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Partners in crime

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Ella Sinclair was a 17 year old. She's been obsessed with crime since she was 7 years old. Her life was pretty normal she was popular and was as sweet as can be. As me being her boyfriend knew all her secrets. Come along to hear our story~

Romance / Horror
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The Secret

My names Noah Brighttemree me and my girlfriend Ella are sophomores in high-school.

"Hey Ella!" I shouted running across the road to give her a hug.

"Hey Noah!" she said giggling while catching me in her embrace. She was used to this since we've been friends for 7 years. She is one year older than me so she thinks she has the right to boss me around. As soon as we stopped hugging the bus turned down our road. She and I lived in front of each other since I can remember. When we got on the bus we sat together and as always I fell asleep as we relaxing music crept through my mind.When we got to school, she woke me up and we started heading to class. We have been in the same classes for the past 5 years. When we got there we saw we had a sub. MY MOM!?!?!?! I was so EMBARRASSED I started hiding in my jacket as I stepped into the room.

"Hey Noah!" My mom said knowing it would embarrass me. Everyone turned their heads with a curios look on their face.

"Hey Mama..." I said sinking into my desk chair. Me and ella asked her if we could hang out after school. Of course hang out was a term for committing a felony or Going on a date.

"After school we started heading to the bus. I am now feeling really light headed. I rember falling. All I can see is black I can hear screaming all Around me. Now I hear sirens and my mom's voice saying "don't leave me baby it's not your time yet I can hear ella screaming at people to give me some space." I described to the doctor as I was eating the food they prepared for me to eat as I woke up.

It turns out one of my classmates spiked the water they gave me after P.E. which caused the lack of balance and confusion. I spent a week in the hospital recovering. Ella stayed by my side my whole recovery.


"Come on Noah we need to go!" Ella shouted as she started running.

I couldn't help but laugh it was mighty funny us running from my brother. Since we decided to draw on his face for a prank. He woke up like 2 minutes after. When he looked in the mirror he git really mad. What we didn't know was he had a DATE TODAY. I felt really bad but kept running I could not let him catch me. Since my brother has a fear of heights we climbed a tree.

"Don't be shy lovers come on down I won't hurt ya! He chuckled, let me rephrase that I won't hurt ella."

I ran for my life after I jumped down I was horrified I had a 220 pound wrestler chasing me I wasnt gonna stop running until I escaped. Luckily I found my mom.

"MOM TREYS TRYING TO KILL ME!" I Screamed hoping she would save me.

"TREY BRIGHTTEMREE" My mom shouted. I stared at him and stuck my tongue out as If we were kids again. Me and ella went on a date that night. I took her to longhorn backyard restaurant. It was quite famous for there steaks. But when we got to the parking lot I remember fainting just like I did last time. This time I couldn't hear anything it was all black and silent.

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