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Her Empyrean Majesty

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Coming Soon Ni works in mysterious ways, which is why Ayla Reina found herself in favor of the Crowned Prince Donovan of Albrecht, a mischievously sexy, prideful man who is completely obsessed with her. Though he knows her past, she's left clueless thanks to her father, who somehow erased her memories. After coming to terms with that and her position as Donovan's future Queen, many things are revealed, leaving Ayla in a very confusing situation. Can she determine what's best for her and keep doing what she wants as he's encouraged her from the start? And when her past comes knocking, will she know who to trust? Crowned Prince Donovan Albrecht is the perfect Prince, from his grace to his humbleness, making him popular with all the Ladies of the Court. He spent the past five years focusing on his future as the King while he refuses all the assigned concubines and nobles as potential wives, something solidified when Ayla lands in his care. From the moment he caught her, Donovan was lost in her exotic skin, stunning long hair, and sky-blue eyes. The problem is that he doesn't know how far is too far when it comes to her protection. Will he learn to limit his overprotective tendencies, or will she push him away when things get rough?

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The gushing sound of wind in my ears did nothing to ease the drowsiness I felt. I was certain death would meet me at the end of this fall, and I would never know the truth. What happened to me? I wanted to know, yet I could sense the ground’s approach and my demise grew nearer. A red swath of fabric concealed my vision, but I shut my eyes anyway, accepting the death I knew would come. One could not fall from the sky and survive.

Then there was something unexpected, a warmth I never knew existed, wrapped around my waist drawing me into a firm chest. A rich, sandalwood scent filled my nose, and every nerve felt as though it were on fire. An unfamiliar clomp beneath me made my entire being startle before the shock caught up. It wasn’t long until I fell asleep, unaware of the stranger staring so intensely at me. I would thank him as soon as I woke, not a minute sooner.


Crowned Prince Donovan Albrecht planned for a usual run on his mare down to the oval stone fountain in town when something red caught his gaze. Right after he kicked his horse into a sprint, the human-looking figure grew ever closer to the ground, making his heart thud hard in his chest. Would he make it? He could see no reason for their descent, but the only thing on his mind now was catching them. A curvy warmth landed surprisingly gently in his arms, and he pulled back on the reigns of his mare hating how harsh the horse’s jarring clomps were.

“A woman…” He mumbled, his eyes finally falling upon her features only to have his breath taken away. “How lovely…”

She had sandy blonde hair, perfectly pouty lips, and a dainty nose with high cheekbones. He had never seen someone with locks that color, or beauty so fragile, until he set eyes upon her. Donovan kept a gentle arm around her shoulder and under her knees as he led his brown horse back to the Palace Stables. The cheers of the surrounding crowd echoed in the town plaza, but his focus remained on the Goddess that fell from the Heavens.

The mysterious female had to be a Goddess; an assumption he made not just because of her flawless beauty. A normal mortal would not have survived such a fall; not without heavy damages to their bodies, even if they were caught. From the fabrics she wore, one could easily assume she belonged to a noble family at least, and he took in her appearance again. In all the Kingdoms across the lands, Donovan never met anyone with such stunning cornsilk-colored hair. Regardless of where she was from, as the Crowned Prince and her savior, Donovan planned to ensure her health before sending her on her way.

“Your Highness, are you certain she is not a danger to our people?” A retainer questioned; head bowed in a show of respect. “She seems to be of noble blood, at least. I’ve never seen attire quite like that before.”

“We need to have the Court Doctor take a look at her. Seeing how weak she is currently; I doubt we have to worry much of her being a spy or a threat in any physical capacity.” Donovan stated, carefully sliding himself out of the saddle directly onto the steps of the Grand Entrance, while keeping a solid hold on her limp body. “Spy or no, she fell in our kingdom. We must do what is right by those who come here, else they become an enemy. If she is of noble birth, perhaps I could take her as my Queen and expand Albrecht’s horizons.”

He ignored the stunned silence in favor of walking towards the Court Doctor’s quarters next to the Keep. Since it was not a time of war, the number of wounded there was far less, mostly children and elderly of noble families. This would need to take priority, though. Donovan passed through the double oak doors, hoping against hope that the ethereal woman would be okay. His heart leapt as her lips parted, a small shiver proving how cold she was.

As he settled her atop a cot, carefully covering her with a thick blanket, the edges of a paper popped into view in her strange attire’s pocket, and the words ‘To My Savior’ had him reaching out, curious about what the letter had to say. The girl tensed, startling Donovan for a second, before he snatched the paper, quickly pulling away to break the stunning blue griffin wax seal holding it closed. Then his jaw fell, hazel eyes bouncing between the letter and the girl.

‘My name is Ayla Reina, Crowned Princess of the Empyrean Kingdom of the Sky. Due to some issues with the nobles of my court, my Father saw fit to have my memory removed and sent me here. The very thought of waking with no memories is terrifying enough, but now I have to depend on a stranger. When I wake, please tell me my name. My Father will come to get me when the matter is settled, so do not tell me anything else. Burn this letter. Signed, Crowned Princess Ayla Reina.’

The elegant flow of letters proved she at least understood the language, something which had Donovan relieved, but this only brought up more problems. A Kingdom of the Sky? There were myths around the world over about floating Kingdoms, however, no one had ever seen one. If he hadn’t seen her fall from the sky himself, even he would think he was crazy. Her writing seemed rushed, like someone was hurrying her, but that didn’t mean what was there was false, either.

It felt like such a shame to burn such beautiful handwriting, but he wanted to follow her wishes, especially since she was a Crowned Princess. He tore away the seal and her name from the paper before hovering the letter itself over the flame of a nearby candle. As the letter caught fire, his thoughts went back to the woman he rescued today. If her memories were gone, he could take advantage, but that would not earn him any true chance with her.

His gaze returned to her form on the cot as the doctor stepped closer to her. If he already felt this strongly about her, there was no point in denying himself, but he wanted to court her the correct way. As a Prince and Gentleman should, by earning her favor with trust from the start. He would follow the Crowned Princess’s wish and tell her only what she needed to know until she was ready to learn the truth. Love is built on trust.

“Make sure she receives the best of care, immediately. I will return shortly, but if she wakes, call for me.” Donovan stated, turning his back to the brightly lit room, his jaw set in determination. “Treat her as you would the Queen.”

He knew his way around females. Donovan was the Crowned Prince with plenty of concubines and lovers to his name, but now, he found himself no longer interested in them. It had been years since he last sought the company of a woman, but the Court required he have a potential marriage partner readily available should something happened to the King. He wanted to change those rules anyway, so now was as good a time as any. Maybe he was going crazy, but that cornsilk hair felt so soft to the touch. Donovan walked through the elaborately decorated hallways of his family’s palace towards the sitting room he knew his parents were in.

All he needed was approval from his father to disband the concubines and send them to their families, but he didn’t know how the elder would take it. Especially since the female Donovan rescued today was an unknown. If she posed a real danger to the Kingdom, she would have to die, but he could not see it. Ayla Reina was a Crowned Princess. That title carries clout, even if her Kingdom is supposedly mythical. His hand brushed the wax seal in his pocket. He would research the Family Archives later to see if there was any possible way it could be true.

“You may enter.” A firm voice startled him from his thoughts and he opened the door to take in his parents as they rested across from each other in red armchairs. “You normally request to see us, not seek us out like this.”

“I have found a suitable bride, so it is something I must bring directly to you. It has to be her.” Donovan confirmed, after bowing to his parents in respect and admiration. “And I only wish to be with her. Would it be permissible to return the concubines to their homes? I’ve not enjoyed my time with them in a while.”

Her Majesty rose her hand to cover her lips as they both stared at him in unconcealed shock. As he waited for them to speak, he averted his gaze to look around the room at the various family portraits that lined the walls. He had been in there many times, but he always thought the artwork of his predecessors fascinating. No matter how often he looked at them, he always found something new in the paintings he never noticed before. His feet came to a stop in front of the family portrait of he, his brothers, and parents.

“Is it the woman you saved from the Heavens?” His mother’s voice drew his gaze back to his parents, where his mother still looked stunned. “I heard the rumors. Despite her beauty, you do not even know her. The concubines are here for you.”

“She is the woman I saved, mother, yes. A princess from Empyrean, it would seem. I have long desired to put an end to the concubines, though. Prince Neil gets more use out of them than I do.” He stated, returning his gaze to the family portrait in thought. “As future King, I barely have time for one woman, much less multiples. They have served their duty and can return to their families if that is permissible, Father?”

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