My Dream Boy

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Wicked Witch

“So, Bestie, are you excited about your big date tomorrow? Have you picked your sexy lingerie yet?” Jesse teased, poking me in the ribs while she put her tray of food on the table. “You have to be careful to what you’re choosing, okay? The right lingerie can seduce the pants off your man in a matter of seconds, if you choose wisely. I speak from experience. You should be taking notes now.”

I rolled my eyes. Jessica, my best girl friend, slash, annoying side-kick and partner in crime, had heard about myweekend-hangout with Matt and had been teasing me relentlessly all week long about it.

She was driving me insane, I tell you!

Five days of Jesse’s taunting was cruel torture. Thankfully, today was Friday, the last day of torture. I could not wait to get the hell away from school and her teasing ass.

I was also having a hard time at home as well. I could barely sleep during nights because of all the build-up anticipation over this date, I mean, hangout! Not date, hangout!

Damn it, mind slip.

I was supporting my best friend and nothing more! No romantic expectations whatsoever here.

“Jesse, I’ve told you like a thousand times already, it’snota date! I’m just going to hang out with Matt and help him get through his break up. That is all.”

She took a curious peek over my shoulders. We both could hear Matt’s laughter ringing in the background as he goofed around with his football team buddies.

“He doesn’t seem sad at all,” she mused with a wicked smirk.

“He’s good at hiding his feelings. He’s suffering deep down, trust me. He needs a friend to help him get through this.”

“Oh,well, I suppose you’re right,” she stated, patting her chocolate brown hair which was tied high in a ponytail. “I think I should go to this ‘hangout’ too. Help cheer him up. I’m his friend too, right? What time should I come tomorrow?” she asked, biting on an apple with her plump lips.

I choked on the juice I was sipping and coughed in panic. “No! You don’t need to come! I can take care of him! I mean, I can take careof this by myself. I’m sure you have other plans for Saturday, big parties to go to... You’re a busy woman. No need to come. I’ve got this.”

Jesse always had a long list of activities, dates and parties queuing up for the weekends. She was very popular and also very pretty. She had the whole package: thin waist, big boobs, long silky brown hair, plump lips and a great ass. She was not only smoking hot, but also wickedly smart, with a strong mind and a fierce personality. Boys went wild after her.

“Oh, I’m completely free to hang with you boys.” She purred, twirling her ponytail between her fingers.

Of course, I already knew that. I hadn’t heard of any event scheduled for the upcoming weekend. I usually knew all the gossip, the flirting, crushes, the cheating, and all of the drama going on around school. You could say ‘gossip’ was my middle name.

“I’m totally free. I can spend the whole weekend with you guys! Isn’t that great?” Jessica said again with the evil smirk.

“Honestly, Jess, you don’t need to come. I can take care of Matt by myself.”

“Ibetyou can.” She wiggled her eyebrows.

“I mean, I can take care ofhelping Matt get over his break up. Gosh, when you pick on something you don’t ever let go, do you?”

She leaned over the table and pointed an accusing finger at me. “Listen up,pretty boy. I’m going to show up and spend every goddamn minute of this weekend glued to Matt’s sideif you do not admit to me, right this second, that you want to be left alone with him in your man date.” She threatened.

I glared at her.

She glared back harder and I sighed.

“OK!Fine! I admit it!” I cried out, throwing my hands up in defeat.

“You admit what...?”

I glared some more. “I admit I want to be left alone with Matt.”

“Because it’s your...?”

“God, Jess! You can be a real bitch when you want to, you know?”


I sighed again. “It’s my ‘man date’ with Matt.” I groaned, feeling completely humiliated. “You’ll pay big time for this. I can be pretty evil myself, you just wait and see.”

She chuckled at that, knowing I was totally bluffing. I would never do anything. She was too precious to me and she knew it.

Jess knew about me crushing hard on Matt for two years now. She was always there for me, every time my hopes were crushed into puddles on the ground or whenever Matt got himself a new girlfriend. She also hated all of Matt’s girlfriends because in her head, Matt and I were her OTP. She shipped us so hard, she even bought sailor clothes to wear whenever we were talking about Matt and I being together.

I slumped in defeat and rested my forehead against the table. I felt like a total loser for being this excited about a date that was only a date inside my head.

“I should win the trophy of ‘Most Pathetic Person Alive Ever’…” I mumbled.

“Oh, relax, you big drama queen! Haven’t you noticed he’s as excited about this date as you are?”

“It’s not a date! It’s not a date to him, Jess. And he’s not excited about it. He’s just happy that he’s dumped that obnoxious girl’s ass, that’s all. She’s been annoying the hell out of him. He’s happy because of that.” I grunted in protest.

Matt decided to join in our table at this exact moment. “Hey, Taylor, haven’t seen you around all day!” He greeted, slapping my back. “What’s up? Are you feeling ill?”

“He’s fine. Just being a drama queen as usual, you know how Taylor is.” Jesse assured, waving a dismissive hand at me.

“All she does is mock me. I don’t know how much more I can take of this.” I whined, acting like the big drama queen that I was.

“Oh, good, you really are fine. I thought you were coming down with a cold or something and was going to cancel on me for the weekend,” Matt said, back with the happy sprint in his voice. “I can’t wait for tomorrow! I have some wicked cool stuff planed for us to do. That movie I wanted to see is out in DVD, and that new Xbox game too. You’re in for the best time ever, man. It’s going to be awesome!”

“Gamesandmovies sound great! Can I come too?” Jesse asked out of the blue, making me snap my head up and squint my eyes menacingly at her.

How dare that evil witch, to crash in on our date- Ugh! I mean, hangout! The hag! I was going to kill her!

“Sorry, Jesse,” Matt said before I could murder her with my stare. “It’s just Tay and me this weekend. It’s a tradition we have. We can do something next time, all three of us, all right?” Then he stopped and frowned, remembering something. “Actually, I heard you have this slumber party planned with the girls for this weekend at your house... They were talking about it just now.”

Jesse was already standing up and stepping away from the table. “Oops. How could I forget that?” She snickered at me. “I guess I can’t hang out with you guys after all. I’ve got to go, see ya later, boys!”She screamed and ran like mad out of the cafeteria while I scrambled out of my seat and ran after her, shouting all kinds of profanities to the air.

That’s another thing about Jesse: she’s smarter than me, more evil, and faster too, the wicked little witch!

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