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Holidays & Anniversary Affairs

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Chapter 2


"Yes, I'll have a Double-Shot Vodka Gimlet. Hold the syrup and lime juice, please." He kept his seductive smirk and briefly glanced at the restaurant's entryway, to a few incoming patrons. When he brought his enchanting green gaze back to me, they held the one question that he always requested, and I declared, "The answer is an unmoving no, Morgan. Your bedroom mastery was impressive, but I don't want a repeat of it."

Leaning towards me, he reached out, tipped my chin, then confessed, "You always had a way with words Bianca, and I missed that impish mouth on my lips and cock. Regardless, I respect your decision," and he shoved himself away.

Reaching behind him, he took a bottle from the top shelf and skillfully created a drink, then he placed it before me, "This one is on the house," and he progressed to his office.

"Thank you, Morgan," I said with appreciation.

"Anytime, gorgeous," he replied.

Thankful for the spirits, I took a sip and moaned as the intoxicating scent of a man's cologne stroked my senses.

"Tough day?" he asked, as his velvety voice poured all over my senses, and I shuddered. From my peripheral view, I observed him as he sat beside me and took a sip from his drink.

Exhaling, I twisted on the bar stool and prepared myself to respond. However, when I met his gaze, my vocabulary refused to form a coherent sentence, and even more so, when I discovered that it was him who smelt so heavenly, my clit throbbed.

"Down girl," I whispered. For a fleeting moment, I forgot about my problems and gaped at him. He was stunning! With a head of silvery hair and a grey, body-hugging three-piece suit. I knew without a doubt that Zeus himself had touched his mother's expectant stomach. This man's eyes were the color of the Caribbean Sea, and his facial hair was immaculately trimmed.

"Oh fuck!" This was the guy whose car I almost collided with a few months ago when I skidded on the ice. Shaken, I pulled to the side of the road and placed my head on the steering wheel. My heart rate had accelerated because of the dread. Before long, I heard a gentle knocking on my window, and when I glanced up, I discovered this gorgeous man looking at me with concern.

We spoke for a bit, then he watched as I droved off safely, before he did the same. For weeks I brooded about this gentle giant until he entered my dreams, doing deviant things to me. On one occasion I even envisioned him as I took the edge off with my dildo.

Is it just me? Or had the restaurant gotten unexpectedly superheated? I needed to get out of there, immediately, because I was becoming extremely aroused. Sex couldn't be on my mind after what I'd just witnessed, and what I'd just done!

What was wrong with me? Rather than flee, I focused on my drink and stirred the liquid.

"Fuck," I muttered under my breath.

Returning to my inspection, I discovered that he too was examining me. Dropping my gaze to his crotch, I unconsciously moaned, before mumbling, "I believe that my day has been using me as a prototype for the rest of humanity."

My companion stared at me puzzled before he chuckled richly. This man had stimulated my sexuality with just the scent of his cologne and gentleness.

Allotting my attention to the pair who had just strolled in, I absent-mindedly twirled the swizzle in the glass and admired their relaxed intimacy.

Ethan and I were like them for years. Holding hands whilst we strolled and snuggled in public. Feeding each other desserts and having date nights. When did all of that change?

The gentle touch on my hand brought me back to reality. Marveled by the tenderness of this man's contact, I watched as his thumb grazed my knuckles back and forth, and I requested, "I don't want to seem rude, but did you say something?"

Smiling gently, he leaned forward and cautiously alerted me, "Hold on to something," and he dragged my stool nearer to him.

Surprised, I held on to the seat and exclaimed, "Oh!" then I grabbed his arms in fear of toppling over.

"I won't let anything happen to you, honey. I just wanted you nearer to me. A strong and beautiful woman like you, shouldn't have the look of a fallen warrior. Whoever he is, he's an ass. The moment that you waltzed into Caesar's, you captivated me, and even before then. Since the day that you'd skidded on the ice, and I came up to your window, you have been engraved into my memory. From your unhappy eyes to your glowing caramel skin tone. If we'd known each other for a longer period, I'd kiss your pouty lips, just to know what you tasted like."

Admiring his boldness, I took a sip from my drink, then inquired, "What's your name?"

"My name is Nicolai Polinski, and I'd love to buy you another drink?" he responded.

Polinski? Was he my next-door neighbor? It can't be! Only then did I realize that his hand was outstretched.

Grasping it firmly, I shook the calloused skin, then flirted back with him, "I'm Bianca. To which lips are you referring, Nicolai? And by the way, I'll have to decline your offer, one drink is enough for me."

"Perhaps next time you'll join me for dinner?" he inquired.

"That's presumptuous of you. Nonetheless, it's a possibility," I replied.

"Regardless, my preference lies between your plump thighs," he remarked with an impish grin, displaying perfect teeth. He then leaned in and kissed the inside of my wrist.

Closing my eyes, I enjoyed the gutsiness of this stranger's affection. Reluctantly, I opened my eyes and found him inches away from my face.

"Business or Pleasure?" he questioned and nuzzled my palm, and I delicately rubbed his facial hair.

Quickly making a brazen decision, I replied, "Pleasure," and I stroked his muscular thighs with my other hand.

He reached down and clutched my hand, then gracefully set it on his thick erection. Instinctively I grasped it, while he groaned erotically, "Do you wish to elaborate?"

"No, I do not. Can I ask you a question, Nicolai?"

"Certainly," he murmured and hissed when I squeezed his cock a second time.

"Have you ever been unfaithful to your wife?"

He glanced at his wedding band for a fleeting moment, then replied, "Every marriage has its adversities. When mine got complicated, I had an affair, and when she found out, she requested a divorce. It's been five years and yet, I can't bring myself to remove my ring. Today was supposed to be my twentieth anniversary, and I'm here with these wonderful patrons, having a reflection drink."

As I inspected this man that I'd only come across twice, I concluded that he needed a distraction just as much as I do. "Follow me, I require your immediate assistance."

Without asking any questions, he declared, "Certainly," and then he signaled a bartender for the bill.

I consumed my drink, pulled him closer, then licked his ear seductively and whispered, "Don't make me wait long, Nicolai," and I ambled away.

"I'm right behind you, Bianca."

Twenty-five minutes later, we pulled up in separate cars at a Hotel. We quickly got out and went inside, where I paid for a room. He expressed that I wasn't supposed to pay, he was, and I disregarded his dilemma. We took the elevator to the 3rd floor and opened room eighty. Before the door got a chance to be secured, our lips locked.

Swiftly I removed my boots and jeans, then watched as he unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants. When his cock sprung free, it bounced and I stumbled in surprise, then muttered, "Jesus." His member was much larger than I first thought, and its girth was thicker than Ethan's, "Umm," I whispered in concern.

He observed my internal battle and chuckled, "Are you having second thoughts?"

"It's a possibility," I replied, still gazing at his cock.

With superiority, he expressed, "Take me into your seductive mouth, my caramel beauty."

At his command, I dropped to my knees, spat on his cock, and slowly made love to the beautifully dome-shaped head. It fitted perfectly. With a strong grasp, he held onto my hair. As the tempo increased, he began a deep thrust with slow, long strokes. Gradually, at full mast, his erection descended my throat.

"Oh god, your fucking mouth feels incredible, Bianca, fuck. Keep that tempo, don't stop." Grasping the back of my head, he opened his legs and brought me to the base of his cock, then he hammered my mouth. Without warning, I felt an explosion down my throat as he emptied his seed.

"Argh, arghh." Moaning in satisfaction, I marveled at his savory taste and squeezed his firm buttocks. When he flexed his butt, I tightened my throat muscles and greedily milked him. When I was sure that all his seed has been expelled, I withdrew my mouth, kissed the tip, and gazed up at him.

"Damn, that felt great, Bianca. However, I need to feel your pussy. Stand and bend over."

Shaking my head at him, I requested, "I need you in my ass, Nicolai, not my pussy. Please, fuck my ass," I begged him. "Fuck me hard and fast."

"That would be my pleasure, my caramel beauty." Aggressively, he brought me to my feet, spun me around, and ordered me to grasp my ankles. With my rosebud throbbing in anticipation for his sex, he stroked his heated penis upon my wet slit, then carefully made slow thrusts, and eventually, my ass was penetrated.

This majestic man smacked my rump and steered his penis past my tight rim, then slammed into me.

"Ahh, fuck!" we both hissed. Tightly, I held onto my ankles and moaned in shameless passion.

As he twirled and thrust his hips, my hole stretched to accommodate his girth. My lust-filled body shivered and shuddered in elation, "Mmm, harder, Nicolai, oh shit. Yes, just like that. Pound me," I demanded with desire.

"Jesus. Don't fucking tease me, Bianca. Are you sure that this is what you want?" he questioned.

"I've never been more positive about anything in my life." With his cock still in me, I stood, parted my legs, wrapped my arms around his neck, and took more of him into my ass. Moaning, I twirled my hips slowly, enjoying the sensation.

Intensely, he groaned in my ear and then admitted, "It's been a while since I've had a feisty woman, Bianca, and I'm going to enjoy this fucking delicacy that you've presented to me." Gently, he withdrew his penis, spun me around, and got onto his knees.

Before I had an opportunity to utter a desirable remark, he placed my leg on his shoulder, and greedily licked my drenched cunt, "Fuck, Bianca, you smell of berries, and you taste heavenly." Tilting his head, he parted my labia, flickered his tongue on my clit, and tugged the nub with his lips.

"Argh, oh fuck, oh God, yes. Just like that, don't stop, Jesus." With my limbs trembling, I clasped his soft hair and wildly thrust into his welcoming mouth. "I'm cumming, Nicolai, oh fuck," was all the warning that he got before I squirted on him.

Greedily, he moaned, then placed his mouth over my urethra and consumed my offering. When he had his fill, he gradually stood, bent me over, and stamped his pulsating cock continuously in my ass.

"Oh my God. You're so mouthwatering," he confessed. Grabbing the white sheet of the bed, I watched as he quickly wiped his glistening cock, then he slammed into my throbbing pussy.

"Arghhhh," I cried out from the vast sensation that I received.

Reflexively, my pussy clamped onto his cock and he groaned loudly, "Ahhh, tighter, squeeze me tighter, baby. I'm about to paint your tight walls with my seed." Gripping my hips, he exclaimed with mirth, "TAKE, EVERY, FUCKING, DROP," and grunted as he emptied his searing seed into my fertile womb.

"I don't care, fuck me, fuck me," I implored with emphasis. We grunted and groaned like a pack of wild animals, and shuddered from our climax.

Breathless, and with his cock still in me, he declared genuinely, "I want to know more about you, Bianca. We must spend some time together. When can I see you again?"

Before I could answer, my phone buzzed from within my purse, "Will you excuse me for a moment? I'm expecting that call," and made an attempt to remove his penis.

"Of course." Nevertheless, he didn't allow me to.

Chuckling, I bent and retrieved the device. As I read the message, he slowly thrust, and I moaned. The phone fell from my hand, and onto the floor. When I twirled my hips, he uttered numerous obscenities and fucked me with abandon. Reaching out, I gripped the bed and kept pace with him. Nicolai clasped my hips and I vigorously thrust until we once again climaxed.

"I must see you again, Bianca," he enunciated moments after.

Swiftly dabbing away our bodily fluids with the same sheet, I got dressed, kissed his soft lips, then stared into his questioning blue eyes, "I've got to go. If the faiths allow it, we may see one another again," then I dashed out of the room.


The notification that I had received, was from my Chief Purser. An attendant had called in sick and I was needed as a stand-in. With an elated smile, I ran out of the establishment and droved to my sister's home, where I showered and got attired. Keeping an extra uniform at her residence, was her idea. And for that, I was grateful.


Throughout the flight, my mind kept lingering on Nicolai and his incredible performance. Damn! his sex was outstanding. But with all probability, I'll never see him again.

Much later, when I was having a bottle of water, a colleague approached me, "Bianca, sweetheart, a gentleman has requested your immediate assistance," and then she walked away.

Gabrielle was of Russian and Caribbean descent. She was 5'7, with hazel eyes and red hair. She had a small bosom and was curvaceous. I met her a few years ago whilst I'd been about t to buy ice cream and we became fast friends. She didn't speak much about her past and I didn't pry.

"Gabi, wait a minute. How am I supposed to know who I'm in search of?" I inquired with mild curiosity.

Chuckling softly, she trudged towards me, then replied, "He's the only middle-aged guy who is awake, and shrouded by senior citizens. You won't be able to overlook him," then she leaned in, pecked my cheeks, and walked away.

Briskly, I wandered to first class in search of the passenger. And she was right, it didn't take me a lengthy period to locate who had made the request.

I wondered if he or his ex-wife had ever seen my sister and soon-to-be ex-husband being intimate. Was the entire neighborhood aware of what goes on behind our doors? And was I the last to know about their affair? My legs trembled, when I wandered towards him, "Hello Nicolai, how can I be of service to you?"

He gazed at my attire then smirked, and my stomach fluttered.

"What time do you go on a break, my darling?"

Leaning against the seat, I inquired, "Why do you ask? What do you need?"

He tugged me in an intimate embrace and replied, "You, Bianca. When should I expect you back here?"

Closing my eyes for a second, I prayed. Dear Lord, did you send this man to tease me? Because if you did, I thank you. Amen. Caressing his silvery hair, I responded, "I'll be going to lunch in twenty minutes."

"Lovely. I'd like you to be back here in twenty-five minutes. And when you return, you shouldn't be wearing any panties. That's all, you may go," he announced, then smacked my bottom.

Twirling, I cupped his face, briefly pecked his cheeks, then walked out. Half an hour later, I returned in gaiety, then stood before him, and he declared, "Sit."

"Woof," I muttered, and he chuckled. When I attempted to have a seat beside him, he stopped me and declared, "I don't want you to sit there, I want you right here," and he gently thumped his thighs.

Thrilled by the concept, I gazed at his hands and my clit thumped in delight. This man was giving me everything that I'd never received and always wanted to experience. How can I refuse his tempting offer? Yet, I was skeptical about it.

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