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Its about 2 friends and their true friendship.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Lily and Kylie are 2 best friends who live in Denmark. Yeah, Denmark is such a beautiful place, but their friendship was more beautiful.

They trust each other and shares everything. Living their life happily.

20 November:

Lily: it's such a wonderful day. I just can't believe that I got full marks on the assignment. Even though I didn't study hard. Ahhh that's my luck. I'm so happy, let's hang out...

Kylie: hey, I am so sorry I have to go to a family gathering today.

Zack (an ordinary uni guy):

family gatherings are so boring and toxic, I just hate them. I don't know about you.

*They both giggle*


It's ok. We can hang out on another day.


That's great.

They both went on their way.

Kylie went to her house to get ready for family dinner. she was looking so pretty. On another side, lily went to her house and did her homework, and texted Kylie.

*Send me your picture*

Kylie sent her picture to Lily.

Lily: hey you look so beautiful.

later Kyle was having a family dinner. she was looking at a handsome waiter who passed by Kylie and they had eye contact. later when he was serving the table. he is spilled called drink on her. Her dress was ruined.

She ran towards the bathroom. She was trying to remove the stain from her dress but she wasn't able to do that. She went out. The waiter was standing there.

Waiter: I'm so sorry for your loss. Lady from that party gave me this dress to handover it to you.

Kylie picks the dress and went into the washroom to change that.

She was busy changing her dress .she didn't know that someone was recording her. suddenly she realize that someone is recording her. she pull over the dress and went out and she saw the waiter lefting the washroom. She came to know he recorded her. She ran afterward to delete the pics. When he saw that she is chasing him. He ran. She ran after her. She caught him near the river.

Kylie: give me the phone. I will call the police.

The waiter Nervously looked here and there. He looked at the river and jump into it. Kylie ran to catch him. Her foot slipped and she fall into the river. She didn't you how to swim so that's why she was drowning in the river. He knows how to swim. he was trying to swim and wanted to save himself. She was drowning in the depths of the river. A rescue Team passed by there. he waved at them .they came to salvage him but he didn't tell Rescue Team about Kylie .she was inundated by the river and relinquished her whiffs.

21 November :

Lily came to hear the news of Kyle's death. She was crying hard. She was so emotional because she lost her best friend. she went to her funeral. She was Standing at her funeral and crying hard. After that day her behavior changed. she became mysterious girl. She misses Kylie everyday..

Literally Kylie died....

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