My Dream Boy

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Zombie Bites

I woke up feeling two silky hands sliding up and down my chest. I smiled, enjoying the feeling of those hands on me. My eyes were still closed and heavy with sleep, when another pair of hands joined in the rubbing festival over my innocent, sleepy body. It took me a few seconds to realize that there were actually two people fiddling with me. Not one. Two people. Four hands. Two plus two.

The math was undeniable.

I heard a deep and very male chuckle. I knew that chuckle very well, I have heard it a thousand times before. How could I not know the chuckle of the guy I have fantasized about for so many years of my life, the chuckle of the boy of my dreams?

“It’s really hard to wake him up.” Matt’s husky voice ringed close to me. “The boy sure loves his beauty sleep.”

“Maybe we should rub on some more interesting parts of him, to make him wake up faster...” another male voice came from the other side of me, while a hand started to drift slowly downwards.

I recognized that voice too: the sneer, the sassiness and commanding in its tone; it sure belonged to a Worthington. I snapped my eyes open to see Matt and Vincent watching my body with lust filled eyes.

“Hgh.” I choked, trying to figure out if I had died and gone to gay heaven.

“Look, he’s awake!” Matt said, making the hand stop moving.

“Finally!” Vince grinned deviously. “I don’t know how long I could keep waiting.” He gave a sexy pout. “We’ve been touching you everywhere to make you wake up, you know.” To prove his point he groped my chest and scratched my skin lightly with his nails, making me tense and shiver all over.

I widened my eyes. “R-really? E-everywhere?” I stammered, suddenly feeling very hot in that bed.

Vincent gave me a knowing look and smirked. “Well, not ‘everywhere’, that special place you are thinking about, we were saving for when you were conscious enough to enjoy it. Right, Matty?” he asked, landing his smoldering green eyes on Matt.

“Right.” Matt confirmed with a smirk of his own.

Then they both proceeded to touch me everywhere: on the chest, my stomach, hips, belly button and below... oh dear lord, I really must be in gay heaven!

This was too good to be true. Unless...

“Okay, what the hell is going on here?” I snapped, pushing them both away. “Is this a sick prank you’re playing on me? Because I’ve got to tell you, this isn’t funny. It isn’t funny at all!” I scoffed indignantly.

They should know better than to play with my fragile horny state like that.

“I told you he was going to be difficult.” Matt told Vincent.

“Maybe we should do something to get him in the mood.” Vincent suggested, leaning over me and reaching out to cup Matt’s face at the other side.

“Yeah, that ought to work.” Matt agreed, closing the distance between the two and kissing Vincent right in front of me.

I gaped in complete and utter shock at the scene. Should I feel outraged? Betrayed? Matt was supposed to be my boyfriend here!

Well, we haven’t talked about the ‘B’ word yet, but I guess that was implied, after our talk at the club, right? Or did he just ditch me to be with Vincent now? Could this be considered cheating? Even if he wasn’t exactly hiding it, since they were doing it right in front of my face but still… Matt was kissing another boy! Not me!

Man, was I pissed here! How could they do this to me? And look at them go… I’ve never seen two guys kissing so close to me like they were doing. Two unbelievably gorgeous, fit, half naked, hot guys… okay, I think I might be getting slightly turned on here. That kiss was getting hot as hell. Maybe I should leave them alone... this was awkward. It seemed like they wanted to be left alone. I’m going to just scuttle slowly away and...

“Where do you think you’re going?” Vincent’s ragged voice snapped at me, grabbing my arm and yanking me back to sit between them.

“Hm, I was going to leave. You two seem to be getting along well, so…”

“This was for you. To help you get in the mood,” Vincent said.

“Maybe we should do something to him instead.” Matt suggested.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Vincent nodded and they both began to attack my neck at both sides at the same time; nibbling, sucking, licking and kissing… sweet Jesus and lord almighty, I was going to melt in these sheets!

And their hands... they were groping, squeezing and rubbing every-fucking-where! I tossed my head back and moaned so loud, everybody on the block must have heard me. I was so beyond caring... this felt so beyond amazing.

“Taylor...” Vincent’s voice sounded muffled and distant, calling out to me.

I was feeling too hot to pay any attention, or to form any coherent thought.

“Taylor,” I heard Vincent again, but this time his voice was sharp, clipped and louder.

My heart sped up, making my blood pulse faster and my whole body throb in sync with their hands, as they touched me in all the right places: Touched, pumped, stroked... oh God, please stroke faster!

Matt’s wide, muscled chest was so close to my mouth that I couldn’t resist the urge to give him a good, big bite, and…

Taylor!” Vince called out again and I blinked to someone shaking me.

“Humrf?” I mumbled and let go of something I had been biting on.

I woke up and realized I had been lying across the bed, my head resting over Vincent’s thighs and my legs sprawled over Matt. I tried to untangle myself from them and in my flustered panic, I kicked Matt’s legs, making him bolt awake and look around the room in puzzlement.

Ow! Son of a... Taylor, what the hell?” Matt groaned, wincing in pain.

Holy mother of embarrassment, Batman! I was dreaming.

Duh. Of course it was a dream. Naughty, wonderful, magical stuff like that doesn’t happen in real life.

I was such a doofus.

I scrambled away from them, until I was by the end of Vincent’s huge bed, and then I yanked at the sheets to try to cover up my humongous, embarrassing, morning glory. If any of them noticed it, I was going to die. I swear to God, I would die, right there, on the spot! I’m not joking with this, shut up, I wasn’t being a huge drama queen! This was an acceptable valid reason to want to die. Yes, you can die of utter shame. I have heard stories. They must be true.

“Huh... morning.” I said, blushing all shades of red.

Vincent was leaning against the headboard, looking at me weirdly.

“I woke up with you biting my thigh!” he grumbled, giving me a glare. “And when did you take your pants off? You slept with them on.” He asked as he tossed my jeans back to me.

I tried to process his question while at the same time, get rid of my raging boner by willing it to go away. I must tell you, I wasn’t good at multi-tasking... the raging hot, throbbing thing was occupying all my brain space with its sensorial nerve stimulation signals. It’s incredibly hard to think straight with all the blood of your body located in one single, and very painfully stiff, member of your body…

“He must have taken his pants in his sleep. Taylor sleep walks.” Matt explained on my behalf, since I wasn’t replying due to my panic to hide my current embarrassing aroused state. “He kicks, tosses and turns all night long.” He continued.

“And apparently bites people’s legs off as well.” Vincent grumbled, rubbing his leg. “He left bite marks on my jeans here, look.”

Matt rubbed his eyes and nodded. “Yeah, he sometimes bites pretty hard. There was this school camping trip a year ago, and Taylor and I had to share a sleeping bag, because there was a problem with his. I got a kicking out of him every night, and a couple light bites too. I thought a small raccoon was attacking me on the first night!” he said with a chuckle, while I blushed even more in embarrassment.

“Are you serious?” Vincent laughed heartedly at my midnight antics.

“It’s a funny story if it wasn’t for the fact that I got viciously kicked all night long at the time.” Matt said, laughing with him.

“Oh, shut up! It wasn’t that bad. I’m not this crazy sleep walker you’re making me out to be!” I scoffed.

“You were biting his leg off just now!” Matt argued, pointing at Vincent. “And kicking me! What were you dreaming anyway? Zombies again?” he asked curiously.

I blushed vividly when I thought about my dream.

Damned those hot waves rushing over my poor innocent cheeks! Why I had to be so pale that my blushes must shine like a beacon on my face?

“Huh... y-yeah.” I mumbled the lie, while trying to keep a straight face.

“Zombies?” Vincent asked, amused.

“Yeah, it’s Taylor’s recurrent nightmare.” Matt explained. “He insists on watching horror movies and then he has nightmares for weeks afterwards.”

“And he also likes to strip-sleepwalk, I have noticed.” Vincent said, remembering it wasn’t the first time I had taken my pants off while sleeping in his house.

“Yeah, he likes to take his clothes off and fold them in his sleep. I caught him one night folding his socks and putting them neatly by the side of his pillow, sleeping the whole way through. I don’t know how he didn’t wake up with me laughing my ass off then.” Matt said, stretching and letting out a loud groan of pain.

Both Vincent and I turned worriedly to him. “Are you okay?”

Matt waved a dismissive hand at us. “Yeah, yeah. It’s just, for a minute there, I forgot...” he trailed off, his mood dropping considerably.

I guess we all had forgotten for a while about Matt’s current state of injury.

“Matt, you stay put. I’ll ask Alfred to bring you breakfast here. I’m going to take a quick shower, then we can pay my uncle a visit so he can have a look at your ankle. He’s a good doctor, he’ll know what to do.” Vincent stood up and turned to me. “And you, have breakfast with him and get ready to go to school. We’ll drop you off on the way to my uncle’s.”

“What? Why am I the only one going to school? Why can’t I go with you guys?”

“He can’t go to school like that.” Vincent pointed to Matt. “And I’m taking him to the doctor. You can’t skip today, because the principal will ring your mom and you’ll have to explain why you were missing. Now, suck it up and stop with the whining. We’ll be late if you don’t hurry.” He stated matter of fact and sauntered to his bathroom.

I grunted and started picking up my clothes. “Who died and made you the president of this room?” I muttered under my breath. “This sucks!” I whined loudly.

“Told you to stop with the winning, Holmes!” Vincent shouted from his bathroom.

“Fine!” I snapped back, annoyed. “I’ll stop whining, but this won’t stop sucking!”

Matt chuckled quietly and I gave him a glare. “Keep laughing, pal. But you’re the one stuck with his bossy ass all day today.”

“He’s not as bad as he tries to make himself to be,” Matt said quietly. “You should know this better than me, Taylor.”

“Yeah... I know,” I said staring at my lap. “I’m just cranky because I have to go to school and leave you. I know he means well. I’M SORRY VINCENT!” I yelled to Vincent. “YOU’RE AWESOME!”


So I rolled my eyes and pulled my jeans up my legs, grumbling and huffing while I got dressed.

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