My Dream Boy

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Parking Lot Brawl

Vincent wasn’t kidding when he said he had stuff to do in his library. He got his laptop out and worked all afternoon over this huge oak desk, shuffling through a big pile of files and going through his notes from time to time.

I got bored with the book he gave me after half an hour, but when I asked if I could go for a stroll around the mansion, he threw so many rules at me that I gave up on my searching quest.I mean, after: don’t mess up anything in the house; don’t go snooping in his room; don’t talk with Alfred unless it’s extremely necessary; don’t talk with any employees as a matter of fact; don’t go outside; anddon’t stray too far from here, what else was I supposed to do?

Fortunately, when tea break came by, Vincent managed to put his work aside and then I got his undivided attention, which was pretty awesome, even if it was just for a short period of time. I felt like a pet dog, waiting for his master to give him some love. It was kind of pathetic, but I didn’t care, because when Vincent was paying attention to you, he made you feel at the top of the world.

Alfred brought us a tray full of delicious food along with the tea. He had this silent way of communicating with Vince that hinted of long years shared together. I guess Alfred was some sort of parental substitute for him. They sure acted like very close family members.

We talked about all sorts of things and laughed and joked around. Vincent quit trying to convince me to continue with his plan and didn’t mention Matt anymore, to which I was grateful. Spending time with Vincent was a blissful distraction, I almost forgot about what happened last night, but now and then I glanced at my phone, out of habit, to see if there were any messages from Matt. There weren’t any, though.

I didn’t know why I kept hoping he’d call. He had been extremely clear last night; he wanted nothing to do with me anymore, why would he call me now? And why I insisted on checking my phone every hour?

Because I was an idiot and I still loved him. That’s why.

Sooner than I expected, the day was over and I had to go back home and deal with my broken heart. I cried a lot during that night because there was no Vincent around to distract me from my pain.

I arrived at school the next day with huge, dark bags under my eyes. I felt cranky, tired, sad; you take your pick. Everybody sensed my gloom mood and wisely kept their distance, leaving me in peace to shuffle quietly through the hallways.

I had called Jesse early in the morning and dismissed her ride because I didn’t want to face Matt in the car. Thankfully, I didn’t bump into Matt during any of my first classes, which was a huge relief. I didn’t know what I would do when I saw him again… Probably burst uncontrollably into tears.

By lunch break, everybody rushed to the cafeteria, so I decided to take my lunch and eat outside. I really wasn’t in the mood to any socialization today. I headed to the parking lot, which I knew was the least expected place for Matt to be, when I saw David stalking towards me. He looked furious as he stomped in my direction.

I had no idea what could possible get him so enraged like that, but I really didn’t want to stick around to find out. I had seen this same look in his eyes before, to be more precise, right in this same parking lot. It didn’t end well for me then; I don’t think it was going to end well for me now.

I looked panicky around, trying to find a place to run or hide, but David was already closing in on me and I had no option but to face him. I gave a few scared steps back while he stopped in front of me, seething in anger.

What the fuck is this, Taylor?” he shouted and shoved a crumpled piece of paper that was bawled up in his fist, in front of my face.

A few students standing by the school’s entrance turned to look at us.

“W-what? I- I don’t k-know.” I stammered, confused.

You don’t know?You don’t fucking know. You’re just this innocent little shit who doesn’t know anything, is that what you’re saying?” he shouted again, spit coming out of his mouth. People started to rush outside to see what was happening.

I cringed in fear.”David, I- I really don’t know... you’re scaring me!”

“I just got this fucking restraining order from your piece of shit lawyer, telling me I can’t be near you! Or he’ll send this to a judge and I’ll go to jail!Are you fucking kidding me?” he yelled, ripping the paper and throwing it on my face.

I winced and stepped back. “I didn’t... it wasn’t me...” And then I realized who was responsible for this: Vincent. Vincent’s lawyer. He had told me he would take care of David. He had done this to protect me from David, to get him away from me.

Oh God.

David saw the realization in my wide eyes and snapped, losing the little self-strain he had left. I didn’t even see his fist coming my way. Everything happened so fast, I didn’t have time to prepare myself for the blow; it hit me square in the face. My head whipped to the side and I crashed on the floor like a sack of cement.

“Fuck you, Taylor! Who the fuck you think you are to order me to stay away?” he spat out and kicked me while I was on the ground.

Fear took over me, making my throat constrict and my heart accelerate in terrifying speed. I curled up, trying to protect my body from his kicks. My face stung and throbbed from his punch and I felt the too familiar taste of copper in my mouth. I remembered the blood that flowed with his punches. I remembered how he never stopped hitting. He was going to do it all over again.

I couldn’t go through all this again, I just couldn’t. It was hard enough the last time... I closed my eyes and held my breath, waiting for the next blows, but they never came.

I glanced up and saw David looking furiously at me, fists clenched at his sides and his eyes burning like a raging bull, but he wasn’t advancing. Maybe because there were people gathering around us. Last time we had been alone here.

I took a few deep breaths and stood up. I was tired of feeling intimidated by David, sick of letting this fear control me. I wiped the blood off my mouth, and held my chin up high. If he was going to beat me up again, if he was going to fucking kill me here now, it wasn’t going to be with me on my knees on this dirty floor. I was going to stand up and face him. I was done being terrified of David’s anger, I was done feeling scared of him.

“You know what, David.Fuck you too.” I spat out at him. “You just lost the last shred of affection I had for you now. We can’t even be friends anymore. This is the last time you hit me, do you understand?” I shouted while people formed a circle around us.

They all knew what happened to me the first time David had lost control, how he had beat me senseless in this same parking lot. It had been impossible for me to hide all the bruises, all the broken bones. They thought it was because he hated gays, and had lashed out at me for it. Nobody knew that David and I were together, and that he was my vicious, jealous boyfriend back then.

“Not so long ago you told me you’ve changed.” I sneered in disgust. “Nothing’s changed. You're the same shitty coward you always were. You’re still hitting me when you don’t get your way. You’re pathetic. I spat out blood at his feet.

A few people around us gasped at my provocation. I didn’t fucking care, he didn’t deserve my respect anymore. He didn’t deserve anything from me after this last punch. “Stay away from me, David. You read the restraining order. Stay the fuck away.”

The gathering crowd forming around us suddenly parted ways to let Matt step inside the circle. He glanced at me and then at David. It took him a second to understand what was going on, and he immediately turned to David, with fists bawled up at his side, ready to attack. I stepped between them and placed my hand over Matt’s chest, to try to stop him. “Matt, don’t.” I pleaded. “It’s over. He’s not worth it, Matt. Let it go.”

Matt still advanced, but I pushed my hand over his chest to make him step back. He wanted to murder David, I could see it in his eyes. Even though things between us were broken now, I could see he still would do anything to protect me.

“David understands now that he can never touch me, or be near me again. Isn’t that right, David?” I said, turning to glare at David.

He looked at Matt, fear showing clear on his face. He clearly remembered Matt’s fury. Good. It was only a matter of a word coming from me to unleash Matt’s rage on him again, but before I could say anything, a voice boomed at the edge of the circle.

“Move away!” Vincent commanded and the crowd quickly parted way for him. He stepped inside the circle, looking royally pissed, and glanced quickly at Matt and me, then at David.

If David looked scared from Matt’s murderous glare, he looked about to crap in his pants now that Vincent had arrived.What did he think it was going to happen after he had beat me senseless in this parking lot again? Didn’t he stop to consider Matt or Vincent coming into the equation? Stupid fucking idiot!

Vincent advanced towards David, all muscles on his body tense. “Vincent, no!” I shouted while I still struggled to hold off Matt, who pushed against my hand, eager for a fight. “Let’s all calm ourselves down! I don’t want any more fighting in here, I’m fine.”

Vincent stopped and turned to me. “Fine? I don’t see any fine in the blood over your face, Holmes,” he said coldly.

I touched the blood running down my busted lip, wincing at the sharp pain that ran down my jaw.Matt took this as his cue to advance again.

“No! Matt, stop!” I shouted, struggling against him.

Matt was impressively strong, trained to pound at people twice his size in that football field, and Vincent was really fit; I suspected he could do some serious damage too. David was going to end up minced meat if those two got their hands on him. And even though I had no feelings or sympathy for him anymore, I didn’t want to see him dead. Or see Matt and Vincent in trouble for bloody murder either.

I pushed Matt back roughly this time, trying to make him stop his advance.

“I mean it, STOP!” I shouted at him.

Matt halted and stared me down, lips pursed tight and jaw clenched in contained fury. “I’m not going to let him do this again to you, Taylor. Not again. He can’t keep doing this to you. He can’t. I won’t let him.” he told me with finality in his voice. “It’s bad enough I can’t do shit about my dad, I’m not going to stand here and do nothing for you too.” His voice cracked and broke at the end, making my heart break inside.

“He won’t do anything to me, okay?” I tried to reassure him in a pleading tone. “There’s a lawyer involved now, he knows he’ll be in big trouble if he gets near me again. It’s over, Matt, you don’t need to worry anymore. I don’t want you to get in trouble because of this. Please.”

He watched me in silence for a moment, and finally conceded, giving a step back and away from David. I had only one second to take a breath of relief before I heard Vincent saying, “All right, let’s get this over with.”

He was walking towards David with purposeful steps and I realized that even if I ran to him, I wouldn’t be able to stop him. I didn’t have any energy left in me to hold anyone off anymore.

“Vincent, don’t.” I begged, sounding truly exhausted.

“I’m not going to punch him. I just have something to say to him.” Vincent replied coldly.

He walked to David and stopped right in front of his face. “Peterson, you better listen well. This is your last warning, because next time you see me, you won’t be getting lectures from me anymore.” he began with a menacing tone.

“Starting as for right now, you don’t get to ever talk to Taylor again. You don’t get to be near him, you don’t get to even look at him. If Taylor goes in the bathroom, you fucking get out and wait for him to leave. If you share classes together, you will sit at the most distance location in the room, away from him. I’m paying everyone in this fucking school to watch your every step now. If you disobey me, I will know, and I won’t be beating you up for it. You will wish I was though, because it’ll be jail time for you then. I will fucking destroy you. You and your parents, and your whole disgusting family, I will wipe out The Peterson from this town, do you understand? You know my family’s name. You know what I can do. Taylor’s pleads won’t hold me back next time. Now, nod if you understand me clearly,” he said and David nodded a bunch of times.

“Fantastic. Now is time for you to run the fuck away, and I don’t want to hear from you ever again.” Vincent growled and David was already running away. “That serves for everybody in here as well.Go away! All of you!”

People scurried in quite a hurry, everybody was terrified of Vincent’s onslaught. As soon as everybody cleared away and I could let go of the agonizing tension I was under this entire time, my whole body started trembling uncontrollably, adrenaline rushing in my system and fear still pounding fiercely in my heart.

I reached out and wiped some of the blood running down my chin. My fingers shook badly and my knees trembled like paper.

“Taylor,” both Vincent and Matt called out to me, making me snap my eyes from the blood on my fingers and look up, but I couldn’t handle any more stress today. I couldn’t handle Matt and Vincent fighting against each other. I couldn’t handle anything anymore, so I did what I did best when I wanted to avoid problems in my life. I ran.

“No... just... don’t.” I sobbed and ran past them and away from the parking lot.

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