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An unexpected love

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Angilica is a smart, pretty, strong willed girl. She has her whole life plained out. That's until someone in the darkness grabbed her. There She was apart of the United States's largest sex trafficking business. But to someone else she was more then just another girl to be sold for a high profit. Yes to Christian she was more much more.

Romance / Action
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The Begining of the end

"Where am I?" I ask for the hundredth time screaming and kicking the men who were carrying me.

"Put her over there." A tall man who couldn't be over thirty siad. "Now aren't you a pretty little thing". He says while running his hands from my shoulders to my stomach.

"Leave me alone, stop, stop it!" I am struggling to stay calm at this point, my dad always told me if you show someone that you are scared, then they'll take advantage of that.

"Well aren't you a fisty one, why don't you close those pretty lips of yours before I have them working on something else."

"You are very pretty indeed, Scoot you picked a good one this time." The man says while looking at.

"Should I bring the rest of them then, Philip." Scoot said.

"No, no there will be no need, just put them in the warehouse and leave me with..." Philip paused, "Whats your name?" He asked turning and looking down at me.

"It doesn't matter anymore you are just going to change it" I siad trying not to cry anymore them I already had.

"Pretty and smart, and you are right, I will call you Angle."

"Let me guess cause I look like an Angle." I siad rolling my eyes.

" Don't disrespect me." He siad angerly while holding my head back making it harder for me to breath. I spat on his face.

Then he pulled a knife out of his back pocket. "Your pretty little face isn't going to be so pretty when I got doon with ya."

He then traced the knife along my neck making his way down my chest and stopping where the button of my blue jeans were. Then cut off the button, and unzipped my pants. At that moment it didn't matter, I was so scared I didn't know what to say or do.

"Stop!" I said while shaking.

"Why?" He asked with an emotionless face.

"Because, because I'm a Virgin." I screamed, tires rolling down my face, powerless at the man who was on top of me.

"Really?" He siad with a smirk forming on his face.

"Scoot!" He yelled getting off of me.

A moment later Scoot appeared, "Yes sir?"

"Get this girl cleaned up now, I think I just found my dear brother a Birthday Present." Philip said while standing looking down at me.

"A Birthday Present, sir?" Scoot siad with a confused look on his face.


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