have the guts to confess how he truly felt… until the day a genius transfer student enters his life, making a devious bet that turns everything upside down. Now nothing is as it seems, and Taylor will have to risk a lot for a chance to win the boy of his dreams, but after many unexpected turns and a rollercoaster of surprises, Taylor might end up getting more than he bargained for...

Romance / Humor
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Author's Note!

Hi Readers!

I have some great news to give you all about this book!
MY DREAM BOY will be available to read next week on GALATEA!

So the story won't be available to read here on Inkitt anymore.

Galatea is home to hundreds of original serial and standalone stories with an exclusive catalogue of bestselling authors, with new chapters dropping daily!

You can support me by reading my story there!
If My Dream Boy has a lot of reads on Galatea and gets readers' interest there, I might have a chance to have MDB published in print and you we will be able to see the book on books stores, how awesome is that?!

To have the actual book in hands is now up to you, guys, the readers. I hope you give My Dream Boy a chance at Galatea.

Thanks for reading my stories and for the support!


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