Sexy Greek God Kidnappers

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Chapter 15: No Talking


I hadn’t talked at all and I was just now realizing how hard it actually is.

We finally got back from the doctor and Xavier and Zander left to go get me a dry erase board. I hope he gets me a colored marker. I didn’t want black. That was too plain. I wanted some fun colors. Oh! Maybe he’ll get me purple. Or blue. Or green.

A couple of minutes later, Xavier and Zander walked through the door. I ran up to him and smiled.

“Hey babe,” he said opening his arms up. I grabbed the bag and turned around and sat at the table getting out the board. I turned around and winked at Xavier. “Wow. Thanks, Sam. I’m really feeling the love.”

I smiled and got the marker out and the board. He got me a green marker. Yay!

I wrote on the board for him. You’re welcome.

“Ha ha. Aren’t you just really funny today,” he teased. I flashed him a sweet smile and he scoffed. “Where’s my hug and kiss?”

I don’t know. I wrote.

He growled playfully and ran toward me.

I wasn’t paying attention because I was erasing my board when I felt arms go around my waist.

I jumped in surprise and Xavier placed a kiss on my neck. It took everything in my will power to not let out a moan.

“Princess, can I have my hug and kiss?” he asked blowing air on my neck.

I’m so glad I can’t talk; it would have sounded like a mess of words. I nodded and turned around. He placed a soft kiss on my lips being careful of my jaw.

“Thanks princess.” He got up and walked into the living room.

Well then Xavier.

I felt lonely so I got up and went in there and sat on the couch.

“Hey, Sam. How are you feeling?” Ryan asked me.

Okay I guess, I wrote.

He laughed and I gave him a questionable look.

“You have to write everything down.” He smirked.

I glared at him and he put his hands up in surrender.

I might be in pain, but I can still punch you, I wrote back with my own smirk.

He let out a nervous laugh. “You wouldn’t hurt me. Right?”

I shrugged and got up to get a movie.

“Oh, she would.” I turned around to see Kyrn and Jay walking over to the other couch. “I mean she did punch Trey.”

“This is true,” he agreed.

“My little princess is a badass,” Xavier said with a proud smile. “Speaking of which, Jay we need to get the girls into training soon.”

“What?” Kyrn asked.

“Since you guys are human and aren’t as strong as us.” He paused and I rolled my eyes. “You guys need to learn how to protect yourselves if any of us can’t protect you. You are the Luna and beta female of this pack, so it makes sense,” Xavier said, sitting up.

I groaned and Kyrn spoke up. “But. We pretty much did kick Hunter’s, Tim’s, and Ryan’s asses that one day.”

“I know but still. I need to have you guys train. And that’s final.” I glared at him and he smirked at me.

Jerk, I wrote on the board.

“Sorry princess. But we have to do it. I can’t lose you,” Xavier admitted, as he pulled me closer to him.

I huffed and nodded.

Training? Yeah, I don’t really want to do that. I’ll pass thank you very much.

“What movies do you guys want to watch?” Kyrn asked sitting next to me and going through the movies.

I looked through the pile and saw The Conjuring.

I smiled and held it up.

“That one?” Chloe asked unsurely.

I nodded and put it in.

“I’m going to die!” Kyrn shouted as she ran over to Jay and snuggled up into his side.

There’s an awe moment.

I smiled and ran to the kitchen to go get some snacks.

“Need some help?” Chloe and Zander asked me.

I nodded gratefully at them and they chuckled.

We grabbed all of the snacks and drinks and headed back into the living room. We got everything settled and we took our seats in the chairs, couches, and Ryan on the floor.

Ryan needs to find a mate.

“Ready?” Xavier asked us.

Once we all nodded, he pressed play and the movie started.

Have you guys ever got that moment where you realized that whatever you did was a bad idea?

Yeah, well, maybe watching this movie was a bad idea. This movie is creepy as hell!

My side is pressed up against Xavier’s chest and his arms are wrapped tightly around me. I have a blanket in front of my face and Xavier keeps on laughing at me. Kyrn is pretty much sitting on Jay, literally. And Chloe, well she is pretty much hiding behind Zander. And Ryan? He was hiding his face with a pillow.

“It’s just a movie princess,” Xavier said in my ear.

“Still,” I whispered trying not to move my jaw.

He held me tighter and kissed my temple.

“I’m right here.” I nodded and focused on the movie again.

I jumped at the part where the lady was at the stairs or whatever, and the hands came out of the shadows and clapped.

Kyrn screamed, which then, in turn, caused Chloe to scream and she threw the popcorn across the room landing directly on Ryan. Poor guy.

The movie finally ended and I was too scared to move.

Kyrn looked like she was about to cry, and Chloe was just staring at the TV.

“I think they’re scared,” Zander joked.

Chloe snapped out of it and chucked a pillow at his head.

“Ow!” he groaned as he rubbed his head.

“Whoops.” She smiled and got up from the couch and walked up to the stairs.

“Women,” he said before following her.

“How do you think men would be if there weren’t any girls on this earth?” Jay asked.

“Not as horny,” Kyrn said.

Jay glared at her and she smiled before heading up the stairs.

“I agree with Zander,” he said before following her up.

“Ready to go to bed princess?” Xavier asked.

“Yes, I am.” Ryan laughed giving him a hug. “Will you carry me?”

“No,” Xavier teased.

Ryan pouted.

“Well then. I’m going to bed. It’s like midnight.” Ryan left and it was just me and Xavier.

Xavier ran over to me and picked me up. I hate it when he does this. Well, at least he’s not throwing me over his shoulder like he always did before. That actually hurt quite a few times and I did have a bruise on my stomach, but I never told him.

I glared at him the entire way up the stairs. He didn’t pay me any attention, but by the cute little smirk plastered on his face, he knew I was annoyed.

We got to our room and he gently set me down on the bed while he got dressed for bed.

I was blushing furiously when he took his shirt and pants off, leaving him only in his boxers. This just isn’t fair.

“You look cute when you blush,” he said crawling into bed. I stuck my tongue out at him and rolled over. “Goodnight babe.”

I smiled and turned back over so I could cuddle into his chest. I gave him a soft peck on the lips and rested my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms tighter around me and pulled me closer.

I closed my eyes and fell into a nice, peaceful sleep.

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