Sexy Greek God Kidnappers

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Chapter 6: Creepy Guys


I’m going to regret this so much, I thought as I got out of the shower and changed.

I tiptoed through my room so I wouldn’t wake up Sam. I grabbed the pen and a piece of paper and wrote a note to her.

Sam. I had to leave to go do something real quick but I will be back at noon. Jay and I have a surprise for you and Kyrn and I think you girls will like it. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you woke up. But I’ll be back in about 2 hours.

See you later princess.


I walked out of my room and quickly walked down the steps to see Jay eating cereal at the table.

“Hey man,” he said while putting a spoonful of cereal in his mouth.

“Hey,” I said, grabbing an apple. “Ready to go to the meeting?”

“Yeah. Zander should be here soon,” he said looking at his watch.

Right on cue the door opened and in walked Zander fixing his belt.

“Sorry. I woke up late,” he said, focusing on his belt.

Jay and I laughed at him as he struggled with it.

“It’s all good dude,” I said. “Let’s roll.”

The meeting was long and all we talked about were the rogues and to see the status of the pack. That was pretty much it. Nothing really new or special.

We walked up to my house and Ryan, Hunter, and Tim were standing by my door waiting for me.

“Hey alpha,” they said.

“Hey, guys. Okay, so I think I have an idea to get the girls to warm up to us,” I said.

“How?” Jay asked skeptically.

“I want you guys,” I said pointing to Ryan, Hunter, and Tim, “to take Sam and Kyrn shopping.”

“Wait, what?” Tim asked me shocked.

“Do you think that could work?” Jay asked me.

“Yeah. I mean they have been here for a while. Maybe if we let them do this, they won’t try to run away-” I paused as I thought about it. “-as much.”

“Fine,” the guys said.

Jay and I smiled at each other and I opened the door. But what I didn’t expect to see was my sexy little mate and Kyrn screaming at the TV.

We walked in to see the Vikings playing against the Steelers.

“Come on Vikings!” my sexy mate yelled.

“Pu-lease Sam. Steelers are going to win,” Kyrn said smirking.

“Who knew they were football fans.” I laughed to Jay and the guys.



Well, Kyrn and I were going to try and leave this morning but I saw Hunter and Tim watching football.

And well, it was the Vikings versus the Steelers.

So Kyrn and I had to stay.

“Who knew they were football fans.” I heard someone laugh.

I turned around and saw Xavier, Jay, Zander, Ryan, Hunter, and Tim standing there watching us in amusement.

I flipped them off and continued watching the game.

“You should have seen them,” Hunter said walking over to the couch.

“They were probably going to kill us if we changed the channel. So we did the only smart thing we could do. Hand Sam the remote and hide,” Tim said laughing.

Zander walked in front of the TV and Kyrn and I both grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.

“Move!” we shouted at the same time.

Zander yelped and ran behind the recliner.

“Remind me when either the Vikings or Steelers are playing, to not go near them,” Jay replied laughing.

But you could tell he was a little scared.

Ha ha, good!

“Go go go!” I yelled as I stood up.

The Vikings scored a touchdown and the score was 49-32.

“Vikings rule! Suck on that Kyrn!” I yelled, jumping up and down.

I stopped and ran for my life when Kyrn jumped off the couch toward me.

“Ah!” I screamed.

The guys were laughing but stopped when I pushed them over.

“I’m going to kill you!” Kyrn screamed behind me.

“If you can catch me!” I yelled back at her smirking.

“Don’t kill each other,” Jay said reaching for Kyrn.

But before that, she managed to grab my shirt and we both fell backward on the floor. I looked over at Kyrn. When we made eye contact, we both started laughing.

Xavier helped me up and looked at me in amusement.

“Okay then,” he said smiling. “Anyway, Jay and I decided that you girls would like to go shopping.”

Kyrn and I looked at him like he was crazy.

“Are you serious?” I asked him.

He nodded and smiled.

Kyrn and I looked at him, then at each other, and then back at him.

“Yes!” we yelled.

The guys groaned and covered their ears.

“Easy there killers. We have sensitive hearing,” Zander mumbled.

“Like a dog,” Kyrn and I laughed.

Xavier’s eyes popped out of his head and he looked extremely nervous.

“Ha ha, uh yeah. Like a dog.” He laughed nervously.

What’s that about?

“But uh, Hunter, Tim, and Ryan are going with you. Jay and I have some stuff to do,” Xavier finished as he grabbed Jay’s arm.

“Okay,” Kyrn and I yelled before running upstairs and getting ready.

After we finished getting ready, we ran downstairs and grabbed the guys by their arms and ran outside to their Yukon.

“Shopping!” Kyrn and I yelled.

The ride to the mall wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The guys seemed pretty cool once they started talking and opening up about themselves. So it made the ride seem faster than it actually was. Speaking of which, there is the mall.

We all got out of the vehicle and walked to the store. The minute I stepped foot inside, I saw the store and fell in love.

“Look at those boots!” I yelled running over to this giant wall full of combat boots.

“You know, most girls your age would go for high heels. Not combat boots.” Ryan laughed walking up to me.

“Well, she’s not like most girls. She would rather have nail polish than makeup, hunting than a spa day, and training in martial arts than be afraid to break a nail,” Kyrn said looking at me smiling.

“Wow. You aren’t like most girls.” Ryan said.

“You have no idea.” I laughed turning around and trying on the boots.

They are black and the insides are camouflage.

“Ooh! Running shoes!” Kyrn yelled running to the other store in front of the one we are at now.

“Oh yeah, she loves to go on runs,” I said to Ryan.

He sighed laughing while he and Tim ran after her.

I was waiting for the lady to come out and ask for a bigger size but she hasn’t come yet.

“Memories consume

Like opening the wound

I’m picking me apart again

You all assume

I’m safe here in my room

Unless I try to start again

I don’t want to be the one

The battles always choose

’Cause inside I realize

That I’m the one confused

I don’t know what’s worth fighting for

Or why I have to scream.

I don’t know why I instigate

And say what I don’t mean.

I don’t know how I got this way

I know it’s not all right.

So I’m breaking the habit,

I’m breaking the habit tonight.”

“You have a lovely voice,” I heard behind me.

Hunter smiled and sat next to me.

“Thanks. I got it from my mom,” I said.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever heard you sing. Why don’t you sing more often?”

“I don’t know. It’s just not something I usually do in front of people.”

“How come?”

“I don’t know really. When I was little, my mom would take me on stage with her and we would sing in front of the church. We still do it sometimes, but I only feel comfortable singing with her and Kyrn,” I said truthfully.

“Oh. Well, you have an amazing voice. And a good taste in music. I didn’t know you liked Linkin Park.”

I looked at him in shock and punched his arm. “Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I listen to shitty music.”

He laughed and shook his head.

“So where did they go?” Hunter asked pointing toward their running figures.

“Kyrn saw running shoes in the window. She loves to run,” I said. “I don’t understand.”

“Ah. That makes sense. So I need to use the little men’s room, can I trust you to stay here and not run off?” he asked, teasing me.

“Are you kidding me? I just want my damn shoes. I’ve been sitting here waiting for this stupid lady who has yet to make an appearance!” I yelled causing a group of girls to look at me weird.

“Okay okay.” Hunter laughed shushing me. “Be right back. Stay put.”

“I’m not a dog. And don’t make me punch you again,” I threatened with narrowed eyes as he raised his hands up in defense and walked out of the shoe store.

Where are these freaking ladies?

When I find them I’m going to-

“Excuse me,” a deep voice said behind me.

I turned around and saw two giant walls. These guys were huge! Like they were tall, buff, and big.

One had a scar above his left eye, and the other one had a scar running down his neck.

They were twins and they scare me. Like, really scare me.

I couldn’t help but wonder about these two guys.

They gave off this weird, evil vibe thing. And I didn’t like it one bit.

“Yes?” I asked him.

“We were wondering if you knew a good place to eat at.”

“Sorry, but I’m not from around here.”

“Hmm. Interesting.” He put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a tight squeeze.

I winced at the pain but didn’t say anything.

You never want to show the enemy pain. That’s what I was always taught in my martial arts classes. You have to stay strong.

I didn’t know why I’m referring to him as my enemy, but something just didn’t seem right with these two guys.

“Do you know-” he asked, but someone cut him off.

“Sam!” I heard someone call.

Then I was grabbed and thrown behind the tall figure which I now saw was Hunter.

“What are you doing here?” Hunter growled.

Okay, they seriously need to get their throats looked at. I didn’t think that’s very healthy.

Wait! Why am I caring? They bloody kidnapped Kyrn and me!

“We were just asking this beautiful young lady if she knew a good place to eat,” the guy with the neck scar asked.

“Leave!” Hunter yelled.

The twins smirked but nodded and walked out.

When they were gone Hunter grabbed my hand and we hauled ass. Well more he like he did, I was being dragged behind him.

But not before me grabbing the rest of my clothes that the guys bought.

“What’s wrong Hunter?” Ryan asked walking out with Tim and Kyrn carrying shopping bags.

Hunter mumbled setting under his breath and I only heard, “Ogues.”

What are ogues?

Kyrn gave me a weird look and I shrugged. I was just as confused as she was.

The guys pulled us toward the door that lead out to the parking lot and we got in the car.

The entire car ride was silent and every time Kyrn and I asked what was going on, the guys would mumble something about ‘I can’t believe this is happening,’ or ‘how did they get here.’

Something along those lines. Who really knows to be honest.

When we arrived back at the house, Zander, Xavier, and Jay looked uneasy. But when their eyes landed on me and Kyrn, they looked relieved.

Xavier ran over to me and pulled me into his chest.

I grunted as I made contact with his stone-hard chest.

“I’m so glad you’re okay,” he said hugging me and burying his face in my neck.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Nothing,” Xavier said.

I was seriously so sick of this.

I pushed him away and stepped back.

“What was that for?” he asked me pissed off.

“What. Happened,” I demanded.

“Nothing,” he said trying to calm down.

“Really? So you’re telling me that you guys are freaking out because two guys talked to me and you’re relieved that I’m here safe and sound, is nothing.”

“Yes,” he said.

His voice was firm and he was trying to convince me.

Well, guess what buddy ole pal. It ain’t working.

“Bullshit!” I yelled. “You know, I’m really sick of all of this. You guys kidnapped me and Kyrn from my house. Kidnapped! And you won’t even tell us why because we aren’t ready,” I said using air quotes with my fingers. “I’m sick and tired of being lied to, sick and tired of being treated like babies. We can’t even look at the front door without being suspected that we are planning an escape! Like seriously! So what the hell was all that about?”

I was so pissed off at the moment that I didn’t care if I was yelling.

“Sam calm down,” Hunter said to me.

“Calm down? How would you like it if you were kidnapped from your home and held prisoner and you might not ever be able to see your family again? Hmm?” I asked him. He didn’t say anything and looked down. “That’s what I thought.”

I grabbed Kyrn’s hand and marched us both toward the house.

“Sam! Wait!” Xavier called after me.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me back toward him.

I yanked my arm out of his grasp.

“Don’t touch me,” I spat at him.

He looked hurt and I felt a little guilty for yelling at him. I don’t know why though, he was the moron that took me.

“Sam. I-I’m sorry,” he pleaded.

I closed my eyes because I knew if I looked at his eyes, I would forgive him.

I felt this weird pull every time I was near him and the stupid amazing sparks every time we touched. I felt safe like he wouldn’t hurt me. And that’s what scared me the most. I’m scared to trust again, I’m scared that if I trust him, he will end up breaking me just like Brett did.

“D-don’t. Don’t touch, o-or even talk to us,” I said stepping away from him when I opened my eyes.

His eyes were watering and he looked broken.

Kyrn and I turned around and ran up to the house.

We found the room that she stayed in and locked ourselves in it.

We looked at each and broke down crying.

“I miss my parents,” I said to her.

“Me too,” she cried out. “Do you think we will ever get to see them again?”

“I don’t-” I broke my sentence when I heard a howl in the distance. “Did you hear that?” I asked.

She nodded and we kept on listening.

The howl sounded like he was in pain? He sounded miserable and broken.

How is that even possible?

I shrugged it off and just laid there on the floor with Kyrn crying.

I didn’t even know if we would ever get out of there.

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