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Mated to a Future Luna

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Hello, my name is Laney, and I am a werewolf, an Omega to be exact. I wasn’t always an Omega; my parents Jackie and Kent are of warrior blood. They are strong and great trackers. My father is Alpha Michael top tracker/warrior, and my mother is Luna Angie’s best friend. We are part of the Orion Mist Pack. We are small with about three hundred pack members, but we are considered one of the strong packs in the US. When Alpha Michael learned I didn\'t shift on my 16th birthday, he called me weak and nearly banished me. My parents no longer claimed me as their daughter. I nearly died if it wasn\'t for Damien the future Alpha of Orion Mist. Damien is a True Alpha and was taught to love and cherish his mate. Till his parents learn that his true mate is the wolf less omega Laney. Will the whole pack be against Laney? Will she find her wolf?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Hello, my name is Laney, and I am a werewolf, an Omega to be exact. I wasn’t always an Omega; my parents, Jackie and Kent, are pack warriors. They are strong and great trackers. My father is Alpha Michael’s top tracker/warrior, and my mother is Luna Angie’s and the Beta Female Sari’s best friend. My Father has been best friends with Alpha Michael and Beta Carl since they were in grade school. We are part of the Orion Mist Pack. We are small with about three hundred pack members. We are one of the strongest packs in the US. The Orion Mist Pack is located north of Billings.

You would think that I would be like my family and pack members and get my wolf at 16 or even 17. But here I am at 18 and still no wolf.

I have embarrassed my parents by being their only child, with no wolf. The Doctor has told them that my wolf is just dormant. But, that has not changed Alpha Michael’s mind about me. He even convinced my parents that I am weak and that I don’t deserve to be their daughter. I was kicked out of my home, I was forced by the Alpha to leave my house and become not just an Omega but a Slave. I live in the attic with a broken window. I have no a/c or heat. I sleep on an old sleeping bag with a towel as a pillow and bath towel. I have a small closet that has a few clothes in it and a pair of shoes that were given to me by Luna Angie. It is my little room. Everywhere else is full of old furniture and boxes. Luna Angie doesn’t like to throw anything away. Everything that I owned when I was with my parents was taken from me when they kicked me out and forced me into the Pack house. I snuck one item and that is a picture of us from when I was 14 and we went to Disney World. We were happy then and it was the best day, no drama, no having to worry about anything.We took a picture next to Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

I keep the picture next to my bed. I like to make sure that I remember the best of times. Even if they are not great anymore, I like to remember what we once had. They are still my parents and no matter what happens, I still love them. I can’t always be mad at them, no matter what. When I find my mate and he accepts me for being wolfless or having a dormant wolf like what the doctor says, I want to make sure that I still have my parents.

I do feel lucky some days and other days not so much. Being a slave is the worst position in any pack. Alpha Michael can’t stand to look at me, so I am not allowed to eat with the rest of the pack members, and that includes the Omega’s as well in the kitchen. I have to eat in the attic, and all I am allowed is bread, lunch meat and water. I do sneak a few tasty bites. After all, I am the only one that does the cooking for everyone in the packhouse with the help of one Omega. She is shy.

All the cooking and cleaning took a lot of my time, so I had to graduate High School with the credits I had. If it weren’t for those college credit courses, the Alpha would have made me drop out. Casey, my best friend, left a month later. She wanted to stay with me but I wouldn’t let her. I could’t do that to her, especially since my friends were commanded to never talk to me or stay friends with me. Another punishment from the Alpha for not having a wolf.

Being an Omega slave, I had to make sure that every room in the house was clean, even if none stayed in the room. I did the hard jobs like scrubbing the hard floors on my hands and knees with a scrub brush, not a mop. All the windows in the packhouse had to be cleaned once a week. There were over 80 windows in the building. Cooking meals was my favorite thing to do. I always made sure that Alpha and Luna were taken care of before everyone else. They have their own quarters and stay up there for breakfast and sometimes lunch. Dinner is always downstairs in the main dining room. I make sure to stay out of Alpha Michaels way. One morning, he woke up 2 hours early and saw me in the Alpha’s quarters making their breakfast and as I was finishing, he came up and threw what I made at a wall and shoved me into the hot stove and told me that I needed to leave now before he kills me. Luckily, I turned the hot stove off so the burn on my elbow wasn’t bad.

Since then I have been cautious, and if I heard even a sound I would make sure to hide till he leaves. I never see Damien, only around dinner, but he grabs food and goes to his cottage in the back.

I have to understand that this is my life, this is who I am now. I am an Omega, who no longer has a family.

The pack stays out of my way, and they don’t hit me or anything. It is like they feel sorry for me.I know that they are forced to ignore me and I am glad that they do now. I can work in peace and keep everything clean. My favorite spot is in the kitchen. I love to bake and cook. Everyone seems to love it and I have yet to hear any complaints. Waking up early helps get things prepped and ready to go. There are times when I can not make it to the kitchen because Alpha Michael sets my chore list and cleaning all the windows or vacuuming the whole house, including all the rooms, makes my time in the kitchen impossible.Although he does make sure that I stop what I’m doing every morning and afternoon to make him and Luna Angie breakfast and lunch. So, I wake up an hour earlier than the other Omega’s and prep breakfast, lunch and dinner and I leave a note that instructs them on how to cook.

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