My Dream Boy

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Jingle the Thingie

I mean,really, Taylor Holmes,really? Were you really expecting Matt to wantthat kind ofactionwith you,really?

I was walking into Delusional Lane, heading straight to Crazy Street in the center or Mad Ville. That’s in Loser Town, if you haven’t heard about it.

I was such a lost case,le sigh.

Matt extracted an Xbox game and waved excitedly in front of my face.“Yeah, man!Heavy action! You won’t believe this game!” He grinned excitedly.

I smiled weakly back at him, wishing he was that excited about wanting some hot action with me instead, but I knew that this wasn’t his fault. He was not to blame. I shouldn’t have been hoping.

We busted open the game and played Xbox the whole afternoon, pausing only a few times to grab some snacks. Matt’s dad was out of town on one of his usual business trips, so we had the whole house to ourselves. His father used to leave home frequently and during those times, Matt practically lived by himself.

He crashed at my place often then, since my mom was his main source for decent food and clean clothes. The first time she noticed Matt using the same clothes for a whole week straight, she had ordered him to drop by the house once a week to hand out his laundry. She also provided him with a lot of homemade meals for his freezer. She knew Matt would probably live off of pizza if she didn’t stack him up with some healthy food.

The dirty looks my mother gave to Matt’s dad were scary. The man couldn’t just leave for weeks and abandon his son like that, but Matt’s father didn’t seem to care about or his son whatsoever.

It was just Matt and his dad living in that lonely home and, since very early on, Matt had learned that he needed to take care of himself, because his father surely wasn’t going to. Matt’s mom had died in child birth; there were some serious complications during her labor and the doctors couldn’t save her. That was the life Matt knew; living practically by himself with an absent, detached and distant father.

Matt didn’t mind his father’s absence though, his life was better without the awful man around. When his dad was back from his business trips, there was always a lot of yelling and fighting between the two of them.

I avoided his house like the plague at those times, especially because Matt’s dad was very verbal about his anti-gay ideals. That was one of the many reasons they fought so much, Matt wouldn’t stand idly by when his father started to verbally abuse me and quite often lashed out at the old man. The outcome turned to violence most of the times, which was why I stopped visiting Matt at his home. I hated seeing him getting hurt because of my issues. Most days Matt just hung around at my house.

“So Matt, how did the ex-girlfriend take the break up?” I asked while we played a video game in his living room.

“Not well, man. She cried a lot, threw a tantrum and when she realized I wasn’t going to change my mind, she got real pissed and began to throw things at me.”

“I’ve heard she dumped a whole tray of food over your head in the cafeteria! Is it true? She wouldn’t do something like that to you, would she?”

“Oh, she would, and she did. Speaking of which,” He grabbed a duffel bag and handed to me. “Can you give this laundry to your mom? Tell her I said thanks and also sorry for the mess. Grade it as ‘crazy-ex’, if she asks what happened, yeah?”

I chuckled and nodded. “So, what happened after the food attack?”

“Well, I thought she was going to hit me or something, but she just stalked off and that was the end of it, I think. I hope so. I’m glad it’s over. I don’t know why I put up with her for so long. I guess I was just too lazy to end it.” Matt admitted, punching the buttons of his controller with a vengeance.

My phone buzzed with Jesse’s ringtone and Matt immediately paused the game.”I wondered when she was going to call.” He chuckled, standing up. “I’m going to grab us something to drink so you girls can chat up in peace.”

I stuck my foot out to try to make him trip over it, as revenge for the ‘girls’ jab, but he skipped it gracefully while laughing at my face. The athletic cheeky bastard.

“Hey Jess, what’s up?” I said as I picked up her call.

“Hey, Tay, how’s your date going? Did you declare your undying love to him yet? Don’t tell me I interrupted your make out?”She chirped at the other side of the line.

I rolled my eyes. “Jess, Stop it.”

“All right, sorry. How is it going, though? Playing with his ‘X-boxers’, are you?”

I sighed. “I wish.”

“Just get him drunk and jump his bones already, Tay! I’ve put a bottle of vodka in your backpack. Maybe it can be the little nudge you two need to relax and let things go with the flow. And when I say ‘flow’, I mean, lots and lots of wild gay sex.”

“Jesse, first of all... No! That’s called rape, okay? I’m not doing that! It’s wrong and you know it.”

“What’s wrong about having drunk-sex? He’s totally in love with you! It’s not rape when you love him and he loves you back and it’s consensual at both sides. If you two stop being gigantic butt-heads and just go for it already! God! I’m getting old here waiting for this to happen. I’m going to be wrinkly and ancient by the time any of you cave in. She grumbled irritated.

“Stop pressuring me, Jesse! I don’t do well under pressure, you know that!” I wailed, stressed out.

“Pressuring for what?” Matt asked as he walked back into the living room with two soda cans in his hands.

“Oh, hmm... Jess is here bugging me to… to…” God, I sucked at lying under pressure! “To wash her car as payment for giving me a ride here today.”

“God, you suck at lying.”Jesse piped in the phone.

“Shut up!” I hissed at her.

“Oh.” Matt mulled over the request and nodded after a moment. “Yeah, okay. Tell her we can do it any day of the week.”

“We?” I asked confused.

“Yeah, she gives me rides all the time too, right? I can help wash the car too, it’s only fair.”

Oh dear God, could that boy be more dreamy? I don’t frigging think so!

“Fuck yeah! Tell Matty I want the two of you shirtless and all wet whilst washing my car!” Jesse exclaimed excitedly. “And there must be some sponge rubbing and foam involved as well… and if you two could kiss and make out while I record everything, that would be great. Thanks very much!”

I blushed red at the mental image she was describing in such vivid colors.

“Jesse. Seriously, stop.” I coughed out, embarrassed.

“So, did he tell you how nice your ass looks in those fine jeans?”she asked, changing the subject.


“Pfft, men, they suck at complimenting.”

“Tell me about it...”

“I’m serious, though, Tay. I think you really should try something tonight. Man up. Take a chance. Live the dream.”

“Not a chance. Uh-uh.”

Ugh! You’re such a wuss!”


“No, you are!”


“No, you!”

“Oh, for God’s sake, give me that!”Matt grunted, snapping my phone away. “Jess, despite the amazing conversation you two are having, I’m going to hang up now. I have to kick Taylor’s ass in this game here. Bye now!” And he hung up.

“Oh. My. God. You’re so screwed, man!” I told him with wide eyes. “You just hung up on her face! She’s going to bitch about it for a whole week, you wait and see.”

He looked at the phone as if regretting his impulsive move and sighed loudly.

“Shit, I know. Well, what’s done is done. Better not dwell on it. Come on! One last game and then we can call for some pizza!” he said, unpausing the game.

“The loser pays for the pizza!” I challenged.

“You’re on!”

Obviously, I lost. I sucked at playing under pressure. I sucked pretty much at anything, if pressure was somewhat involved. Matt was competitive as hell, he was in pretty much all sport classes at school – the football team, swimming team and track team too. No wonder he had a killer body.

We ordered two pizzas and stuffed our faces, then we chatted and goofed around, while we watched TV. It was pretty late when we decided to call it a night.

I usually stayed in Matt’s room. He had a mattress tucked beneath his bed for when a friend would spend the night over, so he pulled the mattress out and put it next to his bed before he went to look for some fresh sheets and a pillow.

“All ready,” he said, walking back into the room with the sheets and extra pillow under his arms. I jumped happily on his bed, while he made his bed on the floor and clicked the lights out when he was finished.

The first time I had stayed overnight in his house, I was meant to sleep on the mattress on the floor, as I was the guest, but the mattress was so uncomfortable!

That’s another thing you need to know about me: when I want something, I must have it, even if I have to whine about it until the end of the world to get it.

And that’s what I did. After hours of tossing and turning, and the endless whining, Matt cracked and let me stay in his bed while he took the mattress on the floor. His bed was amazing! Soft, cozy and smelled like him. I could stay in that bed, with my face stuffed in his pillow forever, if it was up to me.

I kicked my shoes off and laid back with my hands under my head as I watched Matt walk in the dark room. I was glad my eyes had adjusted to the dark by the time he started to strip off his clothes. I got to watch him doing it right in front of me.

Thankfully, it was dark enough for him not to see my face heat up like a furnace when he started unbuttoning his jeans and taking them off, staying only in all his semi-naked glory and amazing boxer shorts. He slept only in his boxers, just like me.

Matt finally stopped fussing about and laid down, while I took my shirt and jeans off too.

“Night, Tay.” He murmured, getting ready to sleep.

“Night, Matt.”

I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep, but the image of Matt unbuttoning those jeans kept replaying in my head, like a horny broken record. And what was up with the heat in the room? Why was it burning like hell in here?

“Taylor, what is your problem? You haven’t laid still for one second, dude!” Matt grunted in the dark.

“It’s this damn heat! Aren’t you hot? God! It feels like it’s burning in here!” I exclaimed, wiping the sweat off my face.

“Open the window then. It’s right next to you on the wall.”

I knelt on the bed and patted the window sill, trying to find the lock in the dark. I fingered the lock and pulled it back and forth, but the thing wouldn’t move. I huffed and puffed and still nothing. “Oh come on, you damn bastard of a lock!” I grunted in frustration.

“Here, let me...” Matt offered beside me, making me jump startled by his sudden proximity. He had moved so quietly, I hadn’t seen him standing up and kneeling in the bed next to me. “You need to jingle the thingie.” He instructed.

His arm brushed lightly against mine as he fussed with the lock, making shivers run up my body. My eyes were glued to his bare chest all the while.

“There,” he said, finally getting the window open. “Happy now?” He turned his face to me and I snapped my eyes away from his chest just in time. I hoped he didn’t notice my ogling. Could he see I was blushing though? Oh, God, I hoped not.

“Great! Thanks! That’s much better.” I looked into his eyes.

He was so close to me. I gulped dry.

The moonlight bathed the side of his face, making him look so ethereal. His soft blond hair fell beautifully over his face. He looked like an angel that came from heaven, his eyes the lightest of blues, like a summer sky.

“You okay now?” He asked.

And he speaks like an angel too…


…a low rustle of feathers, a cool breeze brushing lightly on your skin...


“Hmm…? Oh, yeah. I’m fine!”

Way to go, Taylor, spacing out on him again. What a subtle way to hide your ginormous crush. Honestly, you’re doing such a marvelous job at it.

“You have been acting kind of weird lately. All...fidgety. What’s going on, Tay?” he asked again.

I sighed and moved away from him. “Nothing is wrong, Matt. I told you, I’m fine.”

He sat on the bed next to me and put a hand over my arm. I fought against every nerve ending of my body not to shiver under his touch. His hand was cold, so refreshing against my burning skin.

“Whatever it is, you know you can tell me, right? If it’s something serious...” he tried again to make me open up.

“It’s nothing, Matty. Chill.” I yawned, trying to pretend I was tired. “I’m just cranky because I’m hot and tired. Let’s get some sleep now, okay?”

He watched me for a moment, hesitant, before he agreed. “Okay, if you say so.”

My heart whimpered at the loss of his contact on my skin, but I shushed at it. Now was not the time for whimpering hearts.

“I’m telling you Matt. I’m just hot. Well, I’m always hot, but that’s the price for being this gorgeous. I try to be less hot, but it’s just a lost battle.” I joked.

“Yeah, yeah.” I heard him shuffling back to his mattress.

“You know, you’re really good at jingling the thingie. You’re a real pro.” I teased.

“I had years of practicing in this dark room.” he teased back.

“I could tell you did.” I laughed. “It was some serious jiggling you were doing. I was really impressed.”

“Thank you. I’m good at popping locks too, and squeezing doorknobs.”

“Oh boy, let’s stop this. I’m getting horny in here.”

That was no lie. I really was.

“Well, you started it!” he laughed.

I know. I did start, but no one was going to finish it, and now I had images of him squeezing his ‘doorknob’ and‘popping the lock’ after a lot of jiggling‘his thingie’ in this exact same bed that I was lying, and it was too many incredible mental images for my mind to process without getting an obvious response from my body... a very direct, firm, and stiff response.

I let out a deep sigh. No way in hell I was going to be able to sleep tonight.

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