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Where are you?

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Chapter 1

I jump awake after I dream of you, No matter what I do you won't leave my head. I wipe tears off my face " When did I start crying?" I get out of bed and sit by my window staring at the beautiful sky, " What a beautiful day.....I wonder what your doing today my love" I smile a bit to myself before getting ready to change. It's been a few weeks since he's texted me.... I shake my head not wanting to think about you. I move things around as I get changed for school. I'm on the bus when you text me back " Come on don't be like that, come with me I promise we'll have fun" I smile, The pain still being there but your words still make me happy. Alex snaps me out of my thoughts " Girl Who texted you that your smiling like that " I laugh " No one girl" She stares at me suspiciously " If you say so, Come on we're meeting Jayden in the library." I smile " That's great! I need some new books anyways." Alex rolls her eyes at me " Geez you are such a nerd, you always finish your books by the end of the day and your always at a bookstore or at a librar I smile thinking of how he always called me a nerd in a playful voice. We walk into the library running right into Jayden. We walk over to him " Jayden what's up!" We giggle as the librarian tells us to keep it down. Jayden tugged at my arm " Come on I have something I want you guys to see" We follow him, hand in hand as he leads us to the teachers lounge. He smiles " Come on! Time for breakfast" I sneak inside with Jayden as Alex keeps watch, I walked over to Alex " They don't have chocolate What do you want instead?" She frowns " See this is one of the reasons I hate this school" I stare at her " So what do u want or I'm not getting you anything" Jayden interrupts " Guys come on the teachers will be here soon!" Alex is still frowning " OJ then" I walk back inside and get OJ for Alex when the lights suddenly turned on I hear Alex say "Oh shit.." We turn around and see Alex with our English Teacher Ms. H.

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