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The Rogue King's Slave

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Anaya Culkin always wanted to find her mate, someone who would love and accept her for who she was... she thought she found that in the Alpha of her Pack, Shawn Montenero... except he doesn't feel the same way about her. After facing a rejection and humiliation from her mate and pack, Anaya runs away... into the lands of the most powerful and evil wolf to ever live; The Rogue King. Captured and forced to become a slave, all Anaya can do is keep her head low and pray The Rogue King doesn't notice her...

Romance / Action
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-Humans are ordinary people who have no special powers... they have no knowledge of the other world except for a select few.

-The Venatores- they are considered super human meaning they have abilities which a normal human does not have. Including hypermobility, accelerated healing, Shadow Jumping, etc. They are an ancient organization whose only aim is to hunt and end the werewolf race.

-There are two types of Venatores

-The Originals- Those that descended directly from The First Venatore.

-The Made Men- They are humans that have been recruited to join the organization who have received a blood transfusion and have consumed part of the essence of an Original Venatore.

-Werewolves- The werewolf world is divided into seven, each sphere representing a continent. Each sphere is overseen by a Council of Elders who are nominated by the packs of that particular continent, they are incharge of meditating between packs and punishing those who threaten the existence and secrecy of the werewolves.

-There are two types of werewolves.

-The Werewolf - born from two werewolf parents. They have all the attributes of a werewolf including the ability to change at will.

-The Half Breeds - born to only one werewolf parent, their other parents are non werewolf or another halfbreed. They do not have the ability to change into a wolf even though they do have a wolf but their wolf has no physical form and is relegated to their mind only though in some cases, the wolf can take over but it will remain in human form. They have reduced werewolf abilities. They also do not have a severe reaction to silver unlike their full blooded werewolf counterparts.


Welcome to The Rogue King's Slave, I hope you guys enjoy the Rollercoaster we are about to embark on. I have a Facebook Group called The Sahra Verse for those who want to keep up with me and my stories...

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