My Dream Boy

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Role Play

Today was officially ‘Let’s abuse Taylor Holmes day’.

Everybody seemed to be joining in to participate in the event. I wished I had stayed home, but then again, I would have missed all the fun of being tackled, slammed and abused all day long. Please, note the joy in my voice.

The day started like any other day. I woke up, shut the alarm clock off, got up and dragged my pretty bottom to the bathroom to tinkle. I got out of the bathroom to put some clothes on, and then got slammed hard on the wall by a violent, scary, ravenous girl.

What the hell, Jesse! Why are you slamming me against the wall at this forsaken hour?”I shouted, rubbing my back. I was really glad I had tinkled a few seconds ago, or I would have peed in my pants with the scare Jesse gave me.

“Why? Why, do you ask? I called you all day yesterday and you didn’t pick up. Didn’t call me back. Didn’t anything!” She growled, pointing an accusing finger at me. “Then I had to call Matt to see if he knew what was going on with you, and he said you weren’t picking up his calls either. So, I’m the one who’s got to ask:What the hell, Taylor?”

“Oh, hm...yeah, it’s, you know, the battery was dead and I forgot... I mean, I was busy... studying…with Vincent.”

Geez, my lying skills were god damn awful!

I had spent the entire day with Vincent, and listen to this, he did actually tutor me and made me study the entire time he was at my place – to my upmost chagrin. He finally called it a night a little before dinner and went home, thank God, because I didn’t know how much more studying I could take in one day. I didn’t even need to study, my grades were fine, but the damn boy was bossier than my mother.

And today I had to pretend to Matt, and Jesse, that I had the time of my life with Vincent, and I really didn’t know if I could pull that off, because nothing could have been as far from good than that afternoon from hell.

“And who the hell is this Vincent who kept you so busy that you couldn’t remember to charge your phone anyway?” she asked.

“He’s a new friend. He offered to tutor me yesterday,” I said, getting dressed while she followed me around the room.

“Tutor you? You don’t need help to study, you have the best grades ever. I see what’s going on here. Come on, Taylor. Spill it!” She ordered.

Of course, she’d caught on to my lie that fast. “W-what d-o you m-mean?” I tried to stall, while I thought about what to say to her.

She arched an eyebrow at me. “How hot is this Vincent? That’s the only reason you’d agree to a whole day studying with a guy without really needing to. He must be pretty damn hot.”

“He’s… all right.” I lied but my face betrayed me.

Oh. That hot, eh? I can always tell how hot a guy is by the level of red in your face and right now, my friend, it’s pretty darn red.” She smirked evilly. “I need pictures of him ASAP and I expect them to be mailed to my phone by lunch. Preferably with no shirt on, you hear? Make it happen.” She snapped a finger on my face and turned to leave. “And hurry up. We still need to pick up Matt.”

I hurried to get ready for school and when we arrived at Matt’s house, he was already waiting for us outside. He slid inside Jesse’s car with a quiet greeting. My heart picked up speed just because I was seeing him. Was I pathetic or what? Every day it was like this. He entered the car and my heart would start bumping faster.

“So... how was your tutoring yesterday?Fun, was it?” he asked me with a hint of irony in his voice.

I tensed in my seat. Okay, time to start pretending.

“Actually, yeah, it was a lot of fun!” I chirped cheerfully. “He’s so smart, I didn’t even notice I was learning, you know, because it was so much fun!”

I was so lying because it was so not fun at all.

Really?” He asked in surprise. I think I have never said ‘learning’ and ‘fun’ in the same sentence ever before.

“Yeah, it was!” I nodded with a big grin.

“Okay. I guess.” He didn’t make any further comment after that. He just stared at the window in silence the entire ride to school.

Jesse parked her car in the parking lot at the back of the school and stayed at the front doors, chatting with a group of friends, while Matt was called by a few guys of his team to talk about the next game, so I was left by myself. I headed inside and when I got to my locker, Vincent was already there, waiting for me.

“Morning, Tay-Tay!” he chirped with a teasing tone.

“Oh, just you shut up! Only my mom calls me that! Actually, not even she can.” I snapped, irritated.

He didn’t seem to care about my bad mood whatsoever. “So, how wasdream boy’s reaction today?” he asked, leaning against the lockers “Was he all full of angst and anger that you didn’t answer his calls and spent all day with me?”

“No.” I grunted, grabbing some random books from inside my locker. “He was totally normal and didn’t give a rat’s ass about it.” I banged my locker door shut. “Well, at least I get to gloat in your face about what an epic fail your plan is. That’s a silver lining, right?”

The comment got that annoying smirk off his face pretty fast. “Huh, I don’t do epic fails, ever.” he stated and his green eyes darkened considerably. “I suppose it’s time to jump a few steps forward in my plan. Let’s get rule number four rolling, shall we? It’s a good one, you’re going to like number four.”

“Why I find that hard to believe?” I said wearily.

He glanced around us. The hallway was beginning to fill with students and a couple of girls were heading our way, so he grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and slammed me against the lockers.

“Oh, for the love of god! Why people keep doing that to me? I’m frail and I bruise easily, you know!” I protested.

“Really? You seem the type who likes it rough.” he mused, smirking.

“I-I c-certainly d-do not.”

He arched a knowing eyebrow. “It’s play time now, Holmes. Rule number four: You have to pretend to be my boyfriend.”

My eyes were as wide as they could get. “What?” I squeaked in shock.

“Taylor! I had the most amazing timetutoring you yesterday!” he said really loud, so that the whole hallway could hear him “I can’t wait to go back to your room anddo it all over again today.”

He leaned over me. An inch closer and he was going to be grinding against me.

The two girls walking down the hallway stopped to watch the scene. I think that this was his plan all along, to catch their attention and make this the new gossip in the gossip mill.

“Vincent!” I hissed, slightly in panic. “W-what the hell do you think-”

“Rule number four, Holmes.” he murmured with a sexy smile.

Then he kissed me flat on the lips. Just like that.

One second he was standing there. The next he was kissing me.

I was so shocked that I froze, like a deer caught in the headlights. At first I didn’t respond, so he licked my bottom lip softly and my legs turned into jelly.As it turns out, Richie Rich was a hell of a kisser. I didn’t even realize when I started to kiss him back. It just... sort of... happened?

When his hand slipped to the back of my neck and his fingers grazed into my scalp, it made all kinds of tingling spread through my body. Then he tugged at my hair perhaps a bit too hard, and I lost it. I was so turned on, that I wasn’t even able to control myself. It was as if he had flicked the switch that made my blood turn into fire.

Huh. Who could’ve known? I did like it rough.

I was ashamed to confess that I might have, maybe, sort of shoved my tongue into his mouth just a little. All right, it was not ‘just a little’. I was French kissing him like there was no tomorrow.

The sharp intake of air was the only indication of Vincent’s surprise, but after that few seconds of shock had passed, he kind of, sort of, started French kissing me back. There was no dominance fight crap going on, we just kissed each other hungrily and in very equal turns. It was the most mind blowing, steamy hot, make out session.

And when he tugged on my hair some more, I might have moaned a little and pulled him flushed against me. I didn’t care if people were watching, because it felt too damn good. His body was pressed over mine hard, pinning me against the lockers, when a teacher’s voice boomed behind our backs.

“Boys, what in God’s name do you two think you’re doing?!”

I jumped maybe a hundred feet up in the air, and might have had a minor stroke too, but who was noticing that? All eyes were fixed on Vincent and the teacher, waiting in anticipation for the show down about to happen. There were a lot of raised cellphones recording the whole thing.

Vincent smiled his kilowatt, winning smile, and patted his tousled up hair, that looked incredible sexy that way, I may add. The teacher did not look amused though.

I was so embarrassed I could feel my neck, ears and my entire face boiling red.

“I was just giving my boyfriend a good morning kiss, sir,” Vincent said smoothly.

A lot of gasps and giggles exploded all through the hallway.

“Yes, well... let’s try to tone down a little the enthusiasm of your morning greetings, Mr. Worthington.” The teacher advised, leaving him with just this warning.

I gawked in complete disbelief. What the hell? Vincent was let off with only a ‘try to do tone down your enthusiasm’ lame ass speech?Come on!

Vincent barked out an order for people to get moving, saying the show was over, and the crowd grudgingly obliged. Then he turned to me and gave me one of his victorious smug smirks.“I’m a Worthington. I don’t get scowled by teachers.” he explained to my befuddled face. “By the way, congratulations on playing rule number four, Holmes. You’ve truly aced it.”

“W-well, you wanted to get attention, right?” I said as if I was just playing by his rule all along.

“That’s right. Wasn’t counting onthat much attention, but...” he shrugged, like it wasn’t important the amount of attention, as long it was attention we got. “I must say, I almost never get surprised, but you certainly stepped up your game today. Well played, Holmes. Well played.” And he tipped an imaginary hat at me before he walked away.

I was grinning like mad when he left, continued grinning when I entered my first class, and kept on grinning during the whole first period.My cheeks were hurting by lunch time.I was heading to the cafeteria to get my lunch when someone grabbed me by the arm and yanked me away.

“Hey! What the-” I began to protest but stopped when I realized it was Matt manhandling me. “Oh, it’s you.”

“Taylor, what’s this story everybody is talking about?” Matt asked, seeming very upset.

“What story? What are people talking about?” I asked innocently.

“You know what! About you and that Vincent guy!”

Doessomeonelook jealous? I think so!

I did a quick tiny happy dance inside my head.

“What are they saying about me and Vincent? People can say the weirdest things...”

“About him shoving his tongue down your throat in the middle of the corridor.” He clarified.

It was more like the other way around, but hey, I wasn’t going to correct him on this one.

I scoffed. “People can exaggerate so much!”

“There are videos being uploaded on YouTube as we speak.”


I totally forgot about the cellphone cameras. Damn.

“Hm... so, do you know how cameras make everything look worse than it is?” I ventured.

“Taylor.” He scowled at me.

“It was just a tiny kiss, nothing much!”

“So, are you into him now, is that it?”

“What if I am? He’s a cool guy!”

“You just met him two days ago! You barely know him!”

“So? He can still be a good guy!”

“He’s not, Taylor. He thinks he can buy his way through everything. He thinks he owns the fucking world. You’re going to get yourself played and tossed away.” Matt warned me. “That’s all he does, play with people for his own personal enjoyment.”

“I can take care of myself, Matt. I’m a big boy.”

“I’m trying to look after you, Taylor. This guy is bad news. I can just feel it,” he said, stepping back. “You think you can mess around with him, but you’ll get played in the end. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He left me this last warning before walking away.

I knew I should be happy to see Matt so jealous, but his warning rang with truth. I really knew nothing about Vincent. Maybe I was playing with fire…

And maybe Matt could be right about Vincent after all.

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