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Being the light in his dark

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Teenage is pretty rough life its can break you or make you life teaches you many lessons but it is in your hands how you take them and apply them in your life journey this is a story about Anamika and Theo.. Anamika a girl with dreams hopes Theo a boy who doesn't trust anyone

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 California

Pov : Anamika

Here I am sitting in front of my laptop biting my nails, shaking my legs at unusual pace

okay you can say I am quite nervous okay I am a lot nervous and thinking possible ways how things can get wrong that 5 minutes felt like 5 years and then the time finally came

1 2 3 DAMN

the results out and "oh my God finally !!finally!!"

I started jumping and running around the whole living room I jumped on my dad my mom hugged me from behind and my brother chuckling at the sofa enjoying my dramatic ass

he says I am a drama queen but who won't be when the final get what they trimmed their whole hell life

Breaking the hug I took a deep breath and said "I am going to Sanford University of California my dream University I can't believe it."

My father look that me with his proud eyes which I am always so eger to see he said" I am so proud of you princess I feel now turn upside down from for you but I know you cope up with it and make everyone moreover yourself proud"

My mom sequel and said "we need to pack your bags I need to make snacks for you to carry there to and we need to go shopping but we also need to inform everyone about and throw a farewell party" she said and slightly snobbed looked at me with those hearty and beautiful eyes which can easily make me want to struggle in her chest and snob with her

" I can't believe my daughter have grown up so much and now she is going far away from me for sometime I know but I will miss you soo much"she said

sometime moms get too much emotional when there child is going away from them for sometime only but this emotional crisis is part of which I know will not last long

"Mom u gonna make me cr- "I was rudely got cutted by my older brother Anurag " don't even complete your sentence the people present over here and both of you too know very well your more than happy leaving and not even gonna drop a single tear and mom I know you are quite emotional mom but even you know that you are more than happy that now you don't need to watch her as at every point and take care of the little little things which she thinks is useless this trip to make her future to and will make her responsible too" he said with no filter like seriously why do he have to ruin such a beautiful moment

"you seriously can't see me talking lovely with mom seriously dude like I am going for 3 years and you won't even let me get emotional with them"

I said and he just shrugged it of like I didn't even said anything and started to type in his so called love" phone"

"you are more spoiler" I turn my head and see mom and dad giggling slightly like they are controlling their laugh

"guys come on I thought this will let me get some attention at least but he spoiled it I hate you Anu panu "I stomped towards my room I heard my parents and brother finally breaking into laughter and now I am irritated I was about to close my door but heard my mom shout " come back we need to discuss your farwell and then-" I cutted her of and said" over dinner mom gonna make my friends call and tell them news " and with that I close my door

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