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Wolffe: Finding His Luna

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Serena Goldberg is an ordinary girl living an ordinary life, that was until her best friend Emmy dragged her to a Wolffe Concert and she laid her eyes on Adrian Wolffe, lead singer of the most popular band in the world and her entire life changes. But can she handle the fame that comes with dating a superstar and why does she feel sparks when he touches her and most especially, why does his eyes change colours?!!! Will she be able to handle the truth or will she run for the hills?

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Oh my God, Rena!!! I am super glad you made it” Emma cried out moving aside for me to walk in.

“Tell me again why I am leaving a marathon of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to come here?” I asked my best friend of 15 years.

“Well” she said, drawing out the word. “I may have scored us front row tickets to the hottest band concert happening tonight.”

“Wait... One Republic is performing tonight and I am just finding out?!” I screamed excited at the prospect of going to their concert. Emma’s elf like face scrunched up in annoyance and she whacked me with her hand.

“Ow!!! What the hell was that for?” I cried out rubbing the sore spot, shooting her a glare.

“That was for insinuating that One Republic might actually be the hottest band out there.” She retorted, I rolled my eyes at her obvious distaste for my favourite band, it wasn’t my fault she could not recognize good music even if it slapped her in the face.

“So which hot band’s tickets did you score?” I asked walking further into her apartment, plopping my butt on her sofa. The annoyance in her face disappeared immediately and she let out a squeal, doing a little dance as she skipped towards me, stopping in front of the sofa.

I could literally see the excitement in her entire body; she couldn’t even get the mad grin on her face under control. Straightening her spine, she let out a quick breath before schooling her features.

“Wolffe” her answer was short and precise and completely not what I was expecting.

“Oh, that’s… nice?” I replied, wincing when it came out as a question instead of a statement. Her left eye was the first to twitch, followed by a slight tremble of her right hand which was holding a small glass orb that looked like it could inflict real damage.

Oh shit

I unconsciously shifted a bit, trying to get myself out of her firing range.

“Just… nice?” She said through her teeth, it would have been comical the way her entire faced looked similar to Shigo from Kim Possible when she was mad but my well being was at stake.

“Look Ems, I have absolutely nothing against them, I just don’t like their music.” I explained trying to defend myself.

“How can you not like their music? After all the tumblr posts I sent you about them, I even made you a playlist of their best songs for Christmas!!!” She cried out, waving her arms like a woman possessed. Guilt tugged at my heart at the mention of her Christmas present and I gave her an apologetic look. Ems being Ems understood what it meant immediately and gasped, stumbling back as if I had struck her, a hand on her chest, the other outstretched, lips parted in shock. I almost rolled my eyes at her dramatics but I did not want a death wish on my head.

“You didn’t listen to it.” She whispered eyes narrowed.

“I’m sorry Ems; they’re not my ideal type of band.” I mumbled. She sighed, shaking her head. “How we are still best friends is a phenomenon that should be studied by the world’s greatest minds.”

“Okay fine, I’ll go with you to the concert, just don’t be mad.” I offered making her double over in laughter for a minute; she straightened, wiping a stray tear away.

“You actually think you have a choice in going to the concert, you’re so funny.” She said laughing some more. “We have one hour to get ready so come on, we have to find you something to wear.”

I glanced down at my jeans and Monsters University shirt before looking at her.

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing right now?” I asked frowning; she let out another soft laugh. “Oh darling, everything is wrong with it. Hopefully two hours will be enough to fit you into one of my outfits.” She replied, I rolled my eyes at her.

“Roll your eyes all you want Rena I don’t care.” She sang dancing to her room. I couldn’t help but smile at her actions, Ems and I had been friends since elementary school, and we met at the playground, then made our mothers to become friends and forced our dads to hang out until they became really close friends. Knowing Ems and I we would probably force our children to become friends.

“Get your ass in her Rena!!!” she yelled “Coming mother!!!” I yelled back making her let out a flurry of curse that would make her mother gasp in horror at the vocabulary of her sweet innocent daughter.

I got up and made my way down the hall to her bedroom, Ems and I were able to convince our parents to let us live off campus, however most of the apartments we found were one person individual and to make matters worse, they was only one one-person apartment available in her apartment complex, so I had to find another one in another apartment complex but they were within the proximity of each other and it was a five minute walk to the Ems University and my Art School. I walked into her room and stopped in my tracks at the heaps of clothes she was throwing onto her bed.

“Did the whole of New York Fashion Week explode in your room?” I joked; thankfully she had dropped the glass orb on her drawer, unfortunately I got a face full of jean shorts.

“Not a word, I am still angry at you.” She snapped, waggling her finger at me. I tossed the short aside glaring at her “I said I was sorry!!!” I cried out.

“Well sorry doesn’t cut it. You are going to sit quietly and I am going to find the perfect outfit for us and we are going to have one glass of wine each before heading downtown where we will have the time of our lives while rocking to Wolffe’s epic concert.” She declared, I raised a brow, staring at her.

“That’s oddly specific.” I commented. “I know now shush.” She replied spinning around, rummaging through her closet. I sighed wondering what I had gotten myself into and quietly regretting my life decisions, okay maybe the second part was a bit of an exaggeration, I would never in the world change Emma for anyone else. I loved her with all her craziness.

I unlocked my phone and decided to check Twitter, the first tweet that popped up was from my very own best friend.

Ems__ Wolffe baby!!! #lunatour

I rolled my eyes at the tweet which had 1.5k likes, scrolling past it to check the other tweets which were all in some way related to Wolffe, swiping over to check the trend table if there were any interesting topics.

Oh wow

Number one trending was #wolffe

Number two was #lunatour

Number three #newyork

Number four #adrianwashboardabs

I blinked at that, people were insane, why on earth would some dude’s abs be on the trends table? Against my better judgment I tapped on the hash tag.

I wasn’t surprised to find out the hash tag was related to Wolffe but still it was official, people could be creepy if they wanted. A tweet caught my attention, it had quoted a picture.

Wolffe_lover: I would lick #adrianwashboardabs and never brush my tongue for the rest of my life.

I tapped on the picture; it was a picture of a young man, standing on the stage, a bottle of water raised to his lips while his other hand had slightly lifted his grey shirt. I didn’t need any hash tag to tell me this was Adrian; Ems obsession with them had me knowing each of them. Adrian, the lead singer, Matheo, the guitarist, Timothee, the drummer and William, the second singer. I scrolled down the tweets, each one getting crazier and crazier, deciding I had seen enough, I exited the app.

“What do you think?” Ems asked holding up a pretty off shoulder top with a flowery pastel pattern and a dark blue jean short.

“It’s looks really good.” I answered honestly. “Perfect.” She said throwing them at me “Go get dressed.”

I gaped at her “What? Why? They look good for you not me!!!”

“Not going to hear it Rena, get in there and change” She said pointing to the bathroom. I glared at her and she glared back.

“Fine,” I muttered stomping to the bathroom. I shrugged off my clothes, cursing myself for having the same body measurements as Ems. I pulled on the shorts and the top, looking at myself in the mirror as I fiddled with the top. I looked good, I had to hand it to her, Ems really knew her way around clothes.

The shorts were the perfect length and they flattered my long legs, the top was flowy and the colour made my skin pop out even more than usual. I ran a finger through my brown hair, deciding to leave it down but bending to pull out a scrunchie from my jeans pocket and slipping it on my wrist.

Concerts usually got hot and I might need it, I hated the feeling of hair sticking to my sweaty skin. I folded my clothes and placed them on the laundry basket before walking back into the room where she was doing the mandatory wiggle whenever we had to wear skinny jeans.

“Why do you get to wear jeans and I am stuck with shorts?” I asked pouting. “Because, you have legs for days and I was cursed with stumps for legs” She huffed doing a final wiggle before the jeans finally slid in place and she zipped and buttoned up.

“You look great.” She complimented giving me a one over.

“What can I say? I have an impeccable fashion sense.” I replied flipping my hair in mock arrogance.

We dissolved into laughter at my words, Ems almost stumbling over because of how hard she was laughing.

“Oh God.” She chuckled. “You are so funny.”

I settled and watch her get ready, glancing at the clock. ‘One hour’s almost over.” I announced.

“I’m almost done.” She said tossing her phone into her bag before looking around wildly.

“Where did I keep the tickets?”

She looked in the bag but couldn’t find them, I spied them on the dressing table and before she went all atomic on her already wrecked room, I pointed them out.

“There they are.” I said, she looked at them before sighing in relief, muttering something about how she was very close to having a heart attack. She grabbed them and handed me one.

“Wrap it on your wrist, it’s like a band.” She instructed. I looked down at the ticket, peeling the back and doing as she said.

“Now for that one glass of wine.” She said marching out of her room.

“You were actually serious about that?” I asked following her to the kitchen, she was bent over, half of her body inside the fridge before she stood up, a bottle of wine in her hand, a triumphant grin on her face.

“Uh-huh” She brushed past me and got two shot glasses, pouring the wine in before handing me one.

“Cheers to the Luna tour!!!” she cried out.

“Cheers.” I replied, taking a sip of my wine while she gulped hers in one shot, slamming the glass on the counter.

“Let’s go!!!” she squealed.

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