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Red Ranger

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A short story for a love that could never be.

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In The Shade.

Silence is such a luxury. To lay here atop this hill, overlooking the bustling city that surrounded the lush green sanctuary of the park. The sounds of urban chaos a distant memory, I let my eyes wander to the vibrant green of the leaves above, rays of sunlight sneaking through to illuminate the green earth below.

A moment like this had become a rarity to me. Born the eldest son, and now brother to far too many kids, there never was a still moment at home. School wasnt much better, I may be quiet by nature but Ive somehow ended up classmates with the rowdiest bunch imaginable. Dont get me wrong, I love my family, and I can.. tolerate, my friends.

But laying down here in the soft grass, surrounded by beds of willow, my only companion the soft gurgle of a river below the hill. This must be the definition of bliss, and I was going to enjoy every moment of it.

At least, that had been the plan.

A hellishly loud yell snapped me out of my daze, soon accompanied by the sounds of footsteps crunching the fallen leaves. I let out a groan and sat up, already knowing who it was that had ruined heaven for myself.

'How many times do Ive to tell you, wait for me before you go home moron' puffed the girl who had rudely sat down beside me, giving me a glare like no other.

'First off, clearly this isnt home now is it?' I said in rebuttal. 'Also, how many times do Ive to tell you, I like my peace and quiet after school, and you certainly arent either of those'

Feigning shock, the brunette was quick to snap back with a bunch of incoherent insults, jabs, and mean spirited comebacks that quickly droned into white noise as i laid down once more.

Having moved to our neighbourhood when I was just four, Luna and I quickly became best friends since there really was no other kids around. We would spend our days rushing back from school so we could watch the newest episode of Power Rangers, gush about who our favourite was throughout dinner, before she would go home and we would both meet up the next morning to go to school together, and the cycle continued.

At least, that had been how it was throughout the entirety of middle school. Fast forward to high school, and Luna had become even more extroverted. Good grades, soon to be captain of the volley team, and an absolute ray of sunshine to be around, she became the poster girl for well, the perfect student.

Meanwhile, I just ended up retreating further into my shell. It was as I said, I was born shy and had it not been for Lunas persistence in becoming my friend, I probably wouldve never talked to her in the first place. When high school came around and we were put into seperate classes, we ended up getting into different friend groups, and being with her felt more and more taxing, especially given the fact that she was almost never by herself.

After a while I had just decided that it wasnt worth the effort anymore. Id still see her then and again, and our families had become close so its not as if our friendship had a chance to really end. At least, thats what I tell myself.

Yet, despite all that had changed between us, Luna always insisted on one thing.

'Hey! HEY! Are you even listening??' Luna let out exasperatedly. 'Its not funny anymore, its almost been 2 weeks now and not once have you waited for me. Im sorry I finish late but you know I cant skip club acitivities.'

'Besides, we've always gone home together, ever since I first came here' her voice slowly fading as i heard her lay down next to me. 'I dont want that to change'.

A pang of guilt hit me, as i replied 'Nah its not your fault, not that Ive anything better to be doing anyhow, waiting for you was never an issue'

'Then why do you never wait??' came the screech I was all too familiar with, as she began to poke my cheek repeatedly. With far too much force, might I add.

I swatted her hand away as i replied 'You know Im not a people person. Just standing by the gate with so many people floating around, cant say Im a big fan'. She humphed as I continued 'Besides, its not like I wont be seeing you, theres that festival around the corner and our families are bound to go together'.

She sighed 'Well yeah but, thats still like 2 weeks away'. She sat back and looked down at me as she continued 'Ill have forgotten how to annoy you by then'.

The wind picked up pace then, her short brown hair swaying to its tune, almost glowing with the rays of sunshine dotted all over. Emerald eyes bore down on me, as if seeing right through my soul, and my heart couldnt do much to prevent the skip it had.

I decided enough was enough and leapt up, startling her in the process. Brushing away the dirt on myself I replied 'Cant say Ill miss hearing your banshee cries though'.

Met with a kick on my shins, we continued our banter as we made our day down the hill and out the park, heading for home. Just another day, and we were nothing but just friends.

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