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Catching Amy

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A one night stand. A meaningless encounter between two complete strangers. That is what it was meant to be. To Amy, the night she spent with Billionaire Glen Baker after she caught her boyfriend cheating was a mistake she never wants to repeat, even though she really enjoyed it. She would forget about it and move on with her life. Fate has other ideas, however, as it brings Glen back into her life. A Glen who is intent on catching her, no matter how she tries to run, or hide. To Glen, the night with Amy is one he will never forget. His feelings for her are driving him insane and he feels that only she can stop the madness that is consuming him. All he needs to do is catch her, and he will catch her. Whether she likes it or not. Throw in an ex who is hellbent on getting Amy and a beautiful, jealous rival who wants nothing more than to get rid of her and the excitement doesn't stop

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Glen’s POV

I am awake but I have my eyes closed. I am feeling weird. Like something is missing…?

Could that be it? How could it be, since I have everything? I decide to ignore the feeling and let my mind focus on last night’s mind-blowing events. That was the best night I have ever had with anyone.

I smile just from that memory

I feel around on her side of the bed and come up with empty space where she should be sleeping. That makes me open my eyes so that I can sweep them around the room. No one.

I roll my body and perch myself on my elbow so that I can take a better look. Maybe she got up and decided to sit in the living room area of the suite. Nope. No sign of her.

I look behind me to see the bathroom door ajar and think…, maybe she is one of those people that don’t mind leaving the bathroom door open whilst doing their business. The bathroom is big enough for her to still have privacy, even with the door open, so that doesn’t even phase me.

All these things are going through my head, but the one thing that doesn’t even cross my mind is that she has left. Why? Because they never leave. Not willingly anyway.

You actually have to chase them or leave them. The moment you spend the night with them, they become clingy, thinking that it is more than what it is.

I can never understand why anyone would want to be so besotted with another, that they feel that they can’t function without them.

I have encountered too many of those situations in my life to the extent where I decided that we do the deed and when morning comes, I leave them without a backward glance, or I tell them to leave, if I still need to use the space afterwards.

They must not try to call me and they must not bother asking me to call them.

This morning I am making an exception, though. I enjoyed last night so much that it doesn’t bother me, in the least to be with her again. With that thought, I call out her name and get no answer.

I decide that I don’t want to wait any longer. If she won’t come to me, I will go and get her. I get up, walk towards the bathroom door and knock on it so that I don’t catch her by surprise. I guess I am suddenly considerate today.

No answer, again. I am starting to get irritated at whatever game she is playing. I consider the situation for a moment and then push the door wider, so that I can walk in.

If she can do whatever she is doing with the door open, then she can as well do it with me in the room.

I start to feel stupid as I walk into an empty bathroom and then that feeling starts to turn into anger...? No. Rage. I am balling my hands into fist and so I start taking deep breaths to calm myself down, but I can’t calm down. I am livid.

I turn around, face the door and punch a hole into it. My fist is hurting, so I start flexing it to relieve the pain, as I am nursing it. As I go into the bedroom I notice that I am still in a state of undress, but I can’t seem to care.

I sit on the bed and start thinking about what just happened and what I could have done to prevent it.

Maybe I should have held her and not let go whilst we slept or maybe I shouldn’t have even fallen asleep and made sure she doesn’t get to escape me.

What is the matter with me? I feel like I am going crazy. I need to snap out of it!

A few more deep breaths and my thoughts are clearer now. Or at least I believe they are. My phone rings and I take it out of my trousers. Jason is on the other side.

Me: Yeah?

Jason: Hey bro. The meeting is starting in 10 minutes and you are still not here. Are you running late or something?

I am still seeing red. I want to punch something again. I am breathing harshly and I close my eyes to try and pull myself together but I can’t shake this feeling off

Jason: Glen are you good? The delegation is already here…

Me: What do I care about the meeting? Get rid of them, postpone, or cancel the whole thing altogether. I just don’t care.

Jason: You don’t sound too good buddy. Are you alright?

Me: (Raising my voice) I am not in the mood to listen to you right now, so just stop talking

I cut the call off and throw my phone at the wall

She left me. She just left without even looking back. She thinks she is going to be rid of me that easily.

Well Newsflash Amy. You are not going to get away from me. I am going to find you and when I do, we are definitely going to have a repeat of last night.

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