Before We Fade

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John and Allison Burns have been married for five years, both doctors at a major metropolitan hospital, but nothing is as it seems. John and Ally were not prone to admit defeat. Because of their schedules, they rarely see each other, but of course, they remembered the good times. Both longing for that closeness from years ago, they reluctantly consider divorce until something happens unexpectedly that causes them to rethink that decision.

Romance / Drama
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In the Beginning

Newlyweds, John and Allison Burns, were deeply in love. If you look at them, you may think that was unusual, with Ally an African-American female, and John, a Hispanic male, well, yes, they were unique and special.

After a beautiful week on a secluded island, both apprehensive about returning to the jobs, traveled through downtown on their way to their apartment, located a few miles from the waterfront. They were lucky to find this condo a few years before the riverfront was ‘the’ place to be in the city.

Although, they hadn’t lived together before their marriage, which to them wasn’t needed because they’ve known each other for nearly ten years. After meeting in medical school, and continuing their residency in the same hospital, marriage to them was the next step in their future together.

The sights and sounds of the city slowly began to seep into their minds as Ally and John made their way through the city they loved. As their minds slowly accepted that they were back home and their lives were about to truly begin, a little reflection was in order.

Thinking back over the past week, they could not have asked for a more perfect honeymoon location. They loved the water and the resort in Tahiti had been like a dream; the clear blue green waters; the warm weather and balmy breezes; the delicious food; everything was perfect. Their week in paradise went entirely too quickly.

Ally glanced at her husband, still relaxed and at ease, she smiled, enjoying their time together, knowing it would be over soon. They were on their way to John’s apartment to pack up the rest of his clothes. Before they were married, they decided to keep their separate apartments, because neither of their current abodes were large enough for another person and they didn’t want to break their lease. She smiled and wondered again how she had been so blind to her feelings for so long. She shook her head at herself. He really is a good actor, but he never gave up on her or their future.

Her mind returned to the island. John was such an incredible lover, and she had to admit she wasn’t in a car right now, but back on that island in bed with her husband. The honking horns, the screeching tires, and the police sirens all brought her back to reality, back to their jobs, but also back to their hectic schedules, and back to their future together.

John saw her smile. “What’s that smile about, or do I need to ask?” He grinned, remembering their honeymoon.

“Well, if you must know, I was thinking about the island and how much I’ll miss it,” Ally replied, waiting for his reaction.

John pouted. “The island? Is that all you’ll miss?”

Ally laughed, as she took his hand. “I’ll miss the island, yes, but I’ll miss our quiet days and nights, just the two of us together without any worries or emergencies, or anything, just us together in that huge bed doing all kinds of wicked things,” she chuckled at his expression.

John smiled at her teasing. “Okay, Ally, I see your point. You don’t have to go on.”

Ally laughed again. “John, you really are too much. I love you, you know.”

He squeezed her hand. “I love you, too, very much.”

It was early evening when they arrived at John’s apartment. “Come on up; this won’t take but a few minutes. Once I collect all my things, I’ll turn in my key, and I’m all yours… forever,” John said with a smile. He took her hand and headed for the elevator.

As they rode up to his apartment, Ally realized she had never seen his place. Thinking back on it now, she realized that John did have a hard time finding a place after leaving school, and she felt bad for not helping him. “John, I just realized I’ve never seen your apartment. When was the last time you were here?”

“It was just before our wedding. Albert and I dressed here.”

“You won’t have any problems getting out of your lease, will you? It hasn’t been a year since you moved in.”

“No, this place had a month to month lease, so it worked out perfect for me.”

It was after dinner time when they arrived at their new condo.

“Welcome home, Ally,” Albert, her brother-in-law, welcomed her home.

“Hi, Albert; it’s good to be home,” Ally said, giving him a warm hug. “Thanks for staying and looking out for our little girl.” Her pet dog, Daisy, came bounding into the room. She leaned down and hugged her close. “Missed you too.”

“Hi, Ally,” Denise, Albert’s girlfriend, came in from the kitchen. “Welcome home. I brought over a casserole for you guys to eat. I know it was a long flight, so you must be pretty tired and hungry.”

“Thank you, Denise, that was really sweet of you, and yes, it’s good to be home.” I can see now why John had feelings for her when they were in high school, she thought.

John came into the house loaded down with luggage under both arms, as well as carrying several pieces in his hands, and a carry-on bag hanging over his shoulder. Embarrassed, he awkwardly dropped the bags.

“Hi, Albert; Denise. It’s good to see you both.”

“Hi, John, welcome home,” Denise said, happy to see her old friend.

“Thanks, Denise. Albert; it’s good to see you,” John said, repeating himself as he shook Albert’s hand. “I’ll take these bags upstairs... I’ll be right back,” he mumbled and hurried up the stairs. This is awkward and I don’t know why, he thought.

Ally shook her head at her husband’s manners, but she couldn’t help but wonder what that was about. “So, Denise, have you snagged this guy yet?” Ally couldn’t help teasing her brother-in-law.

Albert was used to Ally’s jabs, so he took it in stride. “We only started dating a month ago,” Albert said, and smiled at Denise.

“Can you stay and eat with us? I’m sure John would love to catch up,” Ally asked.

“Oh, we can’t stay. We’ve got a long drive back to Baltimore, and Denise starts her new job soon and she has to prepare.”

“Really, what kind of job?” Ally asked, curious but she knew.

“Well, with my background in farming, there’s a growing demand by retailers for organic foods. Johnson Enterprises is on the cutting edge with its research and development division. I’m very excited about it.”

“So, my Father hired you.” It was a statement. She had recommended Denise for the job.

“Yes, he did,” Denise replied, then she picked up on something. “Is there a problem?”

“No, not at all; you know I wish you all the best.”

“That’s good to know. We met briefly before I was hired; he seemed nice.”

“Hey, are you talking about Ally’s Father?” John asked, having overheard part of their conversation.

“Yes, he’s my new boss,” Denise replied.

John glanced at his wife. John and Ally’s Father did not get along. “That’s great; congratulations.”

Ally picked up on her husband’s mood and sent Albert a look.

“We’ll let you guys get settled and we’ll talk to you later,” Albert said and escorted Denise to the front door.

“Thanks again, Albert. We’ll talk later, Denise, and thanks again for the food. Good night,” Ally said and closed the front door.

“Are you Okay?” She asked, worried about him. John and her Father were not on the best of terms, especially finding out that Ally was pregnant before their wedding.

“I’m fine; it’s just strange being here.”

“It’s our home and we’ll make this work,” she said, determined to do this.

“I hope so,” he said.

“We’re both tired and we need to rest, or maybe release some of that tension,” she suggested with a smile.

He pulled her close. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

After eating, they headed to their bedroom, but John seemed a bit skittish. She went to him and took his hands in hers. “John, it’s just a bed and we’ll get used to it in no time.”

“Well, alright,” he said.

“Now, why don’t we relax? Let’s get these clothes off, shall we?” Ally asked as she couldn’t wait to get John into bed.


“Hum?” Ally asked, distracted by John’s strong throat and wide chest. She could feel how tense he was. “Just relax, John, it’s only a bed,” she said as she gave him a shove and he landed on the bed with a bounce. Ally giggled as she jumped off him and proceeded to help her husband out of his clothes.

Once John was in his boxers, Ally’s mouth went dry. She couldn’t help but stare at his chest, his arms and his strong thighs. She sat up then and pulled off her blouse and skirt. John watched her with an amused expression on his face.

“A little help would be nice,” she giggled, trying to unfasten her bra. John pulled her down and helped her remove her bra and underwear.

They both sobered suddenly. John stared at his wife amazed at how lucky he was to have a woman like Ally in his bed every night. He pushed her hair out of her eyes and stared at her lips, then leaned down and slanted his mouth against hers. Ally melted as she pulled him closer, kissing him back.

Soon John’s boxers came off and Ally’s mouth dried up again and she forgot to breathe. John was so turned on, it just slipped out. “You like what you see?” She nodded, unable to do much else. “Touch me.”

Ally was so turned on that she thought she would do anything if he just kept looking at her like that. She reached down and touched his erection moving her hand over the tip and felt the moisture there. She licked her dry lips, but she couldn’t resist him. She touched her lips and her tongue to the tip of his erection and it twitched against her lips. She became bolder stroking him with her tongue and hand. John moaned and moved his hips in time with her hand. John was in heaven. It felt so good, but he was fast approaching the edge and he wanted to be inside of her before that happened.

He stilled her hand, pulled her head up and kissed her hard thrusting his tongue inside her mouth. Ally couldn’t think about anything. John was in control of her body and she wanted him to do whatever he wanted with her. He entered her then with a smooth glide and clutched her tighter against him, pushing and thrusting inside. Ally lifted her legs and arms pulling him closer. Soon, they were climbing to that peak and they both reached it together, kissing and caressing each other and landed safely in each other’s arms.

Several minutes passed, as John stroked her hair and arms. “Are you alright? I got a little carried away.”

She didn’t respond. “Ally?”

Ally pulled her mind back from oblivion. “Hum, what did you say?”

“Never mind; go to sleep. I love you,” John whispered, kissing her temple and holding her tight.

“I love you too, John,” Ally whispered, snuggling against his chest.

Just before dawn, after making love and thinking about the best sex he has ever had in his entire life, John stood at the foot of their bed and watched Ally sleep. He was ready to get back to work, knowing that they both would need to get used to being apart. Their working hours haven’t changed and he couldn’t help but worry. He knew it would be an adjustment for them, but he couldn’t seem to make his feet move.

“John?” Ally whispered.

John froze. He could see her eyes were closed, but her lids were moving. He slowly moved to the side of the bed. He tried to get control of his thoughts and emotions. Ally moaned and hugged her pillow close.

John closed his eyes and imagined he was that pillow. This is ridiculous, he thought. Just turn around and leave. The hospital needs me. He opened his eyes, stared at his beautiful wife, took a shuddering breath, turned and left her alone in their bed.

As he drove through a nearly deserted downtown, he closed his eyes and imagined he was back in bed with Ally and they… he snapped out of it just before he nearly collided with a parked card. Good one, John. He shook his head, trying to clear it, gripped the steering wheel and headed to his job.

An hour later, Ally awakened alone in their bed. She sighed, took a shower, fed Daisy, walked her for a while, then headed to her job.

She supposed John was as apprehensive about their job as she was, but they needed to put it behind them. In a little over eight months, they would be parents, and although they hadn’t planned it, they were both determined to make this marriage work.

On her drive to work, she thought of his proposal, days after finding out that she was pregnant.

A lovely dinner was planned, and although she knew the reason, they met at one of the swankiest hotels in downtown.

With a kiss and a hug, he helped her to sit down. They always managed to talk about anything, mostly work, but now things have changed.

“Are you hungry?” He asked and glanced at the menu.

“Yes, very,” she replied. “Everything sounds wonderful.” She hated this, then put the menu down. “John, I didn’t plan this; it just happened.”

“You sound as if you’re apologizing.”

“No; it’s just I love you so much, and,” she hesitated.

“I love you too; always have and we will get through this. Look, I have planned this evening and I wanted to do this right.”

“What do you mean?” She asked, but she knew.

He pulled out a small velvet box. Although she expected it, she gasped at what all of this could mean.

“You know I love you, practically, since the day we met all those years ago, but I waited until I thought I was going crazy with wanting you, but I wore you down,” he admitted with a smile.

She smiled in return. “Yeah, you did, and I’m so glad you did.”

Relieved, he said, “That’s good to know.” He got down on one knee. “Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

“Yes, yes, John; I’ll marry you,” she replied eyes shining.

He slipped the ring on her finger, pulled her to her feet and kissed sweetly, then with more passion.

The applause came into their hearing. They pulled away, extremely happy. He helped her to sit, then they talked about everything, including informing her Father.

“I guess he’ll be upset about the pregnancy.”

“Probably, but he’ll come around in time,” she said.

“Your Father is a very powerful man, and he could come between us.”

She frowned. “He won’t; he can’t.’

“You mean that; don’t you?” He asked, needing to know.

“Of course, I do,” she quickly replied. “John, you have to trust us; trust what we feel.”

“I do,” he quickly replied. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry; just believe; Okay?”

“Okay, I will.”

“Good, now; let’s eat.”

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