My Dream Boy

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The Secrets of the Bat-Cave

The ride back to Vincent’s house was mostly a blur to me and then we were slowing down and stopping next to this imposing iron gate. Vincent talked to someone I couldn’t see, and made a signal to a security camera next to the wall, and then the metal gates opened to let him pass.

He drove slowly through sculpted gardens and groomed lanes until we reached a huge mansion at the top of the slope. We parked inside a garage next to the main building and he made us circle back around to the staircase outside, which led us to the front doors of the mansion. The doors were gigantic. The mansion was even more so.

I gawked and gasped and tripped all my way up to the top of the stairs, while I tried to take in the whole immensity of the white Victorian walls, the infinite columns placed at the front of the house, and the expensive adorned oak doors.

Everything looked so splendorous, vast and fancy.

“My father and step-mother are not present at the moment, but try to keep it down, we don’t want to wake Alfred.” He warned before walking through the front doors.

“Alfred?” I asked, trying to follow him without tripping over my own feet, but I still managed to stumble and he caught me by the arm, giving me a silent reproachful glare as he helped me steady myself.

“Yes, Alfred takes cares of things around here.” He explained in a hushed tone.

I clapped my mouth, trying to stop my fit of laughter. “You mean... You have... a butler called Alfred... in your secret mansion? Are you serious?!”

I doubled over laughing. That was too good to be true!

“He’s not the butler,” Vincent said, sounding irked. “And, please, laugh quieter.”

“I’m sorry! I’ll be quiet.” I promised, still giggling a little. “Does Alfred have an English accent, by any chance?”

Vincent crossed his arms over his chest defensively. “Well, he does come from England, so it’s just expected that he has an English accent. There’s nothing wrong with having an accent!” he countered when he saw me doubling down again, laughing.

“Oh, my God. This is priceless.” I wheezed, out of breath.

He rolled his eyes and waited for me to stop being silly. ”You know... I’m starting to regret bringing you here.” he muttered under his breath.

“You’re like a real life Batman, man! It’s awesome!”

“Very funny, Holmes. Now, come on, let’s go.”

“Oh, we’re going to your bedroom now?” I asked excitedly.

I was dying to see all the things he had in his room, what his favorite books were going to be on his shelves, what posters he’d have on the walls… You could tell a lot about a person by the things they put in their room. I could finally get a glimpse of the real Vincent, see what he was really like in his private life.

“No, we’re going to the guest room.” he corrected, turning left into a dark corridor.

“Aw, no. Can I see your bedroom first?” I whined.

“Why?” he asked, suspiciously.

“I just want to see it! Please, please, please, let me see it!” I begged shamelessly.

“It’s just a room, Taylor. What is all the fuss about?”

“Why are you protesting so much then?” I asked, upset.

He hesitated but conceded after a few seconds. “Fine, you don’t need to cry about it. Come on, then. My room is upstairs.”

His room was at the end of a very long corridor and he stopped by the door, waiting impatiently for me to come inside and get this over with. “Here it is,” he said, pointing to the room. “Satisfied?”

The decoration was very clean, somber and impersonal, everything in shades of dark gray and black. There was a king size bed with a nightstand at the side with just one lamp over it, an expensive looking couch and a fancy armchair in the corner, an old chest by the end of the bed, and that was it.

I watched the room in dismay, feeling deflated. He turned the lamp on the nightstand and turned to me. “Wasn’t what you expected?” He asked, seeming amused by my reaction.

I pursed my lips and sulked as I walked unsteadily towards the bed. The room seemed to be spinning and it was kind of hard to walk in a straight line.

“Well, I imagined something else. This is kind of… lacking.” I explained, watching the cold, spacious room.

He smiled. “I see. You think the room looks barren.” He noted, sitting on the bed next to me. “What were you hoping to find in here, Taylor?”

“I don’t know. Some clues about you, I guess. Who you are, what you like… I don’t know anything about you. Maybe it could have been pictures here about your past, your life, things you did. There’s nothing in here!” I complained, frustrated.

“My father once took away from me a few personal things that I loved dearly, to punish me for something he thought I did wrong. I learned that day that the things you love the most can be easily taken from you. So I never leave anything important out in the open anymore.” He explained.

“Oh. What did your dad take?”

“It doesn’t matter. I got them all back and they are safely guarded now. And most importantly, out of sight.”

“You’re so full of secrets…” I muttered grumpily.

“Look who’s talking,” he teased. “Tell me what happened at the party and I tell you something about me.”

“Nothing happened, Vincent.” I glanced at my feet, feeling dejected all over again.

“Right.” he muttered in a clipped tone. His eyes were now dark and piercing, I noticed, as he stared down at me.

“Your eyes are sad, just like Matt’s…” I murmured to myself. “It’s one of the things I like the most about Matt.” I explained. “He has this sadness in his eyes. It’s sort of sexy... you kind of have it too.”

He frowned slightly, curiosity marking his handsome features now.

“You think sadness is sexy?” he asked as his eyes searched for something in mine.

I chuckled and looked away, feeling embarrassed. “Yeah, I don’t know. I’m not making any sense. This room is spinning too much, it’s hard to think!” I slumped on the bed and closed my eyes, to try to make the room stop moving around so much. It only made it worse though.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is that… I think sadness means you went through hard things in life and that makes you more mature, I guess, more grown up. It makes you less of a boy, more of a man, you know? And a man is always more sexy than a boy, right? At least it is to me.” I tried to explain, but it was hard to think properly with a mushy brain drenched in alcohol.

“So... Matt’s gone through some hard things in his life?” he asked quietly.

“Hell yeah!” I hiccupped. “And it’s not just about his past, if you knew the crap he still has to take from his shitty dad all the time.”

“CrapLike what?”

“You know... crap.” I mumbled vaguely, waving a hand in the air.

“Does his father abuses him?”

“Oh, no, not crap like that.” I added hurriedly. “He beats him up pretty badly, but he doesn’t... you know, it’s not that other kind of abuse. The sick kind, you know?”

I shouldn’t have been talking about it, the beatings were Matt’s secret! I never told anyone and Matt trusted me not to, but I didn’t want Vincent thinking Matt’s dad molested him. That was just horrible – although the beatings were pretty horrible too.

“Right, it’s just the regular violence then.” Vincent remarked with a strange tone in his voice.

“You know what? Never mind what I said. It’s really not that bad. There isn’t even any beatings, his dad just calls him some names sometimes, that’s all... I’m mostly making this up. I’m joking, really.” I tried to cover my slip up.

“Of course you are,” he said in a cryptic tone. “Why can’t you tell me what happened at that party, Taylor?” he asked out of the blue.

I froze, tensing all over. I was not going to think about that. Thinking about what happened only made me feel horrible. My eyes filled with tears and I wiped at the corners, trying to hide it from him.

“Nothing happened, Vincent. Just let it go.” I pleaded helplessly, my voice small and breaking.

Vincent watched me in silence for a moment before sighing loudly and standing up. “You know what? I know what might cheer you up now. You need to see my Game Room. Come on.” he urged me to follow him out of the room.

I walked as quietly as I possibly could, wobbling all the way down the stairs and through the long corridors of his mansion. How I managed not to break anything on the way was beyond me. Then after a few turns, Vincent stepped down into a narrow stair leading to some sort of basement.

“Are you going to show me your bat-cave?” I whispered in genuine wonder.

“Stop with this nonsense, Holmes. I’m not freaking Batman!” he hissed, annoyed.

“That’s exactly what Bruce Wayne would say…” I muttered under my breath.

We entered a room and Vincent quickly shut the door after me before he turned the lights on, making a few ceiling spotlights cast a faint yellow light over us.

And then I got to see The Game Room.

I wanted to marry this room.

I wanted to marry it and make babies with it.

It was The most Perfect Game Room of all time. There was a huge flat screen hung on the wall on the far left, and all the latest technologic equipment was scattered all over, with expensive looking touch-screens and tablets everywhere. There were also a variety of video game stations, an impressive home theater sound system and everything cool you could imagine was there in the room. I could barely contain a shout of excitement, but I managed to clap a hand over my mouth just in time to muffle my scream of wonderment.

“It’s okay. The room is soundproof, you can shout all you want now.” He told me, smiling. “Go on. Enjoy.” He motioned for me to have a seat on the big couch on my left.

He grabbed a remote control lying around and turned the TV on. The image was so clear and defined and amazing, I almost started crying of happiness and joy.

“I don’t come here often, but I thought this would cheer you up.” Vincent spoke, flickering through the channels and settling on a video clip. The music blasted in the speakers louder than it had been at the party.

“Are you sure no one can hear this?” I asked, slumping next to him.

He grinned and shook his head, pumping up the volume a couple notches. The room vibrated with the intensity of the sound.

That’s so wicked!” I shouted so he could hear me.

He nodded again, still grinning, and turned the volume back to normal level.

“Why don’t you come here often?” I asked, curious.

“It’s not my thing. I prefer staying at the library in the mansion. I like reading more than video games and TV, to be honest.”

“Nerd alert!” I teased playfully.

A video clip started playing with a voluptuous girl shaking her booty to the camera and Vincent turned his attention quickly to the screen. I don’t know what possessed me then, I guess I felt jealous and I act impulsive and recklessly when I’m jealous. There was the help of the copious amount of alcohol I had drunk as well to add into account.

I moved fast, sitting on Vincent’s lap and straddling him while I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Hey, would you rather look at that girl or at me?” I asked, leaning closer to him.

“Well, that girl does have a really fine ass, Taylor.” He provoked.

I gasped to show him how outrageous that comment was.

Oh, this is so game on, Vincey, my boy! I’ve learned quite a few tricks with Jesse all these years we’ve been friends. She was known as The Queen of Tease and could make any boy crawl up the walls in pent up arousal despair.

“Is that so?” I leaned even closer, until our lips were millimeters away, and then I deliberately and slowly, bit and sucked at his bottom lip.

“What about now? Do you like me better now?” I purred.

He chuckled, amused by my seduction tactics. “Of course. You win, Taylor. I’m totally under your spell.” He agreed in a patronizing tone.

“Oh, no, you’re not, but you will... very soon.” I told him.

He put his hands over my hips and tried to pull me off his lap, but I ground on him harder, tightening my grip on his shoulders.

“What’s the matter, Worthington? Afraid of playing with a little fire?” I taunted.

He smiled, not one bit fazed by my dare. “Sure I am.”

I licked my lips. His eyes followed the movement. He tried to pry me off of him again but I continued to resist and clung tight to him.

"Taylor... come on. You’re drunk, let’s not do this?” He pleaded, then he tried another approach to make me let go of him. “It’s not very noble of me to take advantage of horny drunk boys while I’m in my bat-cave, right? I’ll lose my super hero card over this.”

“Pft, come on. What do you think Batman does to Robin in that cave? I’m sure it’s not all detective work they do down there,” I said and claimed his lips before he could protest again.

As soon my fingers wound through locks of his hair, his resilience faltered and he began kissing me back. I tasted him eagerly, making him shiver under me. I reeled at the warmth of his body, but he was still not surrendering to me. I wanted more than what he was giving. He was still in control and I wanted to be the one in charge. I wanted him completely under my spell.

He broke the kiss with some difficulty. “Okay, that’s quite enough for tonight, Taylor. You really are in no state to continue this.” He reasoned but I didn’t want to listen.

Vincent’s logical mind always ruled over his needs and emotions. I needed to shut down his brain in order to make him do what I wanted. And I knew from experience that every male – including myself – had this specific part of anatomy that could over rule any rational thought, a part that could shut down his ingenious brain.

“Taylor, I’m serious...” he trailed off as I slipped my hand underneath his shirt, feeling his taunt muscles contracting under my fingers.

I pushed him back on the couch and kissed him again, while I explored under his shirt. He felt slim and defined, a fit stomach tensing under my touch and a wide chest expanding with each lungful of air he took. The alcohol buzzing through my veins made me feel powerful, invincible. The room spun and twirled around me as our kiss intensified. He shivered again when my fingers brushed softly over his nipples, making the little buds get hard under my teasing touch.

That’s when I got the first moan out of him. It was low and contained, but it was there, this beautiful sound of pleasure. Music to my ears. That was the first sign of his downfall. He was losing control. His body was starting to win over his mind, but he was still fighting against it. His hands were placed over my hips, gripping it lightly and ready to push me away but never really acting on it.

I left his lips and slid lower to lick his bare chest. He gasped in surprise at how sneakily fast I had unbuttoned his shirt while we were kissing. He haven’t even realized what happened before it was too late, and I was biting and nibbling all over his chest. That earned me his second moan. This one was louder, more unrestricted. It made me feel rewarded.

But I wanted more.

“T-Taylor... please...” Vincent moaned, with a pleading in his voice.

He was begging me to stop. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to keep tasting him, all of him. Only his lips and chest weren’t enough. I needed more.

“Taylor... this is wrong. We n-need to s-stop.” he begged again, his voice coming out ragged. “Y-you’re drunk. You’ll regret this later.”

“I’m not drunk, Vince.” I lied and giggled to myself. If I wasn’t drunk, then this room needed to seriously stop with all the spinning! He let out a low groan of protest. It was even sexier than his moans.

I raised my head and whispered close to his ear. “Don’t worry, Vince. You worry too much.”

I grazed my teeth at the base of his neck. The muscles there were tense and taut as a string bow. He grabbed my thighs and squeezed, digging his fingers into my flesh, trying to control himself.

God! Why was he still fighting me?

He was about to protest again when I kissed him hard, shutting him up.

It was time to shut off his brain for good!

I snapped the button of his jeans open and then I let go of his lips.

He watched me go down on him with a second of hesitation before his eyelids fluttered and closed in defeat, as he leaned his head back and moaned loudly in abandon. I had him. I finally had him. Completely under my spell.

All his defenses were scattered to the wind, all of his will completely destroyed as I had my way with him. The room spun wildly while the music in the TV pumped in sync with my heartbeat, mixed with his moans. I wanted to give him everything, I wanted to make him feel the best he’s ever felt in his life.

He shivered under me, moaning loudly one last time and then it was all over.

I slumped on the floor and laid my head on his thigh, feeling completely worn out. The room twirled madly around me, making my stomach feel weird. I closed my eyes for a second, trying to stop the dizziness when I felt Vincent’s delicate fingers moving lightly over my head, brushing locks of hair away from my face. His touch was so soft and gentle… I wished he could keep stroking my hair like that forever, it felt so damn good. Then he shifted his leg abruptly, making my face dislodge and I stumbled awake, blinking in surprise at the room.

He zipped up his pants and buttoned up his shirt quickly, the expression on his face serious and cold. He looked upset. Why was he upset? Was it something I had done? I couldn’t understand... It felt like I had done something terrible to him. He was upset now and it was all my fault!

“Taylor? What’s wrong?” he asked, his voice grave and worried.

“I’m so sorry! You’re upset, I’m sorry!” I sobbed and hunched down, unable to meet his eyes. Tears fell freely down my cheeks while I tried to wipe them away. “I just wanted to make you feel good, I didn’t mean to make you mad at me!”

He slid to the floor, wrapped his arm around me and pulled me to his lap, so he could cradle me in his arms. “I’m not upset at you. I’m upset at myself, Taylor,” he said close to my ear. “I shouldn’t have let it go this far. You’re not in your right mind and I got... carried away. This is my fault, all right?”

“D-do you hate me now?” I sniffed, calming down a little, now that I was in his arms. He made me feel safe, although my stomach still clenched and churned inside.

“Of course not.” He scoffed. “You, on the other hand, might hate me a lot tomorrow when you sober up,” he said mournfully.

“I won’t. I won’t ever hate you.” I promised and snuggled into him, taking in his perfume. I suddenly felt so tired. “Thank you for staying with me tonight, Vince.” I mumbled sleepily. “Can you make the room stop spinning, please?”

“It will stop spinning soon, Holmes.” he assured me while he stroked my hair.

My mind kept slipping in and out of focus, until I blacked out completely, finally surrendering to sleep.

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