Love Torn

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Chapter 26

It feels so good to sleep in on a Monday morning. I can tell that it’s going to be a lazy day. I decide to just take it easy and not let the hustle and the bustle of the holiday madness get to me. I get to the shopping mall to find it filled with families and young lovers holding hands, but for me I just want to get in and out again. I purchase my things and get out of there as fast as I possibly can. I manage to get all that’s required for my lunch and decide to get something nice to wear, typical woman.

When I get home I decide to do a little decorating just to get myself into the holiday spirit. Some tinsel strings and lights that seem to have been buried away under a pile of old boxes. When I open some of the boxes I find some photos that I forgot I still had. They were of David. I collapse down on the floor and start looking through the photos. There are photos of us together during the holidays and some of David which I took on our trips. Basically trips I forced upon him.

With the soft music playing in the background I reminisce. If only I can speak to David one last time, I wonder what he would say about all that has happened during this year. Would he be angry that I hurt his brother or would he be happy that I finally found someone that might be the one? “David if you’re still with me, know that I will always love you no matter what” I mutter out aloud as I kiss the photo of him with a smile. After reminiscing, I find some decorations and decide to cheer myself up. I drape some tinsel around the walls and have a small Christmas tree set up in the corner and light it up with some lights. This place looks a bit more cheerful than it did before.

I make myself a small supper and just relax in front of the TV when I get a call from Sam. “Hi Lexi, what you up to now?” Sam greets over the phone. “Nothing much Sam just lazing around, why?” I reply confused. “Do you feel like joining myself and Jules for a movie?” she asks all eager. “Are you sure Jules wants a third wheel?” I joke. “You won’t be a third wheel, you’re actually the fourth” she chuckles. “What’d you mean the fourth?” I ask. “Jules has a friend tagging along and well you get my point” she continues. “So I have to entertain this friend for the night while you and Jules smooch all night?” I mumble sarcastically. “Please Lexi.” Sam pleads. “Fine, count me in. I’ll babysit” I reply thinking that I have nothing better to do. About an hour later Jules pulls up in my driveway and I get in. “Hi guys” I greet as I get into the back seat next to Sam. “Lexi, meet Connor.” Sam introduces me. “Hello Connor nice to meet you” I greet. Connor turns around and he’s not a bad looking guy, spiky brown hair, light brown eyes, tan skin with cute dimples.

“Nice to meet you too Alexis” he greets. “Lexi, please” I reply.

“So what are we watching?” I ask as we stand outside the cinema. I not in the mood for some soppy romance movie which I bet you Sam is dying to watch. “Let’s go for The Hobbit” Connor suggests. “That sounds cool” Jules responds. “No I want to watch What If” says Sam. “Just as I thought” I chuckle. We end up watching The Hobbit anyway not that Sam and Jules bother watching as they are smooching away like teenagers. I lean forward to look over at them. “Do they always do this?” I ask Connor as he is munching away at the popcorn. “Oh believe me it can get worse” he replies and we both laugh. After the movie we decide to take a stroll since it’s a nice night outside.

I stand watching the lake over the guardrail as the light of the moon shines over the water. “You’re really missing him right now hey?” Connor says as he stands next to me. “Yeah, I am” I reply. “So are you serious about him, not interested in anyone else?” he continues to ask. “Not sure yet, haven’t really had enough time to decide that. And you, anyone special?” I ask pushing him in the arm playfully. “There’s this one girl, hopefully she gets my hints soon. Would like to take her out New Year’s Eve, you know . . . midnight’s kiss.” He replies smiling. “That’s so romantic, don’t think I’ll be getting one.” I mumble sadly. “Not like it’s the first time anyway.”

“I’m sure you’ll be kissed on New Year’s Eve, who wouldn’t want to, you’re beautiful.” He compliments. I just blush as he says that. When we arrive at my place Connor offers to walk me to the door. “It was nice to meet you Connor.” I say as I open the door. “Likewise here. And if you would like to be kissed on New Year’s Eve, give me a call.” He mutters with a wink of his eye. That makes me blush again and I wave goodbye to them.

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