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Holidays & Anniversary Affairs

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Bianca Thornburg assumed that she had the ideal marriage until an impromptu decision revealed otherwise.

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Chapter 1


Struggling to balance the four shopping bags and a cup of hot cocoa tea in my left hand, I dug through my handbag for the car keys, "Aha, there you are!" I declared with enthusiasm and pressed the alarm. Swiftly, setting the parcels on the seat, I then gently closed the door. With precaution, I trekked around the vehicle and my boots skidded on the ice.

"Oh shit!" Without dropping my tea, I regained my poise and opened the driver's door. Scampering for warmth, I sat and quickly turned on the engine and defroster, then the heater. Tentatively, I sipped the scalding liquid and moaned blissfully, "Ughh, you taste so good!"

Putting the cup in the holder, I buckled my seatbelt and droved home. I particularly loved the holidays, and what it signifies. Quickly glancing at the side mirrors, I took the next right. Today was my fifteenth wedding anniversary, and unbeknownst to my husband, Ethan, I had taken the day off to spend some quality time with him. Our careers permitted us to merely see each other daily, and I missed our breakfast chatter dearly.


The chilliness of his feet awoke me from a deep sleep this morning. Stretching and yawning, I felt his hard cock nuzzle against my ass, and I rolled my hips. Slowly, I reached around and grasped his hot flesh, and smiled as he moaned. Without waking him, I removed the blanket from his warm body and took out his gorgeous cock. Placing him into my mouth, I bobbed and twirled my tongue on his rigid cock, until he shot his seed down my throat.

"Baby, mmm, you are a naughty woman. What a way to be awoken. I love the way you suck my cock, my beautiful wife," with agility, he pulled me under him. Ripping off my underwear in haste, he slipped into my aroused pussy and pounded me with intensity for a few minutes. "Shit, ahhh, I'm cumming, Bee. Oh, fuck!"

"Cum in me, Ethan. I'm off the pill," I advised him with glee.

However, he didn't. Strangely enough, he came on my stomach, then turned onto his side and quickly fell asleep.

Disappointed by his choice, I crept off the bed and took a long hot shower. By 7 am, I left home to shop at a few of his favored places; Ben's Winery, Stephen's Apparels, and Pandora's Art Gallery.


Rather than take the usual route, I took Sydney Drive, to shorten my arrival home by twenty minutes. On the weekend, Ethan always slept until 11 am. He would be so thrilled when he awakens to the smell of my cooking, even more so, me. As with most marriages, ours had its hardships.

Regardless, we made a genuine effort to work through it. I adored that man so damn much. Delighting in the warmth of the vehicle, I switched on the radio and was embraced by Luther Vandross' harmonious voice. I sang along to his Christmas melody and reminisced.


I grew up in a Tropical Region, where it's either Sunny or Rainy. When I caught sight of this blanket of cold cotton for the first time, it was an experience of unadulterated bliss. From the trees to the cars, to the houses, everything was covered in a blanket of snow and I was mesmerized.

The day that I first met Ethan Thornburg, Luther was blaring from my headset. I remembered walking towards my car, and I unexpectedly stopped to gaze up at the sky. Without warning, I was on the cold ground with my spilled tea, and this majestic man with black hair and watery grey eyes assisted me to my feet.

He apologized numerous times and even offered to replace the fallen cup of cocoa tea. I declined his kindness, however, he convinced me that I won't regret his company. And he was right, I didn't regret it for a minute. Along with his warm and witty personality, he had a pair of dimples, that I could stare at all day.

Subsequently, we spent every available moment together. And after two years, he proposed. We had a beautiful wedding, and the memory of that day, always gives me goosebumps along my skin.


Navigating through our neighborhood, I waved at my neighbors, as some were cleaning the snow off their vehicles, while others shoveled their driveways. Carefully steering into my driveway, I realized that Ethan's pickup truck wasn't there. "Where did you take off to, honey?" I asked myself.

Deep in thought, I exited my jeep, then noticed our new neighbor, Mrs. Polinski, as she carefully drank her hot beverage. She was a tall and beautiful lady. She sported a pixie hairstyle and she was always in sweats and a t-shirt, no matter the weather condition. Mrs. Polinski appeared to be in her late forties and unfortunately, a loner. I attempted to speak with her numerous times, however, she continually remained reserved. So I gave up.

"Good morning, neighbor. How are you doing today?"

Waving at me, she yelled, "Pumpkin spice and marshmallow pudding," then she twirled around, wandered into her residence, and closed her door.

Baffled by her reply, I gathered my composure and shouted, "Have a great day," and observed her staring at me through the motionless curtains. She was such a mysterious lady. Oddly enough, I have yet to meet Mr. Polinski. I often wondered what sort of qualities he possessed.

Gazing down the street, a familiar car caught my attention. On closer inspection, I realized that it was my sister's. Her car wasn't fully covered by the snow, which meant she hasn't been there for a prolonged time. Carrie knew that Mr. Squire disliked when she parked in his driveway! This fucking woman was always generating problems for me.

Carrie was my twin. To be precise, my identical twin sister. She was born four minutes after me and held the title of the last child to my parents, Mr. & Mrs. Archibald Warner. As a kid, she was constantly competing for our parent's attention and she continuously got me into trouble with her lies and accusations. As an adult, she hasn't changed but has only gotten worse and viler.

"It's your anniversary Bianca, don't permit Carrie to throw off your mindset," I muttered. Retrieving the smaller purchases, I closed the door with my hip, then strolled up the stairs. Standing at the door, I stumped my feet on the mat, then spun around to be certain that it was indeed Carrie's car, and sure enough, it was. Sighing, I unlocked the door and went inside, making a mental note to speak to her, again.

"Ahh, warmth," I triumphed, as I removed my gloves and cap, then strolled down the hall. What greeted me, was the loud grunts and sexual cries, coming from my bedroom. "Carrie, what are you doing here? I thought that I'd taken back my house key from you," I exclaimed with outrage.

Infuriated, I fixed my purchases on the side table, then flung open my bedroom door. What I expected to drop in on, was Ethan watching porn. Instead, I found my sweaty husband, with his large hands gracefully wrapped around my sister's throat, as he savagely fucked her.

"Ethan? Carrie?" I exclaimed in dismay. To say that I was flabbergasted was an understatement of the century. Their toned bodies were on full display, as her small breasts swung to the rhythm of his thrust. Her ass jiggled, as she took each of his swift and powerful thrusts.

Without faltering, he gazed at me and sneered, then continued to drive into her mercilessly. Shaken by my presence, Carrie attempted to scramble away, but he stopped her by bellowing, "Stay right where the fuck you are, Carrie." With his gaze still on me, he grunted and groaned, while they savagely fucked on my new sheet.

Lost in the moment, she cried out, "Ah fuck, Ethan, yes, yes, harder lover, harder," and with eagerness, she met his merciless thrust.

With a smirk, he inquired, "How does my cock feel in your wet cunt, Carrie?"

"It feels remarkable, so fucking remarkable. Oh my god, Ethan, I'm ready to have another child with you. Fill my womb, fuckkk!" she shouted breathlessly, and climaxed.

"What the fuck did you say?" I shrieked and gaped at them in astonishment.

Disregarding my question, Ethan answered her plea, "It'll be my pleasure, Carrie. I'd love to have another baby with you. Cum for me, my beloved. Scream my motherfucking name," he growled in rapture.

Why couldn't I look away from their debauchery? I watched as he leaned forward and grasped her breasts, then his eyes turned over in their sockets. I knew that look, he was cumming! Moments later he climaxed with an electrifying roar.

"Aghh, agghh." Swiftly, he flipped her over, opened her quavering legs, then devoured her cum filled cunt. She arched her back of the bed and screamed out when his mouth captured her puffy lips. He never did that to me! He always declared that it grossed him out, and I never pressed him. But look at him now. Eating out her cunt like it was his Christmas lunch.

Kissing her thighs, they both sat, and Carrie said with vile, "You don't have a single backbone, Bianca. You came into your home and found your husband fucking me on your marital bed and all you did was stand there. Weak! That's what you are. You don't deserve Ethan. He's too much of a man for you!"

"So that gave you room to disrespect me? You and Ethan? Why would you do this to me, Carrie? I'm your sister!" I said crushed and moved toward the bed.

With a dry smirk, she replied, "Yes, you are my sister, but not by choice. I never asked you to make it through mum's pregnancy, Bianca. However, I fucked your husband because he looks good naked and better between my legs. And as you may know, he can suck a cunt great too." Her face radiated, when she exclaimed, "Oh, that's right, he has never done that to you. You poor thing. You lucked out with that. And it would seem that his ugly sweaters and off-key singing, was a turn-on for me, too."

Ethan then revealed, "Our marriage has been over for years, Bianca. You were just too blind to notice."

"I wasn't blind Ethan," I spitted out with venom. "That's the reason why we've been going to a marriage counselor!"

"I was never interested in repairing this sham of a marriage, Bianca," he shouted. "This was all your idea, yours and your meddling sister, Macy!"

Silence choked the room as we all stared at each other.

Carrie's laughter brought my focus to her, "Why would you do this to me, Carrie? What is wrong with you?"

"Me? Nothing's wrong with me, Bianca. I'm perfect. I found the man of my dreams and I'm happy. It's you who was the problem. I was able to bare him a child. While you weren't. You were never around, Bianca. How can you leave a delicious man like him unattended?" she said with a false inquiry.

"You are so disrespectful and spiteful, Carrie. It's no wonder that he was attracted to you. You both deserve each other. Flies will always be attracted to trash," I declared calmly. "Get dressed and get out of damn my house, Ethan. And take your garbage with you." When they didn't move, I got closer to the bed and she quickly sprinted off.

"Get back into bed, Carrie. I'm not finished with you," he warned her with a smirk. She moaned, then slid beside him and hugged his toned torso.

Turning to Ethan, I shouted, "What did I ever do to you? I was a great wife. I wanted kids Ethan, you knew that!"

"So did I! We've been married for how long, Bianca?" he shouted, gazing at me, then at Carrie. "As I recall, it's been fifteen long, dull years. And how many children have you given to me? That's right, none. You've had two miscarriages, and need I remind you, that you murdered my child," he proclaimed, with spittle flying from his mouth.

"Ethan!" I cried out and clutched my stomach. "How can you say that to me? I did nothing to our child, and you know that."

"I know what you claimed, Bianca. I'm not getting younger. And I wasn't about to be disappointed again. Carrie got pregnant with Grace the first time that we fucked. Now, I have a beautiful fourteen-year-old, and hopefully, another on the way," and he rubbed Carrie's malicious stomach to prove his virility.

"You're defective, Bianca. And I don't need you anymore. The divorce papers will be delivered to your lawyer's office, next week. Don't fight me on this, sign them. Carrie has a marriage to plan."

"What?" I shrieked, gaping at these two people who I would have given a kidney too if it was required.

Sneering, Carrie disclosed, "Yes, dear sister. Soon, I'll be, Mrs. Ethan Thornburg. Carrie Thornburg. It has a nice ring to it, don't you think, Bianca?"

I had no more fight left in me. This was my worst battle yet. Numerous times I'd heard him call me defective when he discovered that my menstruation came or the pregnancy test was negative. Chuckling, I turned to leave, knowing that he'll do the same to her one day. Just as I retrieved my packages, I heard him call my name, and I paused, "Happy anniversary, darling," and they laughed hysterically.

Enraged by his arrogance, I grasped two bottles of wine from the gift bag and launched them simultaneously at the duo. The bottles hit their target with sound effects, but the glass didnt break. Striding to the bed, I watched as the blood trickled from their wounds, and I chuckled.

"You better call an ambulance before she passes out," I said with faux concern.

"I'll be calling the police and my lawyer, bitch! Look what you did to her! You are vicious and nasty. You won't get a dime from my assets," he threatened with fury as he held the blanket to her wound.

"I don't need your money, Ethan, I have my own. Nevertheless, half of yours will still be mine. And I'm pretty sure when I informed them how I found you, YOU will be the one left penniless, my dear husband."

"I'm calling the police," he shouted at me.

"It's a free country, Ethan, do what you must." I snatched the bottles off the bed, along with my purchases, and I droved at Caesar's restaurant.


The issue that had just transpired, replayed in my memory like an old tune, whilst I nursed a drink.

When I introduced Ethan to my family, they all bonded with him quickly. He was a jogger and so were Carrie and I. Eventually, the three of us began to exercise together. However, when I commenced my previous employment, I rarely had time for the activity. Months later, while Carrie and I were doing the dishes after our Thanksgiving dinner, she inquired if she could continue to work out with Ethan. Being the considerate person that I am, I agreed.

Our families always included Carrie in their activities and events, despite her vicious nature. Recounting the multiple times that I'd returned from work, and found Ethan and her flushed and sweaty, with their lame-ass explanations that they'd been jogging. And gullible me believed them.

A year after my marriage, and my first miscarriage, Carrie and I went shopping for lingerie. Unexpectedly she announced her second pregnancy, while we entered her car. She had a beautiful one-year-old daughter from one of her escapades. Paxton was a healthy and attentive baby. When she was six months old, my parents agreed to supervise her, whilst Carrie worked, and my sister couldn't be happier.

Mourning my loss, whilst celebrating her incredible news, I congratulated my sister, then I took her for lunch. When I inquired about the baby's father, she meekly expressed that he was a one-night stand from a few weeks ago.

After Grace's birth, they stayed with us for a while, to the dismay of mother-in-law, Daphne, who wasn't too keen about Carrie being in the house. Nonetheless, Ethan was smitten with the newborn and he reassured his mother that Grace needed to be surrounded by her family, and she agreed.

Then one afternoon, as I droved home, Ethan phoned me with news that Carrie had notified Paxton's father about the child. I was hurt because she chose to confide in my husband, rather than me. After he ended the call, I deliberated for miles if I should call Carrie.

Sixty miles from home, I phoned her about my concern, and to congratulate her on her decision, and she ripped me a new asshole. Claiming that it was irrelevant to whom she told the news, then she hung up.

A few days later, the man she introduced to the family, Tom Jacobs, bought them a beautiful home in an exclusive district. He was a towering and respectable man, who owned a car dealership. He was so obsessed with his daughter that he declined the paternity test that his parents insisted upon.

When my sister and niece left for their new home, it took some getting used to the silence from our house. Regardless, our lives returned to normal, and before long, I became pregnant. Ethan and I were delirious with joy.

As I approached my thirty-seventh week, I received a call from an individual from the baby store, with news that new stocks had arrived. Excited, I droved to the building alone, instead of waiting on Ethan. However, when I got there, the woman at the store claimed that no one had placed that call to me.

"Well that's confusing, Anne," I replied in confusion.

"Stocks were delivered yesterday. This means that the call that you got, was supposed to be placed tomorrow. Would you like me to ask the manager if she called you, Mrs. Thornburg?" she asked kindly.

"Yes, please do," and I observed as she walked up to the matronly woman, who was behind a desk. They both gazed in my direction and smiled warmly. After a moment, they approached me.

"Mrs. Thornburg, how are you and the baby?"

Caressing my protruding stomach, I chuckled then replied, "We both are doing excellent. I came to see your new arrivals, but I've encountered a setback."

"I was just informed of this absurdity. And I greatly apologize to you. No one from this store placed that call to you, Bianca! This is all so unthinkable," she confessed sadly.

"Yes, it is. Nonetheless, thanks for your assistance, Marie." Gazing across the street, I made a decision. "I've got to go, but I'll see you soon."

"And I look forward to your next visit. You and Ethan take great care of that bundle of joy. Again, I do apologize for the mishap," she expressed and embraced me.

Rather than go straight home, I stopped at an ice cream parlor for a treat. Henceforth, I decided to surprise Ethan with a painting from Pandora. Instead of taking the Jeep, I chose to make the short trek across the street. While I waited at a zebra crossing, with the throng of people, someone shoved me, and I fell into oncoming traffic.

When I woke a few days later, I found myself attached to numerous tubes in the hospital. On instinct, I clutched my stomach and sat forward in alarm. The pain shot through my body in a flash, and I screamed. Just then a doctor walked in, and I inquired about my baby.

Calmly, he notified me that they had to perform an emergency c-section. But due to the severity of the accident, the baby had only survived for a few hours. There wasn't anything that they could have done to save him.

For months I was in a depressive condition. During that period, Ethan moved out and accused me of deliberately throwing myself in front of the cab.

My eldest sister, Macy, and her family took me into their home and cared for me until I recuperated. While I stayed with them, Carrie visited me once. On that day, she came with Ethan and departed with him.

Thereon, Macy notified me of her suspicions between Carrie and my husband. Nevertheless, I brushed off her concern whilst she whispered that I was too trusting. Months later, he came to our home to beg for my forgiveness, and like a fool, I gave him a second chance.

A few weeks after he moved back in, he came home from work distracted and tipsy. After I had served him his dinner, he wiped his lips and blurted, "I think we should have an open marriage." Then he pushed the chair from under him and walked out of the house, slamming the door on his way out. I didn't see him until the next day. I now realized that it was his way of diverting suspicion from them. It took me years before I was unfaithful to him.

Striking the countertop, I signaled Morgan over. Flashing me with his gorgeous smile, he held up an index finger and gave me a gesture. While he created the customer's drink, I gazed at his agility, when suddenly, I got a flashback of his gifted mouth and skillful fingers, as he caressed my naked body on his terrace.

His physical appearance was a replica of Ryan Reynolds, but Morgan was just more muscular and he had a voice like the guy from the state farm advertisement. Of the few people that I had sex with, Morgan Caesar was my first. His veiny porcelain cock, and cunnigulus mastery, could compel a saint down the shadiest street to sin village. But, I never repeated sex with any guy. A one-night stand was indexed in that category for a reason.

Leaping out of my daze, I observed him stride my way, and he flashed me an alluring smile, "Hello gorgeous. How have you been?"

Chuckling lightly at him, I replied, "Hello yourself, handsome. I've had better days. However, today isn't one of them."

"I'm sorry to hear that," he stated whilst glancing at me and wiping the countertop. "Is there anything that I can do to help alleviate your despair?"

His question hung in the air until I decided on the answer.

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