My Dream Boy

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Getting Wet

“Vince!” I greeted excitedly as I barged into the library of his bat-mansion, Matt following right behind me.

Vincent was as usual, sitting on his office armchair with his laptop open and the customary secret folders by his side on the desk. He glanced up when he saw me and raised a finger to tell me to hold on for a minute.

“Yes, father, I am listening.” he grumbled on his phone that I hadn’t see he was holding pressed to his ear. “You know you don’t need to check directly with me, you do pay everyone around here to report on what I’m doing on a daily basis. You already know what I’ve been doing.”

He frowned, seeming irritated by what he was hearing, but when he spoke again, his tone was calm and collected and didn’t show any irritability. “Yes, there’s someone staying in the mansion, he’s here to keep me company. He’s a friend from school. Not the old one, the new school. Why are you bothering me with this? Wasn’t you who said you wanted me to make new friends and forget about the old ones? That’s exactly what I’m doing here, making new friends, just like you asked. This endless complaining at every little thing I do is getting old, father.”

He rolled his eyes when he heard his father’s reply. “Well, so what if he’s stealing all the silverware? You’re never here to eat with it anyway. Let him keep our silver. Think of it as retribution for all the money you stole from the people in this town. They deserve some payback after the millions you take from them every year.”

He smiled at the phone, pleased with the reaction he got out of that last comment. “Really? How about that visit you had to make to the IRS last year to discuss all the money laundry you’ve been doing? I’m not sure about the semantics here, but evading taxes is sort of a steal- Hello? Oh, well, it seemed the call has been suddenly disconnected.” He put the phone on the desk and turned to face us with a warm smile filled with satisfaction. “Sorry for making you wait, gentlemen. What can I do for you in this fine afternoon?” he asked, crossing his fingers and tucking them under his chin.

“Is everything all right, Vince?” I asked, glancing worriedly at the phone on his desk. It seemed like he had been in a serious argument with his dad.

“Yes, yes, everything’s fine.” he replied with a bored wave of hands. “Father likes to annoy me with this check-up calls. Luckily, I know all the right things to say to annoy him right back. You don’t need to worry, I can handle him just fine. But enough of him, let’s talk about you. I was wondering how long it would take for you to show up being all loud and hyper today, Holmes.” He mused, watching me skip happily towards his desk.

“Well, worry no more, because here I am!” I announced proudly to the room. “And Matt’s here too. We’ve come to rescue you from a boring day in the library to an epic afternoon with us!” I told him, waving my backpack in the air.

He arched an inquisitive eyebrow at me. “Is that so? What are you exactly planning to do, may I ask?”

“Oh, I have heard about this awesome pool you have around here. There’s a swim trunk in my bag. You combine the two and there you have it: an epic afternoon awaits, my dear friend!” I unraveled my plans to him. “Wouldn’t be a shame to let this sunny day go to waste?” I proposed smoothly.

“I see. Well, I’m afraid I can’t join you today, Taylor, but you guys can go ahead and enjoy the pool without me. Alfred will give you anything you need, just buzz him and ask for whatever you want.”

“Oh, no, no. You’re coming with us, Worthington.” I told him firmly. “Matt is here to make sure you don’t even think about skipping out of it. I’ve instructed him to use some ‘persuasion’, in case you turn out to be difficult.”

Matt nodded, cracking his knuckles for show and crossing his big arms over the chest, muscles bulging up to make an impressive point.

“Oh, really?” Vince asked, deeply amused by the tough-act theatricals. “I don’t think he has much leverage to persuade me into doing anything, Holmes.”

“He can ‘leverage’ your ass out of that chair without even breaking up a sweat, mister.” I countered. “Please avoid the embarrassment of being hauled up and let’s go already.”

Vincent turned to Matt, to see his take on the issue, and Matt just shrugged and replied. “I’ve carried big Johnson across the field once. You’re half his weight. I reckon I can easily carry you to the poll, if needed. Just don’t let it be needed, Worthington.” he warned playfully.

“Yeah. Don’t. And hurry up, we don’t have all day.” I ordered, getting all bossy on him.

He stared at us for a moment, waiting to see if we were really serious about our bluff, so I gave him a ‘are you really going to make me do this?’ glare, before I snapped my fingers to Matt, who nodded and advanced threateningly in Vincent’s direction.

“All right! Okay!” Vincent raised his hands in surrender, standing up from his chair rather quickly before Matt could reach him. “Don’t need to bring in the muscles, I’m going! Your negotiation skills are barbaric, Holmes.” he berated me with a disapproving scowl.

“But it got you doing what I wanted, right? Negotiation’s over. Work’s done. Case’s closed. Let’s go!” I shouted, grabbing him by the hand and pulling him along with me.

He let me drag him out of the library without much of a fight and the three of us hurried up his long staircase, all the way to the second floor. When we reached Vincent’s door, Matt took off to his room.

“I’m going to get my trunks on. Be right back!” Matt shouted down the corridor while I dragged Vincent into his private quarters, or as I liked to call: Bruce Wayne’s master bedroom.

“I just need a minute to get ready.” Vincent said while I tossed my backpack on his bed. “You can go ahead and wait for me at the pool.”

“You’re not fooling me. You look like you’re going to bail on us. I’m staying right here, waiting for you, mister. You’re going, even if I need to drag you there. We are going to enjoy your awesome giant pool today, my rich friend, and have the best time ever.” I commanded, pushing him towards his huge closet. “Get your trunks on and let’s get moving. The sun won’t be up forever!”

I shut the closet door on his face and ran to my backpack to put my own trunks. In a minute I was ready and jumping excitedly as I waited for him. Matt soon walked into the room, bare foot, shirtless and with his trunks on, hanging low on his hips. His hard sculpted smooth chest was on display for me, a picture of perfection standing there for my appreciation. I might have ravished his body with my eyes a little.

Just a little.

He pointed his finger to his face and cleared his throat. “Eyes up here, Taylor. Face is up here.” He requested playfully.

“I know that.” I squeaked, snapping my eyes back to his face.

Even though I had seen plenty of him, I still couldn’t get tired of looking at his body. His muscles were mesmerizing.

“So, why is Vincent taking so damn long to get ready?” Matt asked.

“I. Don’t. Know!” I shouted pointedly to the closet’s door. “Do you need some help to put your trunks on, Worthington? It’s not that hard, you put one leg in one hole and the other in the other hole. I can ask Alfred to come help, if you want. Maybe he’s never done this by himself, we must be patient.” I said to Matt and the closet door snapped open with a rather annoyed looking Vincent glaring at me.

“Oh my God, poor people have the best sense of humor ever! Not.” He mocked, faking a girly voice that quite frankly resembled Jesse a lot.

Then he walked out of the closet, wearing a long green towel robe. He froze when his eyes landed on my bare chest. Then his eyes flickered to Matt’s also naked chest. A charged silence filled the air. Everyone was eyeing each other while an invisible electric current sizzled between us. Usually I was the one staring hungrily at naked chests, I wasn’t used to be at the receiving end of those stares though. It was quite unsettling... and I got this weird feeling that we were all doing something, I don’t know, naughty? Even though we were just standing there, looking at each other.

Matt was the first to break the uncomfortable silence, coughing loudly, like he felt uneasy over something too. He urged us to head to the pool and once he had disappeared through the door with Vincent tagging along, that I blinked out of my daze and hurried awkwardly after them.

The sun was shining brightly when we got to the swimming pool. Matt bumped into my shoulder and ran towards the pool, whooping loudly and cannonballing into the water. A second later, he emerged from the water, doing a head-flick to get the hair out of his face. “Come on, you snails! Let’s see who can give a better jump!” Matt urged from the pool.

I ran as fast as I could, cannonballing into the pool.

“Fairly good, but not as good as mine.” Matt stated smugly.

I turned to Vincent, who was sitting all comfortable on a chair near the pool. He was still with his robe on and didn’t seem to have any intention to get in the water.

“Cannonball is for amateurs and kids.” he quipped when he saw the expectant look on our faces.

“Mathew, I think someone is afraid of the scary water!” I provoked. “I think you might have to go outside and drag him in.”

Matt nodded and started paddling toward the edge of the pool. He was about to push himself out when Vincent raised a hand to stop him.

“All right, no need to go for your barbaric tactics again, Holmes. I’m coming.”

He tossed his flip-flops under the chair and took his robe off.

Aaand my jaw dropped to the bottom of the pool then. No joke.

Because underneath that long robe, and all those large shirts that Vincent used all the time, there was a rock hard, muscled fit, athletic body.

I was shocked! He was frigging hot.

All this time, Vincent had been hiding from me he was hot. The sniveling, treacherous, and gorgeous, bastard! Honestly, I was feeling so betrayed. One does not simply be that hot and not advertise it.

Or tell his close friends.

Like me.

Whatever. He lied to me. I was wounded. For real.

Vincent had a swimmer’s body. A broad smooth chest and ripped abs under a tanned skin, a thin waist with the bones of his hips protruded sexily in a defined V line. I was glad I was in the pool and no one could see how much I was drooling now.

He was wearing one of this tight shorts that swimmers use for practice. There wasn’t much left to the imagination, if you know what I mean.

I think I might have mumbled a quiet ’holy fuck, he’s so hot’ to myself, while my eyes remained glued to Vincent’s body.

He walked towards the pool and when he was close to the edge, he jumped like a professional swimmer would, diving in without splashing a single drop of water out.

Must that boy be good at bloody everything?

Only after Vincent’s smoking hot body was submerged and wasn’t distracting all my brain cells, that I was able to close my hanging mouth. Matt and I glanced at each other at the same time. There was that weird charged look between us again, but for the life of me, I couldn’t understand what it meant.

“And that’s how you dive into a swimming pool, ladies and gentlemen.” Vincent cheered smugly after he surfaced, passing a hand over his almond curls.

“Show off.” I said, trying to cover over my shock to Vincent’s newly discovered hotness.

“That was a perfect dive.” Matt complimented. “Have you trained before?”

“Yeah, I won a few medals for my swim team, back at my old school.

“I’ve trained with the swim team in my school too.” Matt said, the familiar competitive glint shining in his blue eyes. “Want to see who’s fastest?” He challenged.

“You’re on!” Vincent said. “Taylor, come on. Let’s race!” he ordered, already splashing to the head of the pool, with Matt following close behind.

I shook my head, trying to clear the lusty thoughts out of my head. I was just admiring a good looking guy. No biggie. No need to feel guilty about it. I ogle over hot guys all the time, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just admiration, nothing more.

I love Matt. Matt is the boy of my dreams.

So why there was this weird tug in my heart, hinting of another dream?


to be continued... new chapter upload coming soon...

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