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Fucking Jaxon

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A group of teens have a friend group online. All meet each other in person and that's when all hell breaks loose. Cassy is dating Tony, but Tony has some suspicions about Jaxon who is Cassy's best friend. Once Jaxon is added to the group chat Tony's suspicions only grow more. Will his suspicions come out true though?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 2

This whole book is halfway worded on text messages! If you don’t like not my problem! Have a good day not reading my book!

Chapter two:

Tony: Hey everyone, I’m spamming Cassy’s name!

Cassy: Hey Tony, what’s going on?

Tony: Just having a bit of fun, you know.

Cassy: Sounds like fun! Hey, can I add my best friend Jaxon?

Tony: I suppose so...just don’t let it get out of control.

Cassy: Thanks Tony! I promise it won’t be a problem.

Jaxon: Hey everyone!

Tony: What do you want?

Cassy: Hey Jaxon, welcome to the group chat!

Jess: Yeah, it’s nice to have you here.

Jaxon: Thanks!

Tony: Whatever.

Jaxon: What’s your problem?

Cassy: Hey, don’t be rude to Jaxon!

Jess: Yeah, there’s no call for that.

Tony: Whatever. I’m out of here.

Cassy: I’m sorry Jaxon, Tony can be kind of a jerk.

Tony: Hey, Cassy, why’d you call me a jerk? That was uncalled for.

Cassy: I’m sorry, Tony, I didn’t mean it. I was just frustrated.

Jaxon: Hey, Tony, there’s no need to be so harsh. Let’s just all calm down and move on.

Jess: Yeah, Tony, if you can’t be respectful, I’m going to have to kick you out of the group chat

Cassy: Guys, this isn’t helping. Let’s all just take a breather and try to move past this.

Tony: I don’t think this is going to work, Cassy. As soon as Jaxon came along, you were so interested in him.

Cassy: What?! How dare you say that! You are breaking up with me and accusing me of being interested in someone else?! That’s not fair! Jaxon is a better friend to me than you will ever be as a boyfriend!”

Jess: Woah, what’s going on here?

Jaxon: Yeah, I’m kind of lost.

Cassy: Tony is breaking up with me and accusing me of liking someone else.

Jess: Oh. That’s not cool, Tony.

*Tony was kicked from the group*

*Two days later*

Jess: Hey Cassy, we were just talking about our plans for next weekend.

Cassy: Sounds like fun! What are you guys doing?

Jaxon: We were thinking of going to the beach.

Kelly: That’s cool. I’d love to join in!

Tony: Sure, the more the merrier.

Cassy: Wait, who’s this?

Jaxon: Oh, this is Kelly. She’s new to the group.

Kelly: Hi everyone! It’s nice to meet you all.

Jess: Hi Kelly! Welcome to the chat.

Kelly: Ugh, Cassy, why are you always stirring up trouble? Can’t you just leave us alone?!

Cassy: What are you talking about? I haven’t done anything wrong!

Jess: What’s going on here? Why is Kelly so mad

Cassy: She’s been treating me like trash all day since you guys have been gone and I’m tired of it!

Jaxon: Come on, Cassy. Don’t be so dramatic. I’m sure Kelly isn’t as bad as you’re making it out to be.

Kelly: Enough! I’m tired of hearing about this. Either Cassy stops complaining about me or I’m asking for her to leave

Cassy: I’m not trying to make Kelly seem rude, I just don’t agree with what she’s saying.

Jess: Actually, Kelly, Cassy has done nothing wrong. You’re the one who’s been rude.

Kelly: “No, I’m not! She was the one who was bullying me!”

Jaxon: Maybe you should just leave the chat, Cassy. No need to fuel the fire.

Cassy: No, I’m not leaving. Kelly is the one who needs to leave if she can’t be civil.

Jess: I agree. Kelly, you need to apologize for lying about Cassy and then leave.

Cassy: I’m leaving.

Jess: Me too. Jaxon are you coming or being with bitchface?

Jaxon: Fine. I’ll come ☹

Cassy: It’s not that hard to leave a retarded, ugly, Drama starter, attention seeking, pick me, lame ass bitch Jaxon.

Jaxon: Lmao. I said I’m coming already.

Kelly: No, you guys can stay! I’ll go!

*Kelly has left the chat*

*Kelly’s mind*

I have to earn their trust back then break their bond with Cassy so that She can suffer. That bitch literally just ruined my whole plan. Maybe I can talk with Tony and ask him if he wants revenge. I’m sure he does. He’s so fed up with that bitch that he’s probably thinking of killing her right now. I know I am. Imagining getting that knife and slitting her throat reaaaaal good. I’ll go and DM him now.

Tony: What do you want?

Kelly: I was just wondering if you’re interested in dating. I know you’re mad at Cassy, so I thought it might be a good idea.

Tony: Yeah, sure. What did you have in mind?

Kelly: I was thinking we could try to make Cassy not be liked in her friend group. That way, she won’t be able to rely on them for support and she won’t be able to turn to them for advice.

Tony: That sounds like a good plan. I’m in.

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