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Circle the moon

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Young Alice is living in her best single life. Her life is soon turned up side down when she is visited by three very sexy men who are determined to adire to her every need. is it too good to be true? or will Alice have the love of three gorgeous men who would kill to keep her safe?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

My moment to escape him was becoming finite. His daring eyes held mine with such ferocity I dare utter a single syllable of his name. Damon. even just thinking about him made my insides want to burst with such longing. but why? What was this feeling i felt for him? Someone I had never truly met. after all, he was just a figment of my imagination. I knew he wasn't real and somehow it made me want him so much more. my deepest, darkest and naughtiest dreams couldn't stop me from wanting his hands all over me. caressing every inch and morsel of my body until....

just like that I am awaken by the sounds of my pup Rocco. His annoyingly cute cries for attention pull me out of hot and sexy slumberland. Yet another morning of my sexual appetite for Big old Joe Manganiello's character of a raunchy fireman sliding down his fireman's pole to rescue me from my house fire. Pick me up into his arms and carry me close to his bare muscular chest. The following scene in my dreams would be our bodies inter twining as ours lips seal together passionately. His tongue doing all kinds of things to my very willing body parts until.... I wake up.


Feeling utterly discouraged at my very sad life in a two bed apartment that i share with a very rich friend. childhood friend whom has claimed me as his fake wife for sometime now. A strict up bringing does that to a secret gay guy.

even worse singledom becomes all too real. I kick off the sheets and sigh as reality my surroundings seep in. first, sun rays hit my crusty blue eyes and I am reminded of my very hungover state. Those god damn Liquid IV sachets did not do their job. Maybe its just something ungodly that comes with my age. Being 28 didn't exactly scream youth anymore. I should be married with kids by now but no. My days and night simply consist of late night takeaways after drinking at the local bar Hanigan's. Didn't help that I worked there too and I had the most down to earth boss of all time. Very lenient with drinking policy. That, and I didn't bother to ask if staff were allowed to be drinking on shift. I'm the kind of girl that is always working on a need to know basis. What tom doesn't know won't hurt him. Not that I have a drinking problem at all. I just occasionally needed to blow of some steam.

I had dry mouth that tastes and feels like glue and sandpaper scratching at the back of my throat. Yet again, I get home without ever truly knowing how I got here. or whom.

though, some one did get me here. I feel that I'm certain I'm right about that thought at least. or, maybe I'm being silly in my old self.

after a few moments of consideration I put it all to my street smarts and spending the majority of my child alone. Being carried from one foster home to the next. never fully experiencing what a safe space truly felt like until I turned 16 and got my first paying job as a waitress. tips were a tremendous help and I even had enough to travel to meet an old friend from the foster system. My beautifully handsome and loyal friend Ray. such a smart and kind soul my Ray. I loved ray Like a brother. I was somewhat sad to see him adopted. He was pretty much set for life after that. rich eastern European parents and complete access to a trust fund from the age of 12.

No matter how much money those parents threw at him and boy, did they give him some cash! he never changed his outlook on life. he enjoyed the feeling of being humbled and never forgot his roots. of course it didn't hurt that Whenever I met up with him he always offered me a warm bed. Never tried anything on with me at all. in fact he liked every designer shop I did. not that I could afford them and he particularly liked the men that came out of them.

To this day I still think his foster parents live in the hopes that he will bring home a beautiful blonde haired blue eyed bombshell. Well, he always showed me off to them. Unspoken pretend girlfriend. kind of wish he had included me in on that plan. but still, I got to live in this swanky London apartment rent free. Just to keep up appearances as long as I commute to York once a week for a family dinner. and, allow ray to utilise the spare bedroom for his fancy escapades.. wish I could pull as much as him but lately I've been off my game. still, my life could have been worse I guess. statistics for drug abuse, sexual abuse and addiction in any shape or form are 75% higher in kids who look like Donald trumps illegitimate children. So just by existing I've managed to beat the odds. thank you my rich gay boyfriend.

Alas, these stupidly sexy dreams I keep having are keeping me up all night and feel way too real. like I'm actually naked with the handsome stranger who somehow feels like pure sex on legs. He also Very protective as hell about me. Must be because I've never had anyone to be intimate with me. Ever. Always living in dreamland I guess. though, I love ray I couldn't just do it with anyone. I'm 28 now so I better get a move on. problem is, Its not just one guy! Its three and they all kind of look similar too like sexy cousins all ruggedly handsome, topless broad shouldered gods. I always felt 4foot tall when they visited.

I feel the pain throbbing between my legs yet again at just the thought of them and i quiver. I felt such a strong pull. A sadness and longing for them that i wanted to cry. Who were they? and why was i feeling so consumed by this every single night? maybe i had some really freaky fantasy that i was scared to act out? like a groupsome of some kind. if that was even the word? which, sounding it out loud it definitely sounded dumb! Rocco barked yet again. Forcing me to put my night time sexcapades to the side. Coffee and toast it is!

I jump from the kingsize bed and put on my fluffy black slippers and allow rocco to greet me with his sloppy kisses as his tiny paws scratch at my ankles. I find his delivery of urine beside the kitchen back door. thanking god it wasnt something much worse like the left over chicken fiasco. I couldnt shout at him if i tried.

Not since finding him one night before xmas last year. In the alleyway behind my favourite resraurant la mode. best pasta joint in the city. the poor pup was cowling as a group of men stood over him. I guessed they were into the dog fighting thing as they had been calling rocco by the number on his collar and not by any name they had even bothered to call him. I didnt inderstand men like that. i wanted to rip their hearts out where they stood but something inside me wanted to get him away from them more than wanting to watch as as their heart beat their very last.

something maternal inside me ached for him. Needed him. It was like i could sense his need for me too. Like a mother needing to protect her young. I would of called him scooby doo if the name rocco hadnt come to mind. in fact it was almost as if HE told me his name. It didnt even cross my mind until that point and like many drunken nights before this. As long as things were coming up me i couldnt gove a rats left tit why i was experiencing anything unfamiliar and believe me. Familiar was a loose term in my life.

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