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The Boyfriend Cure

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Harper was with Luke for five years and thought she had found the love of her life. Everything changed when she got a phone call from Luke saying he had cheated on her. She confides in her best friend Amado who devises a plan to get back at Luke. They would pretend to date in order to spite Luke and make him feel the same pain Harper felt. Since Harper is petty and deeply wants to move on, she agrees. However, she questions Amado's motives. Does he want to be more than friends? How will this change their friendship? Is she doing the wrong thing? Follow Harpers story as she traverses unknown territory in The Boyfriend Cure.

Romance / Erotica
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The Call

“I’m cheating on you.” I heard those words and my entire world shattered. In those four words, I could feel all of the memories from the past five years changing from good to painful. I fell to the ground and did my best not to drop the phone. “Why?”. I could hear him hesitate. Nothing that he would say would make me feel any better and yet I couldn’t stop myself from asking. There were a million reasons swirling in my mind, most of them blaming it on something I had done. Maybe I hadn’t been loving enough, pretty enough, or maybe I hadn’t met his needs as someone else could. “It was a mistake…I didn’t mean to hurt you I was just caught up in the moment. I don’t want this to ruin us.”.

I could feel my sadness turn to anger, “Well it’s a little late for that isn’t it Luke? If you want your stuff I’ll put it in a bag and leave it by the door. Come by within 5 days or don’t I really don’t care. How does it feel Luke? How does it feel to throw away a five-year relationship and our entire future for a ‘moment’? Are you happy with yourself? Do you find joy in the fact that I’m going to have to deal with this for years? That I’ll have trouble ever trusting anyone again. You’re dead to me. Whatever we had…god”. I could feel my tough exterior cracking as my voice trembled. “Whatever we had you have ruined with your choice, it wasn’t a mistake Luke. You will have to live with that.”. I could hear him starting to apologize as I hung up the phone.

He knows what I’ve been through and he still chose to do what he did. After all these years I thought I had finally found someone who I could be comfortable with. Of course, after some amount of time the initial puppy love wears off, but with that comes something deeper. A kind of companionship that can only be found with time. I sat on the ground and looked around at my room, filled with symbols of our relationship. A couple of years ago I would’ve shut down, I would’ve done this by myself and done everything in my power to disappear. I’m different now though. I picked up the phone again, a pit in my stomach as I thought of the terrible news this phone had brought me before. I called my dad and heard a quiet click. “Hey dad…”, I could hear him shifting on the other side of the phone, “What’s wrong honey?” I couldn’t believe he could hear it in my voice already. “Dad…Luke he…he cheated on me and I just…”. I could already hear my dad grumble. I know my dad was resisting saying something like can I kill him. He was quiet for a moment, I assume to calm himself down. “Honey, it’s not your fault. Keep that in mind. That…He…He doesn’t understand what he’s missing. You are the best thing that has ever happened to him. He’s going to be sorry. I would come home right now, but I’m in the middle of an experiment and we’re isolated right now. I can’t leave, but once I can I’ll be right home. I’ll get ice cream, we will watch The Challenge and talk about how much he sucks. I love you okay? Don’t do anything stupid. If you need to invite somebody over, do that.”. I was already sobbing, my dad always knew the right thing to say. I sounded like a lamb in an earthquake as I said “Okay dad, I love you. I’ll let you go.”.

I thought about that last thing he said. “I really don’t want to be alone right now.”. I looked at my phone and only one person came to mind, my best friend Amado Abel. I met him at the beginning of the semester and ever since we have been basically inseparable. The good thing about Amado is he’s reliable. If I need him I know he will always be here. I opened Chatterbox, the messaging service that he exclusively uses and I make fun of him relentlessly for it. Hey Amado, can you come over? I don’t want to be alone right now. I could see he was already typing. It was kind of nice to remember that someone out there cared about me. The support from my family and friends was the only thing that was keeping me from being absolutely catatonic. What happened? I paused and took a deep breath. Luke cheated on me. He was typing for a while and then stopped kind of abruptly. I’m on my way.

Amado was kind of a reckless driver, always over the speed limit. He always would mess with me by going 20 over and watching as I curled up in a ball. Deep inside though I always knew that he was a good enough driver to control it. However, when it’s just him in the car I worry. Sometimes I think that he doesn’t care if he lives or dies, but he’s always made sure that I know how much he cares about me. Drive safe, please…I can wait. He texted me almost immediately I’ll be there in five minutes. I stared at that text like it was a foot-long spider on the floor. Amado’s house is thirty minutes from mine. There was no way he was going to get here in five.

I walked out to my living room, sat in a chair, and it all started to sink in. “He cheated on me…I wasn’t good enough to stay loyal to.” I grabbed my knees and started to cry. I could feel all of the emotions of the past five years flooding past me. All of the time he had wasted of mine. I could feel myself flowing between sadness and anger, cresting and crashing like an ocean wave. I get a knock on my door and look up at the clock. It had been seven minutes. “How in the hell…” I walked to the door and wiped my nose as I opened the door. “Amado…how did you get here? We’re you in town?” He looked like he had seen a ghost. I looked at the bags in his hands. I guess he had managed to go to the store. “Don’t worry about it.” I motioned him to come in and he followed me into my house. “Now you sit down and let’s talk.” I sank into the couch and he grabbed my favorite blanket and attempted to tuck me in. “How did you find out?” I looked at him surprised. He had never really been a talker. He was the type of guy that could listen to you talk for hours and would think for minutes about what to say. “He..called me”. I could see the rage start welling up in his eyes. “He did it over the fucking phone…the coward.” I had never really seen him angry like this.

He walked to the kitchen where he had set down the bags. He waddled over to me and handed me my favorite soda Melon Ramune. “Where did you find this they’re always out?” He looked at me and grumbled, “Don’t worry about it, this is about you. Did you find out the who what when where of it all?”. He waddled over and handed me a chocolate bar. I popped the soda with the glass ball and watched as it tumbled around. Mesmerized by the motion, I felt a little more empty inside, which was preferable to the raw pulsing pain coming from my heart. “I didn’t have the heart to ask. I asked him why and he said he was caught up in the moment and that it was a mistake.” It almost sounded like he made a growling noise. “You don’t fucking trip and fall and fuck another girl. Caught up in the moment my ass.”. He waddled over and handed me a pint of Butter pecan ice cream. I giggled a little. “Amado, I can’t eat this all at once.”. He looked at me in an innocent way, “Sorry I was trying to give you options…I have sushi and I couldn’t get Olive Garden in time so I got some soup, I can make it right now.”. He seemed really focused on the directions on the back of the soup container. I didn’t really know if he was a cook. I’m starting to realize that I wish that I knew more about him.

“It’s okay…thank you. I just feel like maybe I did something you know? Maybe I didn’t do enough or say enough to make him stay. Maybe I’ve let myself go or something.” He walked over to me and glared at me. “Don’t start blaming yourself for this, he’s the problem.”. I started to cry and at first, it looked kind of like he didn’t know what to do. “Can I kill him? Please? I know where he lives.” I shook my head no as the crocodile tears kept falling. He handed me sushi and turned on my Roku. He put on MasterChef. I have to admit that he had managed to get most of my favorite things into one room in seven minutes. I was kind of impressed. The aching pain just wouldn’t subside though. “Why would he do this…I just don’t understand.”. I tried to wipe my tears but they were coming too quickly. He handed me a tissue and said gently, “I don’t understand either…I’m sorry.”.

I looked at him with tears pooling in my eyes. “Can you help me gather up his stuff?”. He sighed and said, “Sure. Is there anything else I can do to help?”. I sniffled and blew my nose into the tissue. “No it’s not like it’s your fault that I have trash taste in men. How could I not know that I can’t have a relationship that’s stable. I mean he had been distant recently but…”. I started crying harder. I felt so stupid, I should be over him already, and he was not worth my time, but five years of history doesn’t go away so quickly. I stood up to head back to my room and felt his arms wrap around me. I put my face into his shoulder and just let it all out. I didn’t know how I would move on or what I would do. “Thank you for being here Amado…”. He looked down at me and said, “You know I’m always going to be here, no matter what. Now let’s go do this.”

I stumbled back to my room and started pointing at things. As he gathered Luke’s things in a bag I realized how empty my room was becoming. I sat down on my bed and just wept. “He just gets to walk away from this…I want him to hurt like I am right now.”. I noticed Amado tense up. “Harper, if you want me to beat him up just say the word.” I looked at him and could feel myself deflating, “I don’t think any amount of bruises could make him feel how I do right now.” I could feel the darkness overwhelming me. I thought I had finally found someone who would help me to believe in love again. It was embarrassing to wail like this in front of Amado, but he always made me feel like I could. He put down the bag and sat next to me on the bed wrapping his arms around me. I enjoyed the warmth that his arm gave and incoherently mumbled some statements through my tears that he was patient enough to sit through. He rubbed my shoulder with his thumb and then got up and gathered the last few things.

That’s when I heard another knock at the door. Amado muttered, “I’ll answer it don’t worry.”. I heard the door open and then abruptly shut. Amado came walking back. “It’s Luke…What do you want me to do?”. I looked up at him quietly, “Well what was he here for?”. He groaned, “He has flowers, do you want to talk to him, or should I?”. I took a deep breath. I would have to face him eventually. “Just stay next to me in case he tries anything.” I walked to the front door, opened it, and held out his bag of stuff. He tried to hand me the flowers and I looked at him blankly through puffy eyes. “Please I’m sorry…I made a mistake. You are my everything. I want to be with you for the rest of my life.” I couldn’t help but laugh. “If that were true, you wouldn’t have cheated on me would you? You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You made your choice, and now you have to live with it.” I shoved the bag in his direction. “Who was it? Did she know?”. He looked towards the ground, “It was Kallie..”. I licked my teeth and felt my face warp into a scowl. “Yeah…okay. The one I didn’t have to worry about and I was just being insecure. Nice one, really classy. Take the bag and get off of my property.”

I looked down at the flowers, they were red roses. I hated roses, I guess he had forgotten that, just like he forgot about me when he was with her. “Can’t you just hear me out? Do you really want to throw away five years over this?”. I could barely contain my anger. The brown-haired and blue-eyed man I used to love was just making me want to hit something. “I’m not throwing away anything. You’re the one who threw me away, who threw us away.”. Amado came up behind me. “You heard her. Leave.”. He was generally much more shy around others. I looked up at him and his face scared me. It looked like he was going to kill him. I looked at Luke sadly, the man I thought was good enough to marry. “What is there to explain anyways? What do I need to hear out.”. He grew silent. He knew there wasn’t a good reason and at this point, I’m sure he had figured out guilt tripping wouldn’t work this time.

“What’s he doing here huh?”. He pointed to Amado angrily. “Have you got a fling of your own?”. Amado flared up with rage and a side I had never seen of him came out. He grabbed him by his shirt collar and picked him up. “ It’s taking all the self-control in me not to kill you right now. I want you to look at what you’ve done. I hope it stays with you. I hope that it eats you alive that you screwed up one of the few good things in your life for one night of fun.”. Luke smirked “Oh ho ho, someone’s brave. I didn’t know that you were like that Harper.”. Amado slugged him in the face. “You. Shut. Your. Fucking. Mouth.”. With that he dropped him to the ground and Luke started to roll on the ground holding his face. “I’ll get you back for this!”. I looked at Amado concerned, but did my best not to let Luke see. “Get off my property Luke. You’ve done enough for today. I shut my door and let out a deep breath. I walked far enough away so that Luke wouldn’t be able to hear me and started weeping again. “That was so hard and you were so scary I just.” Amado walked over and gently hugged me. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have lost control like that. I’m sorry.”. I pulled back a little and looked at his hands resting around my elbows. They were red and swollen at the knuckles. “Wow you must’ve hit him hard. Does it hurt?”. I lightly touches one of the red spots and he winced, “No I’m fine don’t worry about it.”. I walked back to my bathroom and found some of my boxing tape and some ibuprofen. He said, “Don’t worry about it, you’re more important right now-” I interrupted him “It’ll take my mind off of things.” I gave him two ibuprofen and wrapped up his left hand with the tape. “You know I’ve never seen you that angry before, it’s okay…things happen.”. He looked at me like I had said something completely evil, “It’s not okay. There is no world in which what he did is okay.”

I ate some ice cream because I knew it would melt soon if I didn’t. He had gotten butter pecan. He always remembered the small things. That was the interesting thing about Amado, despite the fact that he doesn’t speak much, I’m convinced there’s always something going through his mind. He remembers everyone’s favorite everything. I think it’s because his mom is such an awesome lady that he turned out so great. Masterchef had been paused in the commotion so he hit play and sat next to me on the couch, flexing and contracting his hand to test the bandage. “I guess I never realized you were left-handed.” He scratched the back of his head awkwardly, “Oh yeah? I guess it’s not super obvious since I’m always sitting across from you instead of beside you.” I hadn’t really thought of that. He covered me back up with the blanket and I giggled a little looking over at the pile of food he had brought me. “You really know what to do during a breakup.” He smiled a little at me, “Well I’m quite experienced in the field.” I gave him an inquisitive look and he responded, “My mom has had quite a few.”. “Ah.”. I nodded my head. He frowned a little, “Do you feel any better or do you want space? I’m sorry that I exploded.” I laughed a little, “I do feel a little better..thanks for making a really hard day less terrible. I guess I had kind of felt this coming, I was just hoping it wasn’t true.”.

He rolled his head over to look at me, “Well he doesn’t know what he’s missing. Doesn’t he know how cool you are? You crochet your own sweaters and make organization charts for fun.”. I squinted at him, “Now’s not the time for bullying.” He smirked a little, “It’s always the time for bullying, but if you insist I will relent for only today.”. I smiled a little at the drama he was portraying. I thought back on the interaction. I had never realized how much taller Amado was than Luke. He kind of towered over him. Despite having a lean frame, Amado had taken self-defense courses with me at the gym for a while so it made sense he could pick him up. I smirked a little, “Did you see how mad it made him when he thought you and I were together? It may be a bit evil of me, but I enjoyed seeing him suffer even if it was just for a moment.” He chuckled in that deep way that I only heard if he had come up with some terribly evil invention. “Yeah, he was not pleased.”. Amado looked like he was pondering something deeply. “You know earlier you said that you wanted to hurt him…do you think it would bother him if we pretended to be together?”. I looked at him surprised, “What you mean like…like fake date? To make him jealous?”. He thought for a moment, “Not to make him jealous…to get back at him and to help you get over him. Technically we never told him whether or not we were a thing.” I looked at him with the face I use when I hear salacious gossip. “Amado!! That is messy!”. He laughed a little and said, “But it would make him hurt in the same way you are right now.” I thought about it for a moment and realized that he might be right.

I was a little suspicious of his motives. We had only known each other for a couple of months and I’d never had a friend this supportive. Maybe he wanted something more, but even so, he was right that this would spite Luke. I stared at him for a moment and decided to humor his idea, “Okay Amado…how would this even work?”. He looked up at the ceiling for a moment, his mouth pinching to one side. His thinking face always amused me, since he looked kind of like a puppy trying to be tough. “We could come up with a code word and rules. Every time I see him I can grab you or something so that he thinks I’m being possessive of you. Then he will get jealous and realize what he’s missing out on.”. I looked down at my nails as I played with the promise ring I had worn for three years. I took it off and put it on the table. A nervous tick I had never thought about suddenly gave me a pit in my stomach. I could feel tears pricking at my eyes and wiped them quickly. “Okay, what code word do you think would make sense?”. I looked at him trying my best to keep it together. I could hardly believe we were even talking about this. “How about a pet name so it makes sense in conversation? Something that wouldn’t sound out of place.”. I glanced over at the TV trying to keep my mind off of my bitch ex and on what Gordon Ramsey was cooking. “What pet name wouldn’t be too weird for you? Like…baby? Babe?”. Amado looked at me and rolled his eyes, “Oh god don’t tell me he was that basic.”. I could feel my face heating up and I looked away. I could hear the shock in his tone, “Seriously?!”. I shot a glare at him, “Oh shut up…what do you recommend?”. He thought for a moment, “Darling? Princess?”. I looked over at him surprised. Those were good options for sure. I’ve always known he was a sensitive guy, but I never pegged him as a romantic. “Um…I”. I probably looked ridiculous but this was something I had never even considered. Plus being with another man at the moment just felt wrong. At the same time though…it kind of felt like every step I took in this direction was hurting Luke even more. That gave me an odd sense of satisfaction. Feeling conflicted I decided on what the nickname would be. “Princess…” He chuckled a little, “Because you’re high maintenance?”. I glared at him and flicked him. “My bad…no bullying…got it.”.

I zoned back into the show, “THIS STEAK IS STILL GRAZING IN A FIELD- NO GET OVER HERE.” I smirked a little and covered my eyes with my hand, “Man I’m a horrible person, but watching Gordon Ramsey yell at people and plotting my revenge is making me feel better.”. Amado shrugged, “Eh, it’s the human condition.” I tugged on the blanket a little “So what did you mean by rules?”. Amado looked at me, “You know like boundaries. What I can do and what I can’t do. When I can do things and such.” I looked over at him shocked, like a deer looking at an oncoming car. I guess couples do hold hands and kiss but I hadn’t even thought of that. This was a question I hadn’t anticipated. “I…I guess you can do whatever as long as it’s appropriate to do in public. Just…take things slowly and make sure it progresses naturally.”. I appreciated him asking, but it just felt weird after being taken for so long, thinking about being with another man. “I trust you.”. Despite the stabbing pain in my heart, I looked over at him and was reminded of the strength and sincerity of our friendship. He had become my best friend so quickly. He looked ahead and clenched his jaw, “I promise I’ll make him pay.”. I was surprised. Someone so stoic was so fired up his whole body was tense. I glanced him up and down. I guess I had never realized how strong he was. I looked forward, and as I watched chefs frantically scurry around the kitchen, I felt the pain dull slightly.

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