Sexy Greek God Kidnappers

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Chapter 30: Flying Deer


“How about next time, we do a father and daughter hunting trip,” Dad said eyeing Xavier as he walked around the truck to where I was standing.

“Yes, dad.” I smiled shaking my head.


“I thought you liked him.” I laughed.

“I do,” my dad, said before sighing. “It’s just. I see him and the way he looks at you and it reminds me that you aren’t little anymore.”

I wrapped my arm around my dad’s waist and he pulled me close. “I’ll always be your little girl.”

He shook his head with a smile. “As much as I tell myself that. You aren’t little anymore baby. You’re growing up and it’s hard for a dad to watch his daughter grow up so fast.”

“Trust me,” I smirked. “You aren’t going to get rid of me that easily.”

My dad laughed and kissed the top of my head. “And I wouldn’t change that for the world.”

“So Xavier. Tell us about yourself,” my grandpa asked as we got our stuff out of the truck.

I looked over at a nervous Kyrn.

“Shit,” I mouthed to her.

“Uh, I help my dad run the family business,” he said.

“I see,” my grandpa nodded. “Ready to load the guns?”

We all nodded while Jay and Xavier seemed unsure.

“We can load them for you guys,” Kyrn told them.

“Thanks, babe.” Jay kissed her on the cheek while Jim cleared his throat.

Kyrn giggled and started loading Jay’s gun.

“Xavier had me your gun,” I demanded, teasingly.

“Okay mother,” he mocked.

I rolled my eyes and loaded it for him.

“How come you can’t load it, Xavier? Do you even know how to load a gun?” My grandpa asked confused.

I handed Xavier back his gun.

“No, I do. It’s just last time, the bullet shocked my finger and I didn’t want to get shocked again,” he said as we all started walking into a small clearing.

“What do you mean shocked?”

“Oh. When I touched it, it shocked me. Like when you touch the springs on a trampoline.”

“I’m sure it won’t shock you this time.” My grandpa chuckled.

“No, it’s fine. Sam said she would do it for me,” Xavier said a little quickly.

My grandpa looked at Xavier suspiciously bit didn’t say anything.

We finally came up to our deer stands.

“Okay. Kyrn, Jay, Xavier, and I will take this one. And you guys can have that one,” I said.

My dad and Jim frowned and my grandpa wouldn’t take his eyes off of Xavier.

“Xavier. Can you help me with my gun?” My grandpa asked.

Oh shit.

Xavier looked downright terrified and Jay looked nervous. Like really nervous.

“Uh. Sure,” Xavier said unsurely.

My grandpa smiled. But it wasn’t one of those normal smiles. It was a really weird smile. Like he had a plan of some sort.

“I think I found the problem. Can you hold these bullets for me?” Grandpa said too sweetly.

What is he playing at?

“Sure,” Xavier mumbled as he cleared his throat.

Do you know awesome times where a miracle happens right as you need it too? Well, this is one of those times.

I looked around and saw an eight-point buck eating grass. It wasn’t very far, but it was a ways away.

“I found a buck. I need this please,” I said as I snatched the bullet from my grandpa’s hand right as Xavier was about grab it.

Xavier let out a breath that he seemed to be holding and gave me a very thankful smile.

I winked and put the bullet in my gun and aimed.

“My baby girl is growing up,” my dad sniffed.

I laughed and shot.

I watched as the buck went down and my dad cheered.

“Dad. I only shot a deer,” I said embarrassed.

“I know. But I’m so proud. My little country baby girl is growing up so fast,” he said and pulled me into a hug.

“I have the weirdest dad ever.”

“Yes, you do. But you love me.”

“That I do.” I giggled as he put my gun down.

“Now let’s go get your deer.” Dad smiled as he patted my back.

I turned around, but I heard a twig snap.

“Probably another deer,” Jim said looking around.

We nodded and started walking, but all of the sudden; the deer that I shot came flying toward us and landed in front of us. The body was torn to shreds and the head was gone.

“Dad?” I asked.

“Deer can’t fly,” Kyrn said shaking with fear.

“What the hell was that?” my dad asked.

Xavier came over to me and pulled me into him.

I looked up and clung onto him.

“It’s okay. I’m right here,” Xavier said kissing the top of my head.

“Well well well.” A deep voice laughed.

Xavier moved in front of me while Jay did the same for Kyrn.

“Look at what we have here boss.” Another voice laughed.

Come on! I just wanted a nice family hunting trip. But nooooo. Freaking rogues had to ruin it.

Wait! Rogues! That means. Shit!

I looked up and saw my grandpa, my dad, and Jim holding onto their guns tightly.

My eyes went wide and I looked at over Kyrn.

“Sam?” she asked and looked at our dads.

I nodded.

We both moved from behind the guys and stepped in front of our dads and my grandpa and cocked out guns.

“Look at this. The girls are being brave,” the ‘boss’ said.

“Leave,” I ordered.

“Sam. Stop,” my dad warned as he put a hand on my shoulder.

About fifty other rogues came out of the forest and Xavier and Jay growled.

“Did they just-”

“Dad. Please shut up,” I ordered bringing my gun up.

My dad looked at me surprised but didn’t say anything.

“Xavier,” Jay said. “We need to call backup. We can’t take all of them by ourselves.”

“But what about them?” He asked looking at my dad and the others.

Jay shrugged. “We will have to explain what is going on after the fight.”

“What is going on?” My dad asked.

“You never told them?” The boss rogue laughed.

“Get off my land,” Xavier commanded in his alpha voice.

“Come on alpha. The Luna never told her parents?”

“Alpha?” My grandpa asked.

“Let me guess. They didn’t tell you?”

“Tell us what?” My dad asked. “And who are you?”

“The name’s Bruce.” He smirked.

“Well, Bruce.” I sneered. “Get off our land.”

“And the Luna has spoken.” He smiled.

“Why does he keep calling you Luna?” My dad asked pulling me against him.

“Listen. There is a lot of stuff you don’t know right now. And I will tell you everything later. So please stop asking questions,” I pleaded.

“No, no, no. You won’t be good anywhere. We will leave if you hand us the Luna.” Bruce growled.

“You won’t touch her!” Xavier or I should say Ryder yelled.

“What happened to his voice?” Jim asked.

We heard paws hitting the ground and turned around to see our pack members. Some were in wolf form while some were in human form as they stepped out of from trees.

My dad and Jim gasped. “Those aren’t normal wolves.”

“No, they aren’t. No more talking!” I said.

“Luna? Are you okay?” One of the warrior wolves asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. You guys need to get my dad, Kyrn’s dad, and my grandpa safe. Bring them back to the packhouse now,” I told him.

“Yes, Luna.” He bowed and a couple of the men went over to them. “Sir. You three need to come with us.”

“Why what’s going on?” my dad asked.

“Please, sir. The Luna requested you guys to be safe. We will bring you three back to the packhouse.”

“No. I’m not leaving my daughter.” My dad was so stubborn.

“Or mine,” Jim refused.

“Sam you need to go with them,” Xavier commanded.

“Oh hell no. I’m not leaving. I’m fighting and I don’t care what you say,” I yelled.

He turned to face me and his eyes went black. Hello Ryder.

“Sam now!” Ryder yelled.

I looked Ryder in the eye. “It’s not happening.”


“Ryder stop! We are mates and I’m not leaving you behind,” I said my voice cracking a little. “I don’t want to go. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

His eyes softened but Ryder was still there.

“Sam. I’ll be fine.” He leaned down and kissed the top of my head. “Please go.”

I opened my mouth, but Bruce cut me off. “I’m going to throw up!”

“Just because you don’t have a mate doesn’t mean you have to be a stick in the mud!” I yelled annoyed.

Okay. Maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing to say.

“Listen here you little bitch,” Bruce growled as he took a step toward me.

I gasped at him and cocked my gun. I aimed and shot him in the leg.

“Don’t ever call me a bitch again!” I screamed.

“You really shouldn’t get on the Luna’s bad side.” Hunter laughed.

I laughed and turned back to Bruce to see him laughing on the ground.

“You little mutts ruined my perfectly good hunting trip with my family and friends, and boyfriend. Thanks to you, my eight-point buck is torn to shreds!” I yelled.

“That was an eight-point buck?” Hunter asked.

I nodded and glared at Bruce.

“Oh boo hoo,” he said standing up.

He yelled in pain and went back down.

“What the hell is in that gun?” The rogue next to him asked.

“Silver,” my grandpa answered.

“How the hell did silver get in it?”

“I made it,” my grandpa said and shot him.

His lifeless body fell to the ground.

“Is he a hunter?” Tim asked.

“Nope. But maybe I can tell all of you the story someday,” my grandpa said.

“Wait. Does he know?” Hunter asked me.

I shrugged.

“About werewolves?” My grandpa asked. Hunter nodded. “Then yes I do.”

“I have no time for chit chat,” another rogue said as he shifted.

“Holy shit!” My dad yelled.

The rest of the rogues shifted and my pack members did as well.

“Xavier and Jay. You guys shift. We will shoot,” I said cocking my gun again.

They nodded and handed us their guns while they shifted.

“What’s going on?” Jim asked.

“Long story short. Kyrn and I have boyfriends that are werewolves. I’m the Luna and she is the beta female. And those things are rogues. Now start shooting!” I yelled as I shot a rogue in the head that was coming after us.

“Who do we shoot?” My dad asked, looking around.

“The ones with the red eyes. If they don’t have red eyes, do not shoot. Got it?” I asked.

They nodded.

“Shoot the ones with the red eyes,” my dad chanted to himself.

“If they don’t have red eyes, don’t shoot,” Jim said to himself as he nodded at my dad.

“Kyrn, let’s go!” I shouted over all of the growling.

“Dad. Stay with me,” I told him. “Grandpa, you too.”

They both nodded and we ran into the fight.

“Watch out!” My dad yelled.

I turned around just in time to see a rogue come barreling toward us.

My dad shot it and it went smashing into the ground.

“Good.” I smiled at him.

He was shaking but managed to give me a small smile. Oh yeah. He is totally nervous right now. But hey, can you blame him?

“Aim only for the heads. If you aim anywhere else, it will only wound them. So aim for the heads for an instant kill.” I reminded him.

“Got it.” My dad said looking around.

“I’m so proud of you Sam.” My grandpa smiled.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” he said. “I’m going to go check on Jim.”

I watched as he ran off killing rogues.

I’m the one that’s actually proud of you, I thought.

“Dad!” I screamed.

I pushed him out of the way and felt the rogue tackle me.

I grabbed onto his jaws and tried to hold him back from biting me.

My dad hit his head with the gun and the rogue fell off of me.

Once he was off, my dad pulled me back and shot him.

“Thank you,” I breathed out in relief.

“Of course.” He pulled me into a hug. “Nobody hurts my baby girl.”

I saw Zander trotting up to us and my dad pushed me behind him and aimed at Zander.

“Dad. No!” I yelled.

My dad took a peek at him and lowered the gun.

“He doesn’t have red eyes?” he asked.

“This is Zander,” I said. “The one that you met when you, mom, and I were all out at breakfast.”

Zander sat down and nodded.

“Werewolf?” My dad asked. Zander nodded again. “Werewolf,” my dad said quietly.

Zander jumped over us and we turned around to see him bite the neck of anther rogue as more werewolves from our pack came over to see if I’m okay.

“How the hell do these rogues get through patrol?” I yelled in frustration.

The warrior wolves flinched and showed their necks.

“Why are they doing that?” My dad asked as he pointed at them.

“It’s a sign of submission. I’ll explain everything later,” I told him. “You guys stay here with my dad and protect him. I need to go find Kyrn.” They nodded and made a circle around my dad. “Remember.”

“Red eyes only,” my dad finished.

I smiled and he smiled back.

I was running through the fight and shot any rogue that came my way.

I’m never going to find her in this mess!

As I was looking around, I found a deer stand. That’s it!

I ran toward the deer stand and climbed up. Once I got to the top, I looked around and still couldn’t find her.

I saw Jay running in wolf form at the bottom.

“Jay!” I called out to him. He stopped running and looked around. “Look up!”

Jay stopped looking around him and lifted his head up. He spotted me and wagged his tail, signaling that he saw me. I climbed over the edge and dropped down.

“Oof!” I yelped as I landed on his back. “If I was a guy, that would hurt a lot more than it does right now.”

He let out a wolf chuckle as I groaned in pain. Oh shut up you oversized dog.

“Do you know where Kyrn is?” He shook his head. “Come on. Let’s go find her then.”

He nodded and I held onto his fur with one hand and shot my gun with the other.

“I’m out of bullets.” I told Jay after I shot my last bullet.

He stopped running and looked around. Once he saw something, he went into a dead sprint and I dropped the gun and held on tight.

He finally stopped and I noticed Xavier’s gun lying on the ground.

Jay bent down and picked up the gun with his teeth and I took it from him.

“Thanks,” I said once I grabbed it.

And we were off again.

“There!” I shouted.

Jay turned to where I pointed and we came upon Kyrn shooting a wolf that was on top of her. Jay growled and I slid off his back while Kyrn came running up toward us.

“Jay! Sam!” She yelled.

She gave me a hug then turned to Jay.

I felt a nose hit my back and I wiped around ready to shoot.

Xavier whimpered and laid down.

“Xavier!” I yelled and landed on his giant face.

He let out a wolf chuckle and licked my cheek.

“Where’s your dad?” I asked Kyrn.

“Your grandpa took him and went back over to your dad. All three of them are in that little wolf circle.” She laughed.

I sighed. “That’s good.”

I heard a whimper of pain and looked to my right to see Tim getting bit by a rogue. I let out a warrior scream and ran to them.

“Get off of him!” I yelled and smacked him in the nose. I didn’t want to shoot the rogue just in case I missed and hit Tim instead.

The rogue let go and looked at me like I was crazy.

“How do you like it?” I yelled before I climbed on the rogue’s back and bit his ear.

He yelped in pain and threw me off.

I got up and spat my spit on the ground.

“Dude! You taste terrible! I probably have a bunch of flees in my mouth. And I can taste blood! What the hell! Didn’t your mother teach your personal hygiene or something? I’m pretty sure you were raised better than that.” I scowled.

The rogue’s face. Priceless!

He growled and I gave him my best growl back.

“Don’t you freaking growl at me! Cause I will growl back!” I yelled at him.

He growled one more time and charged at me.

I yelped in surprise and picked up my gun and shot. But because he jumped, I got his side. He landed on the ground and tried to get up.

Xavier came over and shifted, and put the pants that he had in his mouth on.

“I want you guys to take the rogue to the cellar. I will question him later,” Xavier ordered the wolves.

They nodded and shifted as well, and carried the crying rogue out of here.

“I think the others escaped,” I said looking around.

“I think you’re right,” Jay said holding onto Kyrn.

Xavier growled. “How did so many pass through patrol?”

Jay shrugged. “I don’t know. But how did they even find us here.”

Now it was Xavier’s turn to shrug. “I don’t know that.”

“Sam! Are you okay?” my dad asked pulling me into a hug.

“Mine,” Xavier said pulling me back.

My dad raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me. That’s my daughter.”

“Mine,” Xavier growled.

He must still be shaken up from the attack so his wolf is probably really protective right now.

“She’s not yours,” my dad said sternly.

“She’s my mate.”

“Don’t know what that means and I don’t care. But give me back my daughter or I will shoot you with this silver bullet,” my dad threatened.

This caused other pack members to growl because they alpha just got threatened.

“Stop growling!” I yelled.

“Yes Luna,” they all said.

“Everyone shut up right now, and let’s get back to the packhouse so we can all talk. And we have to stop by our house and get my mom and Joy,” I commanded.

They nodded their heads and we made our way back.

This was going be a long night.

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