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Racing for your Heart

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Lara has been in Formula One for four years, and during all that time, she had to fight against everything for the simple fact of being a woman. In the last season, she has won the world title, making her the first woman in history to win that title. What will happen when Cameron returns to F1? Will the rivalry continue? Will he be the same as the rest of the people who say that she shouldn't be running among all the men? Will Lara get her second world title?

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1. New season


-Lara, it’s time for you to wake up or we’ll miss the plane.

-Just because I’m in bed doesn’t mean I’m asleep.

-Well, great, get up, because I assure you that I don’t want to miss the plane.

- Have we ever lost it?


-Well, that’s it.

-It seems that you are not in the mood today.

-Bianca, seriously, I ask you not to start in the morning.

I could hear how my best friend and sister left laughing from the room, causing a small smile to appear on my face as well.

Today was the day we were leaving for Bahrain, and even though I was excited to start the season, I also know it wouldn’t be an easy year, not after winning the world title last year. There were many people who said that I had won it simply because I was the only woman to get into F1 and not because I simply had the talent to have won it.

I don’t know if it was luck or misfortune, this year a girl would join the grill, so I was no longer the only one in it, but I also know that it would be difficult for her, more than anything because this was a sport that in principle was for men, which was not the case.

After about half an hour, I met in the dining room of my house with Bianca who had her head in the bowl of cereal.

-Your ways of eating continue to amaze me despite all these years.

-Don’t talk, because we are the same. The difference is that you have to stay in shape, while I don’t have to.

- Then why do you come with me to the gym?

-Because I like to be in shape. Also, I have the best views of the most perfect ass you could ever see.

-Please, I ask you not to change.

-Of course, I won’t, how will you have any fun if I’m not here?

And I laughed, I couldn’t help it. Bianca, apart from being my sister, was also the head of the mechanics. I didn’t trust anyone like I trusted her. I made myself breakfast and we talked about this season, and how she expected me to kick ass like last year, which I expected to do, my mind was on getting my second world title and helping Amelia in any way I could.

At eleven in the morning, we were getting on the plane, and Bianca took us to our place to sit.

-Well, well, well, but look who we have here, the first world champion lady.

-Hi Eric, I missed you too.

-How not to do it? this will be the ass that you will see in front of you throughout the season.

-Oh wow, what will Hector think of me looking at your ass?

-You know he won’t mind, especially if it’s sharing it with you.

-Sometimes I don’t understand how he is with you, seriously I’m telling you.

-My beautiful face, of course. Now tell me about the holidays.


-No, not normal. Can you believe there was no boy in her bed all winter? How long have you been like this? Months?

-That can’t be, and I thought that having a world title was linked more.

-The title has nothing to do with it.

-Of course not, because here the woman didn’t want to take anyone home.

-I can’t believe it. What’s wrong with you Lara? Are you still a virgin?

-No, but that has nothing to do with it, I can’t lose focus to be able to kick that beautiful ass that you have throughout the season.

-You won’t, but I’m sure if you kick it at me, you won’t be able to kick it at Amelia.

-I’m glad she didn’t get her with any stupid on the team.

-Yes, at least. She has a handsome teammate who is talented and who gets his teammates to surpass the teacher.

Eric was my best friend of all the pilots, and my old partner. Thanks to him I was where I was and I knew everything I knew, he was a great driver despite not having a world title, but the truth was that it didn’t matter, or at least for me and his team.

- This year Héctor will not be there during the whole season?

-No, unfortunately not, but he is happy teaching the boys, so that makes me happy.

- Will he come to any of the races?

-Probably to Australia and my country.

-Well, at least you will have it with you in a couple of races.

Eric and his boyfriend were currently living in Australia, since Hector was from there, and he wanted to be there for his parents, while Eric preferred to stay with him, because his parents did not support the relationship he had with Hector, and if something did not allow Eric, was that they didn’t accept Hector and the fact that he was gay.

-Oh wow, she’s here.

- Who?

At that moment, a girl came up with a boy behind her and her smile widened as she looked in our direction.

-Amelia, come over here and I’ll introduce you to her.

The girl stopped and stared at me like she couldn’t believe it. I can hear Bianca giggling and Eric just snapped Amelia out of her surprise.

-Amelia, this is Lara, and Lara, this is Amelia, your biggest fan after your grandmother and your mom.

-Hi Amelia, nice to meet you.

-I am delighted, I have been following your career since you entered Formula 3. I have all your shirts. Congratulations on your title.

-Thank you, and I also saw a couple of your races last year.

- Really?

-Of course, you’re good and you couldn’t end up in a better team. Eric will teach you everything he knows, and I will help him.

-That would be great. By the way, this is my brother, Charles.

-Pleased to meet you.

-Same here.

-Hey Lara, did you hear who is coming back to the championship?

-The truth is that I was not too aware of what was happening outside the team. Who’s coming back?

-Cameron Edwards.


-Yes, dear friend.


-Lara, it could have changed during these two years of rest.

-I do not trust.

-That means more competition for you.

-I don’t care about that, what I do care so much about is the rest.

- What is the rest?

-Let’s say, dear pupil, that Cameron and Lara have a history.

-Not that kind.

-Come on, when the two of you were together in a room you could tell the sexual tension was there.

-There was never any sexual tension between us, Eric.

-I’m with Eric, there was, and whenever he messed with you, you wouldn’t stop talking about it for days.

-It just bothers me that he doesn’t leave me alone, that’s all.

-The moment you both decide to play those games and stop being so stubborn, you can still give something.

-Nothing will happen between us.

-We’ll see about that.

Now that Cameron was back in the competition, I am completely sure that these two will not shut up about the non-existent sexual tension between the two of us, of that I am completely sure, but I also know that they will not leave it like they did two years ago.


Today was the day I had been waiting for two years. Today the F1 season began and I would be in it after two years. No one knows the reason I took two years, everyone thinks it was a break, but really it was to find out who had murdered my sister, and we had finally figured it out, so now I would go back to the competition, to my sister. She would have liked

-Cameron, are you sure you want to come back?

-Eli, seriously, I do want to go back. You know I missed it.

-I know, but I just want to make sure that you won’t be worried about your mother all the time.

-Nah, I put protection on her for something.

-If you stay calm that way, fine, but I want you to know that I’ll be there for whatever you need.

-I know, better tell me what I’ve missed in these two years.

-You are lucky that I was aware, because if not, we would both be lost.

-I know, I know, now tell me, come on.

-Ok. Not much has changed since you left, there’s only one new rider, well, new and from the tests she’s been doing, she’s good.

- What about Gallego?

- From Lara?

- Is there another Gallego on the grill?

-Well, she is the current champion.

- Did she win the title?

-Yes, and I have to say that as a woman I am proud of her. It means a lot to us.

-Wow, I didn’t expect that.

-Yes, she was about to win it the previous year, but Gallagher threw her off the track making him win the title.

- Is he still giving her trouble?

-You know that Gallagher doesn’t like women to compete in a competition that is for “men”.

-I thought he would have retired by now.

-I would really be happy, but it is rumoured in the garage that he will do it this year.

-I hope it’s true. What else do you know about Gallego?

-Since I know that you are interested in her, I know that she spent the holidays at home with her mother, and the other part training and with Bianca. Those two are still not separated. And Eric, he doesn’t separate from her either. I guess now that the girl is on Eric’s team, Lara will help her.

- What do you mean I’m interested in her?

-Come on, we both know what attracts you, otherwise you wouldn’t be playing the teasing game whenever you can.

- That has to…?

-All Cam, it has everything to do with it. What I asked is when will you ask the girl on a date.

- Why am I supposed to ask her on a date?

-Because whenever you’re in the same room you can see the sexual tension between the two of you, and before you tell me that there’s nothing, you know that what I say is true, the only thing that interested you in F1 was Lara. Why don’t you try changing your attitude a bit and see where it takes you?

-Come on, we both know she can’t stand me.

-That’s because you don’t do anything but tease her, if you stop doing it she will.

- How come you’re so sure of that?

- Wasn’t it that you were interested?

-Come on Eli, please, not now.

-Well, let’s just say that Bianca is not the quietest girl around the garages and you can find out everything. And the same could be said of Eric.

- So, you think there might be something?

-There may be if you stop doing what you did to him.

-Is not easy.

-I only tell you that, if you want to get to have something with her, you have to stop acting and be yourself.

- And if she doesn’t like the way I really am?

-Then she’s not the girl you deserve.

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