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Elen and Alex

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Neglected, malnourished, beaten and hated, Elen decides, why continue living, when you have nothing to live for. Will she live, will she die? Will she find her mate, or be alone.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1


Third person pov

Neglected, malnourished, beaten and hated, Elen decides, why continue living, when you have nothing to live for. She writes her suicide note, grabs a backpack and stuffs 7 outfits, a bag of beef jerkey, a bunch of fruit snacks in the front pocket, one-hundred dollars and a first aid kit. She tapes the note to the inside of the front door and bolts out the door. A few blocks away from home she bumps into a man.


"You okay"he asks with a look of concern. "Yeah"I say keeping my eyes on the ground, trying to keep him from seeing my face and all the bruises on it. "You need help with something"the man asks; "No"I insist. He grabs me and leads me to his car throwing me into the front seat and gets in. Only silence follows as the man takes a peek at my face he seems to realize something. He drives slowly, until we approach my house "That's my-"I say as we speed pass the house, I sit back in my seat, silent, yet uncaring about not going back to that miserable shithole.

After about an hour of driving in silence, we approach a building, the car stops in front of it. The building is at least three stories tall, without any windows and it was one of those places that if you'd seen it, you would've steered clear, without a second thought, not thinking twice. The man gets out of the car and comes around to get me, yanking me out of the car. As soon as we walk into the building, a strong scent of lavender hits me, leaving me breathless. The smell is sweet, yet at the same time, not. Whatever that scent is coming from, I have to have it. Just smelling that scent is making my wolf (eve) go crazy.

As the man pulls me along, I ask him "Why'd you bring me here", and he says "I could see in your eyes that you'd given up on life". I spend some time wondering how he could tell I was gonna end it. The scent only gets stronger, luring me in, making my wolf go wild saying, "Mate, Mate, Mate",over and over again, non-stop, running around in my head. "Calm down"I tell Eve, but she says, "Can't, our mate is close". At what Eve says, my eyes widen. I stop in my tracks, not wanting to meet our mate, for fear of what he would do to me. The man yanks my arm, becoming more forceful than before.

When we're close enough to our mate, for it to feel like they're standing next next to us, Eve tries to take over and shift. I force her back, telling her " Get a grip". Even though I too was feeling the mate pull, I was logical, why would I be in love with a complete stranger. Just because I felt connected to them doesn't mean they won't do something to me, I'm not just gonna go with them and comply. I didn't wanna be in love with someone just because I like the way they smelled or the way they looked. I wanted to feel something and not because of some mate pull. I'm not the kind of girl who would run to her mate for protection, like a damsel in distress.

The man pulled me into a room and started to tie my hands to the arms of a chair. I would've let him tie my hands down, if not for the scream that pierced the night. Though the scream was bloodcurdling, the man continued trying to tie me down, as if nothing had happened. Eve panicked, forcing me to shift, tearing my clothes, Eve rips the man to shreds as if he's the wrapping to a chew toy.

Not wanting to waste any clothes unnecessarily (We might need to shift a lot) we stay in wolf form and grab the bag with our mouth and run in the direction the scream came from. In less than 30 seconds we're outside the room the scream came from and the room our mates scent is the strongest. Our mate is in that room.

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