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The Story Of Us

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Remi has been living through hell her entire life from losing her brother to living with her abusive husband. What happens when she runs into Trent, a notorious gang leader of the Biggest gang in New York, The Sacred Dragons. Will her pass come back to haunt her or will drama prevail sending her into a downward spiral.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Remi's POV

It was cold, and dark. I could hear low whispers in the distance and light beep every few seconds. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, I felt paralyzed.

When I finally opened my eyes I was in a hospital room laying on a bed and I was covered in wires and tubes. Panic rushed over me, I couldn’t remember anything. Why am I in the hospital?

Soon the beeping became more constant and a nurse came rushing in trying to calm me down.

“Calm down sweetheart everything is okay.” The nurse assured me with her bright blue eyes scanning my body in pity?

I took a chance to examine my body from what I could see. My pale white skin was covered in bruises, all over my legs up to my chest bruises. I tried to speak, but no words came out.

“Oh honey don’t try to put the strain on your voice let me get you some water.” the nurse rushes out the door grabbing some papers in the process.

About ten minutes later the nurse comes in handing me the water and I take it, chugging it in seconds as I sit up to get more comfortable in the bed, two officers walk in the room.

“Good afternoon Mrs. Dean” One officer speaks while the other eyes my bruises writing some things in his notepad.

“W-what can I do for you officers?” I croak out in a raspy voice.

" We just wanted to run some questions by you about the incident,”

“Incident what incident?” I ask , scrunching my face in confusion.

“About last night, your husband claims it was a robbery.

All the memories of last night came rushing back.

*Entering Flashback*

I was on the couch with my 3 year old daughter Lilly, in our run down apartment watching Barney. When my husband Greg came rushing in the apartment slamming the door and started breaking things looking for something.

I run to the backroom putting Lilly in her bed rushing to the kitchen where I can hear him slamming plates shattering them in millions of pieces.

“What the hell are you doing” I scream causing him to stop and look at me. All I seen was anger in his eyes. He charged towards me, cornering me between the counters, grabbing my neck and choking me in the process. My vision was going in and out.

“Where the fuck is the coke, Rem?!” He screams slamming my head on the cabinets.

“I-I don’t know I didn’t touch it, I-i swear.” he releases my neck, punches me ,throwing my frail body down to the floor, tears filled my eyes.

“So your telling me my fucking 3 year old took my fucking drugs?!” he grabs my hair dragging me in to the Livingroom ramming my head into the tv completely shattering it.

“Guess that little bitch is gonna get what she deserves don’t cha think.” he continues heading towards the back room slurring his words a bit screaming Lilly’s name.

“STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!” I screamed from the stop of my lungs.

With all the energy I had left, I got up and jumped on his back swinging as hard as I could on his head, but he was much larger than me, so he flipped me over and threw me in the door. I take this opportunity to run in the bedroom and lock the door grabbing Lilly in the process holding her close. She was crying, probably from all the noise.

Soon Greg starts pounding on the door, making Lilly cry harder and I try to calm her as he screams bloody murder.

“I’m going to fucking kill you stupid bitch! Open this damn door”

I let out a tear myself, I was in pain everywhere, hurt and my child crying her little heart out because she was scared wasn’t helping either. At some point my injuries took over and I blacked out.

*End Of Flashback*

I began to panic more and the nurse began to come and try and calm me down, but I pushed her away.

“Where’s my daughter?!” I scream tears filling my eyes.

“She’s with her grandmother.” one of the officers replied, calming me down instantly.

“Now, what can you tell us about what happened last night?” he continued,

“I-I” I took a deep breathe trying to calm down

“I-I’m sorry officers I can’t recall what happened my mind is still a little fizzy.” I choke out and he gives me a little reassuring smile nodding and leaving the room with the other officer.

Closing my eyes to rest I hear a soft knock at the door, darting my eyes across the room, A tall muscular figure stepped in the room.

It was Greg.

I instantly tensed up, as he ran his hand through his short blonde hair. His arms were also bruised and his knuckles were swollen, he was covered in dirt and blood.

“Hey baby.” he comes sitting at the end of the bed giving me a warm smile, I stay silent.

“You know I would never hurt Lilly, Rem” He spoke with a hint of anger in his voice standing up walking closer to me running his hand through my long fawn hair. I flinched at his touch and he gave a small grin.

“It’s okay baby, you know I love you right?” I looked up into his cold emerald eyes and continued to not say a thing. He clearly began to be irritated with my silence, because he grips my hair tighter, causing me to yelp in pain.

“Right baby, you love me too right?”

I nod my head forcing a smile on my lips, and leans down giving me a peck on the lips, and starts unhooking all the tubes from my arms causing a large beep to go off a nurse comes running in

“Sir, you can’t do that.” she scolds Greg as he picks me up bridal style.

“Watch me.” He tries going around her, but she blocks the door.

“You do realize your wife is severely injured and malnourished! She’s 23 years old and weighs less than a 10 year old, so put her down right now she could die if not treated!” she screams.

“Well guess you should’ve done your job in the 7 hours she was here.” he shrugs pushing her out the way making our way to his crappy 4 door Sedan putting me in the front seat. My body was on fire from the pain, it hurt everywhere in places I didn’t know could hurt.

The whole car ride I was fading in and out of consciousness, at some point we ended up at Greg’s mothers house, and he put Lily in the car. She was rambling something I could barely comprehend.

“Hi my little flower.” I choke out reaching my hand to the back seat rubbing her leg. Greg tensed up a bit the moment he heard me speak, but I ignored it trying to put all my focus on my little girl, so innocent. She had all of my features except, she had Greg’s big Emerald eyes.

When we finally pulled up to our apartment complex, I got out of the car nearly falling over in the process grabbing Lilly out of her car seat walking right behind Greg up to the apartment.

When we walked in, the apartment was spotless like nothing ever happened. This usually happened after an altercation with me and Greg. Our fights destroy the house and one of us always cleans up the apartment as a sign to forget and move on.

I met Greg when I was 15 and he was 18. When we first started dating he was my teenage dream. I loved him so much and he helped me forget the pain of losing my brother just a few years earlier.

Greg told me I had a flame in my eyes. Our wild sides, Our passion, love, and creativity, brought us together. Then we eloped the second I graduated highschool, we started doing drugs and partying, we would often get into fights a lot of them mostly about money.

The first time he ever hit me was during our “honeymoon” we were in a run down motel and he got scammed out of drugs and he got angry and swung and it became a downward spiral.

I then became pregnant with Lily and he became the loving man I fell in love with and I believed we were going to be a happy family. Once Lily was born he forced me to stay in the house, cut me off from all my friends.

All money went toward drugs and we had little to no money for food or to support our child. I felt my flame disappear and I never felt the same since. The passion was gone, the love wasn’t there, I wasn’t me, he changed me and he knows it. A part of me died,

if it wasn’t for Lily I probably wouldn’t be here. I would take her and leave but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t risk living on the streets again, I couldn’t let Lily grow up like I once did. I just can’t.

“Listen Rem, I got some very important people coming over, I need you to go and cover your bruises with your make up and shit and keep Lily on her best behavior.” he grabs my arms reassuringly and I nod my head.

“W-who is it?” I ask going into the room grabbing my makeup bag trying to ignore the shooting pain in my body.

“Some fucking dangerous people, now shut the fuck up and make dinner and shit.” he snaps as I start covering my bruises.

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