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Running. Faster and faster. Once I got a taste of freedom, I couldn’t stop running. Uncle was wrong; I wasn’t weak, as long as I could keep running. I couldn’t help that my wolf came late, nor could I do anything after it finally showed. Her name was Anna. I ignored her most of the time, but today, she was with me. Freedom. We could almost smell it. I couldn’t give up just because I wanted to die.

The surrounding trees were a blur as I whizzed past them, heart thudding hard in my pointed ears. Uncle couldn’t catch me; not this time. I laced his dinner with silver and placed silver around the house at all the exits. Anna didn’t like it, but we had to if we wanted to leave. Everything was closing in; I could almost hear the paws behind me stomping against the brush covered forest floor.

My body protested this continual activity, but I only pushed it harder. Uncle had been spiking my meals to keep me weaker than him. Once I found out, I knew it was the end. The end of my abuse at his hands. Anna paced in her cage for weeks while I planned for the breakout. I broke through a clearing, my dirty blonde paws spread far out behind and ahead of me, only for my heart to drop along with the ground; a cliff. Now that I finally tasted freedom.

But I would die free. I closed my eyes, bracing for the hit I knew was coming. Then pain tore through my paws first, then spread throughout the rest of my body, but I bit my tongue. If I screamed, they would know I lived. I would rather be dead than go back to his dusty old attic. The salty scent of rain washed over me, as though the Moon Goddess intended to bless me with the distraction.

They wouldn’t be able to sniff me out with this rain. The delay would help me get even further away. I needed to keep moving when I was sure I wasn’t followed. After all this time, I finally got away, and I would not slip near the finish line. I remained still, ears limp but alert for any movement around me. Once I confirmed no one was nearby, I struggled back to my paws and started running again.

I would never go back to that abuse. Anna begged for me to stop, or slow down, but the fear they would find me prevented that. I had to keep moving. The muddy ground and smelly forest did nothing to help me, but I kept my focus above the canopy of the trees. I only had a general idea of what direction I was moving thanks to the stars, but something kept pushing me this way. Through the trees, over creeks and rivers, with thorns tearing at my paws.

‘We will never return.’ Anna’s gruff voice whispered into my mind as my link to the Pack Lands fell away. ‘No more pain.’

“No one deserves the abuse we dealt with.” I replied, short of breath, as we came to another clearing. “We’d rather die.”

The thought was painful after I’d suffered so much, but it felt like the Moon Goddess was leading me that way. Towards death, though better that than dying a slave to my uncle. My stomach churned at the memories before I shook them off. Now wasn’t the time to go back. I needed to get far away from the Pack Border as possible. The scent of fresh water reached my nose and I changed course to match, wanting to quench my thirst before continuing.

I read stars and maps to figure out what direction I needed to run in. My uncle told me if I ever left the pack, I’d be a rogue or dead. When I discovered the truth of my weakness, I began putting my knowledge to work. Maybe that was my uncle’s biggest mistake. Thinking I wouldn’t take advantage of the knowledge he gave me access to. He couldn’t kill me, after all. So, if I annoyed him enough, he would toss me whatever I kept asking for.

Books. It was one skill I vaguely remembered from my mother. Her teaching me to read. I had to relearn everything, something I could scarcely believe he allowed, until I found out the reason. Uncle only wanted me to pay his bills and do it without a fuss. So, he gave me the books to keep me satisfied. I played along, quiet, enduring hell, so I could have this chance to get away. Determination bled into my run, increasing my speed.

‘We will never be quiet again.’

Anna was right. Never again would I stifle myself; I had to fight for myself. I stopped at the creek and pushed those memories from my head. A lack of food and water made me weak from my run. Since uncle wouldn’t let me prepare my own meals, I had to dump my plate in the toilet every night and pretend I ate it. It was necessary to get smart quick, and the thought occurred that maybe I was better at this than I thought.

Unfortunately, it felt like his presence still hovered over me, lingering like a gray cloud, until the snap of a twig had my head snapping up and right. Had I been found? I changed my stance and bared my teeth, refusing to go back without a fight. They would have to kill me first. I lowered myself to the ground, stomach barely brushing the grassy floor beneath me. The brown flash darted between the trees before deerskin appeared.

A small brown doe entered the clearing and I sighed, relief flooding through me, but I started running again, anyway. I couldn’t linger, lest my scent remain too long. Luckily, the rain continued to sprinkle down, enough to clean away any lingering traces, while not so much it blurred my vision terribly. My fur bristled as it snagged on a tree, which broke off a twig as I continued running. Though I could feel the small branch tangling in my fur, I could hear the thudding again.

Did they find me? My paws kept darting forward, silent but determined, until another cliff appeared below me. Would I ever stop fearing a pursuer? I dropped several feet before landing against a slope hard, then rolled a few inches to land atop a small dirt mound. Oh, now that my heart slowed, I could tell. How foolish was I? The thudding behind me was my heartbeat. I kept running in fear of something I could ease by slowing down.


I browsed the outdoor mall with Zak, not used to this. People were staring, since he wore a massive straw hat over us, the tan covering netting us a large shade to mix with the dark sunglasses on his face. Then my head fell in embarrassment; I felt foolish for not realizing the reason. Of course, he would have to be careful since he likely had sensitive skin and eyes, and would have to take extra measures some could ignore. What I read once was even werewolves had to be extra cautious if they were a wolf with Albinism.

Which meant extra hats, sunglasses, sunblock, and limited exposure to the sun. Sensitivity could vary per person, too. Once this occurred, concern bubbled in my stomach, and I nervously glanced around for a store with enough covering to block the light. When my eyes settled on one, I got his attention before pointing towards the building, and he nodded with a gentle smile.

“Did you see something in there you wanted?” He questioned, his hand falling to my lower back to guide me towards the door. “No limit today. You can get whatever you like.”

“No, uh…” I whispered as we stepped through the door, eyes narrowing in the bright neon-like lights inside the store. “Your skin and eyes… They’re… uh… sensitive, right? We can shop here if it’s easier for you.”

His pinkish orbs widened over his dark glasses in shock, and I wondered for a second if I’d offended him, before his grin returned, this time beaming. It was the first I’d ever seen him really smile and it had my heart racing in my chest. This wolf was going to make me fall for him and hard. I took in a deep breath, preparing myself for something I felt I would hate when his hand rested on my head, the gesture loving. I still flinched a little.

“Thank you. I suppose it is true what they say of True Mates.” Zak returned, his head tilting cutely as a small dimple appeared in his cheek. “The perfect match, huh? You are quite right. My sensitivity is a bit more unbearable than the average person with albinism. I have almost zero melanin production, which gives me the almost pink eyes and white hair.”

“I don’t… know about being a perfect match… but reading was all I had…” I spoke hesitantly, voice still a little scratchy. “Sorry, I guess I’m still a little weak…”

Now that I thought of it, how long had I been running through those woods in the rain? Wait, werewolves couldn’t get sick. We were immune to most ailments except those that resulted from prolonged silver exposure. My uncle’s face appeared in my mind, making my heart rate increase dramatically, and my hand clenched over my chest. I bent forward a little, trying to ease it, yet fear overwhelmed me.

“Luna?” Zak’s voice sounded distant as he spoke to me, before I felt him lead me over to a wooden bench near the entrance. “Are you alright?”

Luna… His voice in my head soothed me as he presented me with a paper cup full of water. I was his Luna and he was my mate. His hands rested on my knees as he balanced himself on the toes of his square, dress-shoed feet. Through my ill-fitting jeans, the warmth of his palms soothed me even more as his reddish pink eyes locked with mine up close. Zak’s concern was on full display, yet the sides of his oversized straw hat fell, giving us some privacy.

“Sorry… I just… I’m fine.” Wasn’t this a panic attack? “Maybe I just needed a break for a second.”

“Okay…” He didn’t look convinced, but nodded, and offered me his hand. “I would feel much better if you let me hold your hand. Thea, please?”

I needed to focus on this moment. We were in town, at a store inside an outdoor shopping mall. Even my uncle wouldn’t be foolish enough to attack me here. I sighed before taking his pale hand, relieved to feel his warm digits interlocking with mine. Was it bliss that curled through my stomach, or excitement? I honestly couldn’t tell. He led me through racks filled with pretty colored clothes to a section for women.

“Give me all the clothes you have in this size.” He demanded as soon as we arrived at the teller. “And don’t fool me. I will know if they are not correct.

He looked… intimidating like that, but wore the same gentle smile when he turned to look at me. Maybe because so far, he was nothing except kind, yet my fear of what lurked behind that grin almost had me gasping for breath again. The clerks of the store brought out several metal rolling racks of clothes, all in what was presumably my size, and many shades, colors, and brands.

I’d only ever wore oversized tee shirts, so this was different. I barely knew where to start. There were accessories, clothes, shoes, underwear, socks. Shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, the works were laid out for me to peruse. Was he well-known here? The way everyone stared was odd, though maybe I shouldn’t assume it was because of his hat. Under the bright lights in the store, it was clear just how handsome he was.

“Is something wrong?” Zak questioned, his eyebrows knitting in concern. “If none of this is to your liking…”

“No! No… It’s okay.” I replied quickly, then bowed my head in apology. “Sorry, I have never seen this many clothing items in one place before. Are you sure it’s okay?”

“It’s more than okay, Luna.”

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