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Tsuda Ikka has been your friend since middleschool. He protects you from bullies, helps you with classwork and keeps you away from the daily struggles of your home life. But ever since high school started, Tsuda has been acting a big strange. He never lets you hang out with anyone of the opposite gender, he demands to know everyone you speak to, he barely lets you out his sight. And something tells you, that isn't for good reason. --------------------

Romance / Horror
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Chapter 1

You were standing infront of your parent's new house. You shook your shirt around to get the remaining dust from the packing boxes off of it. You had just moved into this neighborhood. Your still moving into your room. I've been standing here forever, where the hell is Tsu? Tsu has been your friend basically forever. Despite you moving to another city, Tsu moved into the house across the street. For some reason, you two would always have that kind of luck. Since you weren't the type of person people would get along with in school, you and your family wold have to move every school year before someone got a restraining order on you.

Then, when your family got that junky old appartment when you were about 11, Tsuda introduced himself to you and helped you around the apartment. After that, every time you would move, Tsuda would always show up somewhere close within the week.


Tsuda run up to you with an open smile. His head cocked to the side as you jumped up from his voice. Damn, puberty did wonder for Tsuda, his voice was deep as hell. He grew a lot after summer break, he towered over you. His pitch black, fluffy hair shook as he stopped in front of you. That white scarf he's had ever since you gave it to him a few years ago was still dawning its usual spot on his neck. His brown eyes cut you down as he scanned your awkward demeanor. After his scan of your form, Tsu's smile quickly melted down and his once smug aura faded to a worried mess.

"Uhm.. Y-Y/N did I scare you too much? I didn't mean-"

"Haha, got ya!" You laugh, trying to act like you didn't nearly have a heart attack.

"Oh! don't do that!" Tsu chuckled, lightly hitting your shoulder. You two departed from your new house and made your way to the school building a few blocks down.

"You know you're going to have a hard time here, right?" You speak, catching Tsu's attention.

"What do you mean?" Tsu replies.

"Look at you dude, your tall as hell, your voice is deep, and I can bet 10 dollars you have some form of abs underneath that shirt" You chuckle, lightly tapping Tsuda's stomach. Tsu's face meets with a familiar red haze, He always loved it when you touched him. Even if it was unintentionally.

"Well, m-maybe. But nontheless, I don't have any interest in any women." Tsu said, dodging eye contact with you. Trying his best to hide his flushed face.

"Oh, is someone a bit queer? Dude, you could have ju-"

"No, that's not it ya dumbass!" Tsuda growls through his teeth. Stopping you in your tracks. Damn, you didn't know why but this guy is a bit too intimidating when he's angry, He didn't look anything like what he used to look like when he's angry. He would get so mad that his face would flush, it was adorable. This guy looked like he could cut you up with his own hands, you should be glad you have him as a friend.

After a while, Tsu got nervous at the fact you were staring. What? Was that too far? Did I hurt their feelings?! Tsuda's face appeared alarmed, was that joke a bit too harsh?

"Oh, I-I'm sorry. I didn't know what joke would s-sit well I-"

"No, no. Its fine!" You chuckled as you snapped back to reality. Grabbing Tsuda's hand and pulling his down the sidewalk. Tsu's face flushed a deep red as you dragged his down the sidewalk. His mind was going off the rails.

They're holding my hand, they're holding my hand. OH MY GOD! His red face was easily visible to you as you too hit a crosswalk, you hated these things. Now there is a high chance you're going to be late because of this crap. Your eyes fixed on Tsuda's crimson face as he tried his best to dig his face into his scarf.

"Alright, what are you mad about now?" You chuckle. Tsu's eyes widened as he tried to figure out what he should say.

"N-Nothing, its just.... I'm not gay, ok!" Tsuda dug his face into his scarf even more as he finished that sentence. A small giggle emerged from your mouth as you let go of Tsu's hand and ran down the cross walk. You two finally made it to the school, teenagers are crowding the front yard as people start pouring into the gates. As you try to pull the gate open a guy walks up and grabs it from in the schoolyard.

"You need some help?" Your surprised face made it clear that you did.

"Yeah, uh the gate is an innie." A ginger-haired kid with rimmed glasses chuckled at you. He was about your height, and from his tone his assist meant no ill intent. Even though Tsuda didn't take it that way.

"They're fine."

Tsu's detest was clear in his voice, the deep growl in his tone was enough to send chills down both me and the kid's spines. Tsuda grabbed the gate from the child's hand and pushed both the gate and the teenager out of the way. You adamantly followed Tsu after saying sorry to the kid, he seemed to somewhat understand and give you a thumbs up before leaving.

"Bro, what the hell was that?" You abruptly ask Tsuda.

He didn't answer you, after a moment you grabbed his arm. Causing him to stop with you.

"I didn't like that guys tone, thats all." Tsuda said, speaking though his teeth once more.

"Oh what? That 'Oh, I'm so nice. Why don't we hang out' tone he had, cause I liked it." Tsuda seemed to flinch when you said that. You LIKED that? You liked HIM? What? What do you mean by that? With the ring of the bell, Tsu's grimace relaxed and he used his hand to get your grip of him.

"Y/N, we have to get to class now." You're frown still dawned on your face as you both entered the class full of chatter and laughter. I'm going to cuss Tsu out after school...

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