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A Flight Away

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Modern-day Prince meets travel influencer girl in this Royal Romance Story. Prince Louis, the next in line to the throne of Belgium is being sent to Italy for a party with other royals. At the same time Kaitlyn heads to that same destination. Her dad is a pilot so she follows him on most of the trips he embarks on, hoping to explore the world. When Prince Louis first encounters Kaitlyn, he doesn't think much of it. But when fate keeps bringing them together with coincidental meetings, it didn't take long for his feelings to blossom. What happens when the soon-to-be King and the carefree girl end up escaping from that party, then end up getting soaked in the Aniene river and eventually making a promise they can't keep? Would she abandon her dream for him? And would he give up his royal responsibilities for her? Also, it seems someone is secretly trying to get rid of Louis. Who could it be? And what is their intention for plotting behind him? ~ "It's you again..." We voiced in unison. "Well, this trip just got less boring." He said with a smirk.

Age Rating:

1- Italy.

Prince Louis' Pov

"Prince Louis, we have to get going now or you'll be late for your flight!" My ever-nagging housekeeper Beatrice shouted from outside of my room.

"I'm ready I'm ready, jeez Beatrice." I open my door and say to her in fewer decibels than she had spoken in.

"You know how your mother gets when you don't show up on time!" She continued nagging.

"Yeah yeah, you've said that like 50 times in the past 5 minutes." I walked out of my room and down the hallway.

"I wouldn't have to repeat myself if you actually listened to me." She rolled her eyes and sighed, following me.

"Did you just roll your eyes at me?" I gasped as she scrunched her nose.

"I would never." She smiled sweetly as we made our way out of the common area and outside of the palace to the cars parked out front. I scoff lightly and enter the vehicle.

"No side stops Prince Louis. You need to make it on time. You know it's an important event ." Beatrice said, concern in her eyes.

"Don't you worry, I already know I have to get there on time." I placed a palm on her hand resting on the window.

"Alright. Have a swell trip then Your Highness." She smiles and waves to me as I nod, and the car began proceeding toward the airport.

Kaitlyn's Pov

"Hey, Dad?" My dad hummed to indicate that he was listening.

"I'm going to stop at the quarters then grab something to eat before we leave. What would you like?" I said to the man who was currently walking at a fast pace to the plane. I'm out of breath trying to catch up with him. I'll never get used to this.

"A bagel would be fine." He stopped and smiled as he looks back at me. I really love my dad. He has to be the sweetest father on the planet.

"With lots of cream cheese?"

"You know it." He winked and I giggled.

"Okay, I'll see you soon." I fell back and headed to the quarters to grab my suitcase.

Prince Louis' Pov

I walked as fast as my legs could carry me, as I made my way toward the departure section. I may or may not have stopped at Chick-Fil-A to grab a sandwich.

Okay fine, I did. What? I was hungry.

I looked back in pity at the two men clad in black suits dragging a load of luggage and trying to catch up with my pace. I mouthed a quick sorry before turning back, when I bump sharply into something, or rather someone.

"My apologies. Are you alright?" I peer at the figure I had run into and noticed it was a lady.

"Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry." She said frantically looking at me.

"It's alright, I wasn't looking at where I was headed." I smile in reassurance just as one of the guards cleared his throat.

"I have to go now. Once again, sorry for the mishap."

She nodded as I help her to her feet and picked up my sunglasses before making it just in time to the boarding section.

I heard her say something but I was too out of reach to be able to hear her.

It was probably not important.

Kaitlyn's Pov

"Did something happen? You arrived later than I expected." Dad said the first thing when I got to the cockpit.

"Yeah, I ran into a bit of a....problem."


"Here's your bagel." The cashier said handing me dad's bagel.

"Thanks." My phone buzzed in my pocket and I reached into it to reply to whoever had texted me when suddenly I hit a hard...wall?

I fall onto my butt as dad's bagel fell to the floor and my suitcase slid a few feet away from me.

"My apologies. Are you alright?" A voice said to me in an English accent. It was a guy. He looked like he was around my age or a little older.

"Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry." I say immediately embarrassed. My eyes widened as I noticed the huge stain on his black shirt from the cream cheese.

"It's alright, I wasn't looking at where I was headed." He smiles softly at me as I couldn't make out words.

"I have to go now. Once again, I'm sorry for the mishap." I nod as my mouth seemed to be shut with an invincible clamp preventing me from speaking. He helped me get to my feet and picked up his shades before wearing them.

"Wait! What about your.." He was already far out of reach from me to hear me.


"Then I went back to the shop to get another bagel. That's what happened." I ended my flashback with my dad.

"It's not every day you ruin a stranger's clothes with cream cheese, I'll tell you that." Dad chuckles while sinking his teeth into his bagel that he'd been patiently eyeing throughout my explanation.

I roll my eyes at his antics and walk to my seat. Passengers began flooding the plane, something I've gotten quite used to, due to the hundreds of times I've been on a plane.

Well folks, let me take you down memory lane to get to know a little about me.

Prince Louis' Pov

"That was a hassle, luckily we made it in the nick of time." I say to the breathless guards as they took their seats on either side of me, in the business class section. The only way my parents agreed for me to not take the private jet was to fly business class.

They don't say a word, as always, and I fold my arms across my chest. I feel a slightly wet texture and looked down at my shirt. "Uh! What's this?" I said aloud then suddenly remembered the lady I had bumped into earlier. She had something in her hand, that must've gotten unto my shirt.

"Your Highness." The guard by my right, Nicolas, gasped in dread as he quickly pulled out some wet wipes from a bag and began cleaning my shirt.

I know I said they don't speak but I meant to say rarely. They only talk when necessary as they've been trained to and this situation was enough to frighten them and pop the lid.

The guard by my left, Gabriel, quickly took off my scarf and frantically wiped my shirt along with Nicolas. It was very awkward judging by the spacing of the seats and they leaned into mine, scrubbing viciously. It didn't take long for that to draw weird stares from the other passengers.

"It's fine. It's fine." I quietly say grinding my teeth together in a forced smile as I pushed their hands away.

"My apologies, Your Highness." Nicolas whispered and they both straightened their suits.

"Guys, it's alright. I'll just change my shirt when we land." I reassured them with a smile.

"This is your pilot speaking. Flight attendants, please prepare for takeoff. We will now begin the flight to Italy. Do abide by the rules instructed by the crew and prepare for the flight of your lives. Don't forget to buckle up Kate." The pilot's voice boomed from the speakers.

I wonder who Kate was?

I slightly shrugged and buckled my seatbelt and reclined my head into the seat, closing my eyes to take a breather. I've been to Italy a number of times due to its proximity to home and some meetings and negotiations with my family take place there.

Here's a little about my...history.

Kaitlyn's Pov

I'm a 20-year-old Kaitlyn Miller, who graduated high school three years ago and decided not to go to college and stick to dad, exploring the world. What brought about this decision, was the experience I had in my last year of high school.

I lost my mom due to cancer and my whole world crumbled. It was a very important time in my life and losing my mother was like losing a piece of myself.

My mom was everything to both me and my dad, so her passing heavily affected us. But she was a very strong woman, even till her last breath.

A couple of weeks till her due date, she decided to wild out and have the best time of her life saying, and I quote "I haven't got much time to live anyways. Instead of being stuck in a hospital bed with that annoying sterile smell, I'll rather live till my end."

So she rode the motorcycle my dad got her, everywhere, ate all she could, and danced at every opportunity. She loved dancing.

Everyone around Mom loved her and had no idea she was ill. She didn't want the people she cared about to treat her differently and with pity in her remaining days.

When she passed away, I decided to drop out of school but my dad strongly refused.

Mom's death hit him the hardest cause he had lost his soulmate and was hurting too so I listened to him eventually.

The pain was unimaginable for the two of us and I'm still hurting three years later but I'm glad I listened to my dad. High school made me discover what I had a passion for. Photography.

I was able to get through high school because of my dad and Emma. Emma Anderson is my childhood best friend whom I basically grew up with. She didn't take Mom's passing very well either but she always supported and cared for me and made me laugh every chance she had.

She encouraged me to take on photography as a career path after I had volunteered to take the photos for the senior year prom.

"You took bomb-ass photos that everyone loves. Why not just follow the path? It's basically second nature for you at this point." She said with a wide smile on her face and her big blue eyes sparkling with a mix of excitement and pride.

And today I'm a travel photographer and blogger and kind of an influencer, I guess. I told my dad the day I got back from prom that I didn't want to go to college and that I wanted to travel the world. He agreed with my decision and said as long as I'm doing what makes me happy he's fine with it.

Before I graduated high school. I lived with Emma's family seeing as my dad was always busy. That was part of the reason why I wanted to be with my dad. I didn't want to be away from another parent and lose them.

That's how I ended up here, following my pilot dad on his trips and seeing the big, beautiful world.

Prince Louis' Pov

As a typical Prince, I was enrolled in many classes and had tutors for various aspects of what they said was important as next in line. I never really got to hang out with kids my age or have much of a childhood experience because I was very much occupied with royal duties. I did have other royal kids as acquaintances but they too were equally busy.

I was also the only child of my parents and so all the pressure was mounted on my shoulders. I had to live up to everyone's expectations and that caused my body to break down.

When I was 7, I fell very ill continuously for a year before my parents decided to fly me to a vacation home in London to experience a different environment.

I was on some sort of treatment for 6 months, bedridden before I was stabilized. Lectures continued afterward but they weren't as burdensome and I didn't have as much workload as back home.

I ran away a few times to hang out with kids my age and skipped classes often but I was caught every time by Beatrice.

You could say I was sort of a rebel there.


Rebels don't say they're rebels?

Hm. Moving on.

By the time I was 18, I was taken back home to fulfill my royal duties properly. I had to fill in for Father a couple of times and be exposed to the country I was soon to lead.

That's how I've lived my life so far but I never really disliked it. Life as a Prince has indeed been overwhelming and I never really had any proper friends, but I was used to it and pretty comfortable.

This may or may not be a lie.

I'm 23 and now have a bit more freedom. My parents finally agreed to let me fly with commoners after months of begging them. I was sick of flying alone and with just guards and the crew. I wanted to fly with other people. It was getting quite lonely.

We're heading to Italy to meet with some other royal kids for a party and I really didn't want to attend.

The kids I've met have all acted the same way, so generic and honestly boring. We never really had any proper conversations whenever we met, and I was going to see a lot of them this trip.

The only person I ever clicked with was Princess Maria. I met her while I stayed in London (she's the only daughter of the King and Queen of England) and I hadn't seen her since I left. She was a part of the kids I ran away from home to.

She was different.

I only anticipated the trip when I heard she was coming. I couldn't wait to see her again. It had been almost a year since we had seen each other.

"Champagne?" The stewardess asked me, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Yes please," I replied with a wink as she slightly blushed and offered me the drink.

"Can I have some cookies too? Chocolate chip preferably. Thanks." She nodded and walked away quickly, probably blown away by my charm.

As I was about to take a sip of the drink, Gabe snatched it out of my hand and took a sip waiting a few minutes before handing it to me. All my food and drinks had to be tasted beforehand in case someone tried to poison me.

Kaitlyn's Pov

I wiped some stray tears away from my cheeks and I pulled out my phone to reply to the text I hadn't gotten a chance to yet. I looked to my side and saw a guy in a suit tugging at another guy's shirt which was a very awkward sight.

"Get a room." I mumbled under my breath as I unlocked my phone with Face ID.

It was very common to encounter at least one weird person every flight so I just shook my head and clicked on Emma's text.

She wished me a safe flight which was now our ritual. She wished me on every flight I took and got anxious when I didn't reply immediately. She left a bunch of:

Emma: Umm?

Emma: Kat?

Emma: Earth to Kaitlyn?

Emma: Are you alive?

Emma: Hellooooooo!!!

I replied to her texts with a smile on my face.

Kaitlyn: Yes, Emma, I'm very much alive and the plane is about to take off. I'll text you when I land.

Kaitlyn: And also, I have something to tell you. I may or may not have met a literal Adonis. Laters<3

I said referring to the guy whose shirt I destroyed with cream cheese.

I wore the headphones connected to the screen in front of me and decided on a movie to watch as my phone kept vibrating and lighting up.

With my phone locked I saw Emma's texts pop continuously which is to be expected as Em is an absolute whore for gossip.

Emma: OMG!!!

Emma: You better spilllll!

Emma: Kat!

Emma: Come onnnn, you can't just drop something like that and leave me hanging.

Emma: You know I can't take the suspense. Please I'm literally dyingggg.

I rolled my eyes at her dramatic responses. A few seconds passed before I saw another text.

Emma: I hate you.

And I immediately replied to that:

Kaitlyn: Love you.

Then turned my phone off before I could get blasted and proceeded to watch my movie.

"This is your pilot speaking. Flight attendants, please prepare for takeoff. We will now begin the flight to Italy. Do abide by the rules instructed by the crew and prepare for the flight of your lives. Don't forget to buckle up Kate."

I shook my head and smiled lightly at the sound of dad's voice. He had this habit, of saying those exact words every time he piloted a plane.

It guaranteed a safe flight and made him sound cool. His words, not mine. I did feel special every time he specifically told me to buckle up.

What can I say, I'm a bit of a daddy's girl.

This was going to be a short flight. I could not wait to explore Italy. I pressed play on my movie as the words: La La Land came into view.

Fun fact: It is impossible to hum while you hold your nose. I got all of you holding your noses now. Haha.

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