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Game Changer

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Maddie O'Neal a young strong back boned girl who has a wild side at least a country mile wide. Christian Hornadaze her brothers best friend and hot as the Texas sun. What could possibly go wrong? ;)

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1


"Ag". I really didn't want to get up.

I rolled myself out of bed and headed towards the bathroom I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I walked past my brother room and he was still knocked out cold.

"Great." I siad to myself rolling my eyes.

I then walked back to my room and got dressed. I put on a pair of running short, a tank, underwear,sports bra , and then lashed my running shoes. I then walked u to the kitchen grabbed a smoothie shake and headed out siad.

I loved this place, my home. It was so peaceful. Dad was already at working on the south end of the ranch, he was fixing the fence.

I finished my drink stretched and then took off running.

We have 300 acars of land more if you count what isn't connected so ibhad all the room to run. I lost track of time listening to my favorite music, that when I looked at my watch I had already ran 6 miles, but now I need to run back home. So I turned around and started back, everything was going as normal when all of a sudden, wam.

"Well crap". I sat there for a second on the ground trying to process what had happened, guess what I feel.

"Don't cry, don't cry." I kept saying as I stood up and began walking.

There was blood running all down my leg. But that wasn't the problem I still need to get home.

"Crap!" I mumbled underwear my breath.

I couldn't call dad cause he was working and it would take him like 10 minutes to get here anyways, and Jackson my brother was still a sleep.

Yep I know what you must be thinking, "poor you," well little do you and I both know that this was just the begining of the longest day ever. Hi my names Maddie, Maddie O'Neal.

So I took off running all the way back to my house. Long runs weren't really a problem for me, but I knew that I had work to do and it took me like 90 minutes to run.

So I took my shoes off before I went inside and then went in my room got some jeans, my belt, a t-shirt, sports bra, and some underwear and headed for the bathroom. I took a nice cold shower because it was like 80 degrees out already and it was only like 8 in the morning, what can you expect for the summer time in Texas. I hopped out of the shower dryer off then got dressed.

I then headed for the kitchen grapped a banana, a granola bar, and made myself some black coffee, put it in a themouse and headed towards the door. I put my boots on and went out side.

I headed towards the barn while eating my banana when I reached the barn I had already finished it. I opened the doors and went inside grabbed the feeding bags and poured them in the trofs, after the horses finished eating I let the out of the barn all exept my horse. My speckled horse. Then I saw that the barn need cleaning so I figured I'd do it. My horse, he wasn't no mare but he was small like one, but trust me when I say he is a fast little sucker. I grabbed my Sattle of the rack and put it on him, put the rans on and hopped on.

Before we left I grabbed the speaker that was hanging on nail in the barn and hung on my sattle. We took off. Speckles my horse, yeah very originally, loved to have moring run. I started playing my music, and eating my granola bar as Speckles started to trot, and I drank my coffee, o how I loved black coffee.

When I finished both, we took of running again. We made to where my dad was fixing fence.

"Morning". My dad siad nodding towards me.

"Gooooood morning." I said happily.

"We need more wire, can you go into town and get some." He siad still working.

"Yes sir is that it?" I siad.

"Uuh before you go the barn needs cleaning."

"I already did."

"Okay then you can go take my truck." He through me the keys. "And leave Speckles in case I need to go on home."

"Okay, but please don't run him your to heavy." I siad smiling.

"Are you implying that I am fat." He siad sarcastically like he was hurt.


"Get going and don't get a ticket, and don't take to long, I'd like to finish the fence before Christmas."

"Yes sir." And with that I hopped off Speckles and got into th

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