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A lifetime more

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Sophia has two siblings Elsie and Carlos They're like her bestfriends but what happens if she gets forced to marry the same man who killed her older brother Javier

Romance / Action
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The smell of sweat and piss hits me like a ton of bricks, despite the fact that I'm at some cheapskate club you'd expect for the owners to have something to make it smell slightly better but clearly they don't and I don't think they're in the right state of mind to care about it either, I push past crowds of drunkards looking for Carlos who left me to dance with some chick he met at some other country club we went to for his birthday.

It's been half an hour and I haven't seen him since he asked a different girl to dance, the first one left to touch up her makeup, and I was left awkwardly standing in the middle of a dance fest. I walk over near the bar and order some shots, the last thing I want is to deal with the side chick my brother brought with us.

I down the first shot and smack the small glass onto the counter, it was bitter but it's better than dealing with a whore, as I put the second glass to my lips a muscular man with a tattoo sleeve taps me on the shoulder to gain my attention.

"If you want me to pay any notice to you I suggest you choose a different approach"

I down the second shot and do the same thing with the small glass by smacking it down on the counter, as I turn to face the man my attention on him was cut short by my brother stumbling between us and grabbing onto the counter for support.

The strong stench of alcohol is drenched all over him, I cringe at the smell and blink a few times to stop my eyes from watering, he's pissed and his posture doesn't hide it.

"You look like you're having the time of your life"

I say sarcastically at him as he downs my last shot, and attempting to smack the glass down on the counter but only dropping it and smashing the cup on the floor.

He mumbles something untranslatable to himself and tries to hide the glass under the counter by sweeping it with his foot, I roll my eyes and wrap his arm over my shoulders, he's heavy but I'd rather help him home than leave him by himself.

"Stop treating me like a baby, I can walk myself"

He retracts his arm and stumbles over a plant pot getting mud everywhere, he tries to use the wall to get back up but fails miserably, I laugh a little and hold my hand out to help him back up but he pulls me down next to him.

"Your breath reeks of alcohol"

"And your hair is a mess"

He fires back at me and ruffling my hair up with his hand, he laughs before turning his attention to his hands wiping the mud on his trousers.

"if Javier was here he'd kill the both of us right now"

He sighs and leans his head on the wall then turning to look at me, bringing his hand up to wipe away some of my smudged eyeliner, though he only made it worse.

I smile at the comment of Javier, though it hurts to talk about him.

Carlos wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me close, not one of us made a sound the only noise we could hear was the faint music coming from the speakers inside the club, I push his arm off me and stand back up, once again holding my hand out in which he purposely ignores and gets up himself.

"I need a minute, you start walking I'll catch up"

He says leaning against the wall and shooing me away with his hand.

"Promise you'll be alright?"

He gives me a reassuring look and nods his head.

"I promise"

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