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The Alpha's comeback

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Her boyfriend is human but her ex, who was not only a wolf like her, but was also alpha of her pack, came back messing with her head and her most primitive instincts. Would she resist him?

Romance / Fantasy
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The comeback

He came back, after 4 whole years, he came back, I had a mix of anxiety and fear, my heart felt like it was going to come out of my mouth. Daniel was finally the alpha of our Pack, as his father was before him, and we were dating, but the Council suddenly created a 4-year alpha training program with no contact with the outside world, only inside the Council, to o get the alphas as ready for their jobs as possible after several previous incidents.

We were the most important pack in the region and all the next alphas were simply summoned, with no choice but to leave. He left knowing all the time he would be away, so we chose to end it, even though he had already marked me, I needed to stay, I had a position in the Pack too and my parents. I had no choice but to grow up with all this, I returned to my career within the Pack, finished law school, became the legal director, and was responsible for all contracts, my rank was already so high that I only reported to alpha Gustav.

I didn’t meet any wolves that made me want something more, but I found a human friend from college, he reminded me of Daniel a little, I ended up getting involved and we started dating, even though I knew that dating between humans and wolves simply doesn’t go forward .

Gustav, Daniel’s father, prepared a reception with cocktails for his arrival, the whole Pack was waiting for him, I was distracted eating a canapé, when that familiar smell taking over my nose, I felt goosebumps all over my body and it was as if all the world was in slow motion, I turned around and saw him, his hair was dark, his skin was tanned, he was tall, and his body was even more muscular since the last time we saw each other. When his honey-colored eyes met mine, and his gaze scoured my whole body, and my whole body responded to it, a heat washed over me and sent me into a trance, I got turned on just by looking at him. What was wrong with me? I had a boyfriend after all.

Daniel walked into the party, exchanging greetings, hugging his parents and family, and after a few minutes walked over to me.

"Long time Molly." When he approached his nostrils dilated, it was visible that he smelled me too.

"Well, how long."

"I heard you became legal director, congratulations. It will be great to work with you again."

We exchanged some small talk, but nothing substantial, being in his presence caused me a certain amount of torture. I went home and called Doug to watch something, with the intention of getting sex, seeing Daniel messed with my instinct, but the sexual desire of wolves and humans were on different levels, Doug simply fell asleep in the middle of the movie and left me frustrated once more turn. I spent the weekend trying to get my ex, and now my boss, out of my mind, but it was useless when on Monday I had to work directly with him.

Every time I walked into Daniel’s office to ask for a signature, I felt my body shiver and tense just being in his presence, and at the same time I saw his nostrils flare and straighten in his chair when I got close, he was being super friendly and nice to me, but the aura of tension he created when we got close was visible. When it was finally time to leave, I thanked Goddess I got through another day of work without freaking out or kiss my boss.

I went home, cracked open a glass of wine, and called Doug to see if I could finally relieve this tension building up between my legs. We ordered food and waiting I went to turn on the tv, but a different smell took my nose, that smell of fresh grass, woody, mixed with leather, it reminded me of an imported male perfume, but he smelled like that without using anything else, it was his natural smell, it was Daniel and he was there, I heard a knock on the door.

“Did the food arrive yet?” It was Doug confused that we had ordered 10 minutes ago.

“No, it’s Daniel, my boss.” I said opening the door.

“How did you know it was him?” Doug’s words got into my ears and I completely ignored them, when I finally opened the door and saw Daniel standing there with one hand on the doorjamb and looking down, he looked up and glared at me, making my whole body shudder. . I was speechless for a few seconds.

“Daniel… Sir…. What brings you here?”

I confess that I’m not sure he came there for something professional, but his gaze went to Doug, who he knew was human, the rumor that I was dating a human must have reached his ears by now.

“Molly, I need to see a contract, it’s urgent.”

“Nice to meet Daniel, I’m Molly’s boyfriend Doug.” Doug said shaking his hands.

“Nice to meet Doug.”

I didn’t know exactly what to do, but I asked him in, apologized to Doug, and walked Daniel into the office.

I stopped in front of the office door before picking the lock trying to compose myself, and Daniel stopped very close to me, his face stopped inches from my neck, and he whispered in my ear letting his warm breath envelop my neck.

“You look beautiful after all.”

His words set me on fire and sent shock waves through my entire body, which then went straight to my pussy which was already completely wet, that idiot had a power over my body that was hard to describe.

I took a breath and opened the lock, after entering Daniel closed the door behind him, I saw his nostrils dilate again, and he took a breath before speaking.

“I need to see about the contract with Eastvillage, do you have it?”

I sat in my chair and searched through the computer files quickly and sent it to the printer, not another word has been spoken since then, I held the papers out to him and our fingers brushed causing sparks to run through my body and I believe his too I saw his eyes close and he sucked in another breath.

“Your scent is… strong.”

He started to read the contract and I saw his face shake in denial.

“I can’t concentrate...I can feel your excitement Molly.”

I didn’t expect to hear that, I felt a certain shame reacting like that.

“I’m sorry Daniel, I don’t…”

In a single movement he turned me onto my back and pulled my body against his, I felt his body contract under my touch and more sparks came out and ran through my body, my breathing became labored.

“Never apologize for this, it’s something natural and beautiful, it’s part of your being…” He wrapped one of his big hands around my waist, his hand went down my belly, to my crotch, I held my breath when he passed his fingers touched my already throbbing pussy. “You just need to satisfy yourself and release it.” The words came out as whispers and his breath in my ear made my body even more aroused. One of his hands went up to my throat, pulling my face up while he gently kissed my most sensitive spot on my neck below my ear, his other hand slipped inside my pants and my panties, when his finger touched my clitoris pulsating I released a moan that had been choking in my throat for a long time. His thick finger slipped inside me, making me release all the air from my lungs, I was completely involved, his thumb then came into contact with my clit making circular movements, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body, my breath hitched panting, I was close, and Daniel knew it.

“Not yet, you only come when I let you.” His watchwords fought with my instinct not to be submissive, but the fact that he was my alpha and exuded power, stirred my core that craved protection, and loved that, I was on the verge of orgasm when three knocks on the door make hi release me immediately. Daniel took two steps back and I staggered, gasping.

“Molly the food has arrived.” It was Doug on the other side, and I thanked the Goddess he didn’t open the door.

“I’ll be right back honey, thanks for letting me know.” I replied still panting trying to catch my breath.

Daniel’s look was one of confusion, he gathered the papers in his hands, and walked to the door opening suddenly.

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