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Falling Twice

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Amelia Daniels, is busy chasing her dreams of being a singer when she finds herself getting caught up in the magic that is love, and while it all feels great, what happens when she is in love with two people? Two people who want her, but refuse to have her want the other. Combined with the fact that her dreams are coming true, she finds herself holding onto two different kinds of love that make her feel magical while knowing that she has to choose only one

Romance / Other
Bailey King
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Chapter 1

This is the story of how I died ...

Nah I’m just playing.

The first day of school had ended and the first thing I did was come home and change into my favourite pair of high waisted skinny jeans with a superman crop - top hoodie. Then I put on my white all-star sneakers and this lead to me taking my brush and putting on some music while I brush my mid - back length hair.

You know, just some basic white girl stuff.

When I am done brushing my hair I take a moment and admire myself. It boosts confidence. Then after grabbing my bag from my bed, I make my way downstairs to leave. “Whoa, where you going in such a rush kiddo?” my dad stops me just before I can run out the door with a plate of chocolate chip cookies in his hand and an apron protecting his clothes.

I smile at him taking one of his chocolate chip cookies “Dad, you know I always go to Ol’ Milos after school.”

He smiles and nods “Yes, but the rush? You have to be careful or one day you might run someone over.” I let out a laugh and shake my head “I have to be there before Quiet Guy, dad. Bye - bye.” I give him a quick kiss on the cheek and stuff the cookie in my mouth while rushing out to my baby.

My vintage Volkswagen beetle in baby blue. Is there a car more perfect? I think not. Obviously my dad had the car upgraded with a radio and so on, but vintage is vintage.

I quickly grab my keys from my laptop bag and get in making my way to the amazing coffee cafe that I adore. I go there every day.

Ol’ Milos is a coffee cafe where there aren’t any customers during the times that I go there. So, how they stay open, I have no idea, what I do know is that I like going there. It feels like it is supposed to be run down, but actually it isn’t and because there are barely any people there, it feels like my cosy little spot.

When I go there I get my homework done fast and I always have a book handy to do some reading. I always try to have lunch there because their food is amazing and honestly they are so under-appreciated because their coffee is just as amazing.

Rumour has it that the cafe was opened by some multi-millionaire who doesn’t really care about the place and had to help out his brother so he just bought the first place he found - hence- there are barely any people there.

I park my car in an open space of the little shopping centre before I grab my laptop bag and get out and walking to the door. I smile when I hear the chime of the bell on the door and start walking to my spot.

Ol’ Milos.

The café with different shades of orange and greys all around, with old music playing in the background and posters of ‘all the greats’ on the walls.

I look at all the tables and see a single mom in the far left corner booth and one old couple having ice cream together on the right. “Hey Amelia! The usual?” I smile at Dereck, the chef, and nod “yes please.”

In this place, there is only one spot for me, the booth that I always sit at, in the middle of the cafe and right next to the window. The booth can seat 4 people and the table is big enough for me to work at.

I take my seat on the right side of the booth and start unpacking my bag. First my laptop which I plug in by the plug under the booth and put it to the right of me, then my book which I am currently reading, I put it on the left side of me for when I finish and then I take out my notebook and a pencil case.

This is my routine for when I have a school project or just want to research some things, it’s how I do it every day and it’s how I like it. I turn on my laptop when the bell chimes again and I smile in satisfaction when I hear the similar sound of boots on the floor.

‘Right on time…’

He walks up to my booth and gives me a nod, I nod back and then he takes a seat right across from me. This guy, I call Quiet Guy.

He has brown shoulder length hair, dazzling blue eyes, always wears a white shirt and a leather jacket with a black jean that is never ripped.

His scent will forever be intoxicating and he always has a chain around his neck tucked under his shirt for no one to see what hangs from it. He always has these black boots on that are either just dirty or have mud on them. Yet, on the rarest occasions, they are clean.

Every day, he comes in, we nod at each other before he sits by my table and either reads a book or draws in a notebook that looks at least 15 years old with papers sticking out everywhere.

We don’t speak though, never.

We just ... okay, I don’t know what exactly we do or why, but I like it.

“Here ya go.” Dereck smiles and puts down the big plate of fries in the middle of the table with two shakes. One chocolate for me, and one strawberry for Quiet Guy. “Thank you.” I smile at him and he gives me a nod before going back to the kitchen.

I grab the spice and sprinkle it over the fries while Quiet Guy grabs the ketchup and pours some over the fries. Then we go on to eating our fries, drinking our shakes and the dirty look he gives me when I dip some fries in my shake.

It never gets old.

We sit like this for at least an hour, in our own worlds when out of nowhere, thunder rolls and my eyes flicker to the clouds that look dark and about ready to burst rain onto us. I smile and turn back to my laptop only to get the biggest fright when I see someone standing by the booth.

He has brown hair and striking brown eyes. He looks like a different form of Quiet Guy - no - a wanna be Quiet Guy. He also has a leather jacket, and black jeans, only he is wearing worn out black sneakers and has a blue shirt on with nothing around his neck.

His hair is also shortish and clearly is messed up from him running his hands through it all the time.

I watch him watch me and Quiet Guy watches us watch each other. It’s like a watching each other circle until the mystery guy finally opens his mouth and when he does, I wish he didn’t.

“Do you have a band aid? I scraped my knee falling for you.” I watch him for a few seconds with my face blank “no, but I have some lemon juice.”

“Please call an ambulance! Your beauty is killing me.” he smirks “Sorry they are busy with a real emergency.” I blankly answer again.

“I would like to rearrange the alphabet so that U and I are together.” he tries again “Sorry, N and O already are.” I smile sweetly.

“Baby, you make palms sweaty, knees weak and arms spaghetti.” he carries on and I roll my eyes “clearly you need to go see a doctor for those noodle arms.”

He takes a deep breath and tries again. Can you believe this guy? “Your beautiful eyes remind me of the ocean, blue and wild. Just like you.” I shake my head in annoyance “my eyes are brown.”

That does it, even Quiet Guy lets out a snort and shakes his head before going back to his book and I smile sweetly at the guy who now looks offended with his mouth hanging open “close your mouth honey, you will catch flies.” I say to him sweetly and start packing up when I see it start to drizzle slightly.

The mystery guy turns around with a sigh, runs his hand through his hair and leaves.

Once I am done packing up, I stand and give Quiet Guy a nod, he gives me a nod back and I am about to place the money for the food and drinks on the table, but he does instead. When my eyes go to find him, he is simply busy with his book again.

A smile slowly breaks out on my face and I nod to myself dancing on the inside. I then turn to walk away and Dereck waves at me.

When I exit the cafe the same annoying guy comes up to me and I shake my head “nope.” Then I get into my car and start to drive, leaving him in the parking lot as the rain starts to pour.

On my way home, I put on the heater in my car and I focus to drive safely, my mother would have my head if I dare to get in an accident.

Imagine how upset I get when, proving the amazing luck that I have, my car starts to creak and squeak before it stops working.

In the rain.

“Great!” I groan and bang my head on the steering wheel. There isn’t one car on the road to help me either.

After a few minutes of groaning and hoping a car would come by, I get out of my car conveniently when lightning strikes, making me scream, and run to open the engine while getting soaked.

I check everything that I can think of and after tweaking a few cables, I run back to my door and get in, immediately turning the key.

At first it seems only seconds away from starting but then it just completely blanks out again. I try again and it doesn’t even do anything.

“No please.” I feel tears well up in my eyes and start to shake from how cold I am being so soaked. So all I do next, is lay my head on the steering wheel and cry.

Maybe if I wait for the rain to stop, I can get a better idea of what is going on. Yeah, that doesn’t seem so bad.

Then my head snaps up and I sniff when I realise that I have my phone with me. I rush to take it out and ... No. Bars.

No bars.

Just like a bad, predictable movie, I have no damn bars.

Why do I have a phone then? I shake my head and throw my phone onto the passenger seat starting to cry again, but when there is a knock on my window, I am relieved to see Quiet Guy smiling at me.

He knocks again and I open the door while he doesn’t say anything as usual and only reaches over me. He pulls the leaver for the engine hood and stands up straight before going to the engine and taking a look.

Of course, like the sack of tits that I am, I keep sitting with a shocked look on my face and the best I can do when he comes back to my door and motions for me to follow him before taking my key from the ignition, is follow him.

I don’t even ask him anything or say something!


He walks me across the road and to a silver Jeep opening the door for me. I quickly get in and he walks back to my car. He does a few things inside and soon he pushes it out of the road.

When he is done he comes back to the Jeep and gets in on his side. Still not saying a word, he puts on the heater, takes off his leather jacket and starts to drive. Leaving my car behind and me loving the soaked up view of his muscles through his white shirt.


Well, I suppose I could call a tow truck in the morning so with that, I give him a nod and he nods back before I start explaining how to get to my house.

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