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No More Love To Give

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Trinity Faith is a cold but confident Author who knows exactly what she wants out of life and how far to go just to get it. But she does have a dark secret. What happens when that secret gets found out and she ends up on a path she never expected? Jeriah Coster, the world's latest and greatest Director (and womanizer) has found out exactly what it is the elusive Trinity is hiding behind those green eyes of hers, and now he's set out to make her his. What happens between these two will forever remain a secret, until Jeriah discovers she made a mark on his heart.

Romance / Other
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Episode 1


Looking in on herself, Trinity could see the reasons why she had so much trouble. Even as far as romantic relationships were concerned, she mostly just used guys to sate her baser urges. As she stared out at the blinking lights of the city, she thought back on everything she had done since becoming a twice divorcee. Trinity had been shamed the first time, and the second, he had strayed from his loyalties.

No more playing the perfect part, Trinity had decided to no longer be emotionally involved with the men that came into her life. Once she set her determination to that rule, there was no going back. Love was a game she could use only as far as the bedroom. In her hand she held a wine glass filled with luscious red wine, and before her sits the city that never sleeps.

She decided on the big city when she served her ex the divorce papers. Setting her sights high, she climbed the ladder to success using her experiences in the modern world. A two-time divorcee, she forced her way onto the scene as a novelist with worldwide appeal. Trinity swirled the wine in her glass before taking a sip with a smirk drawing up one corner of her lips. Sex is a great momentary distraction and helps her novels. Trinity may be able to find some new inspiration if she finds a new toy to play with.

The blinking lights of the city before her drew her out of her reverie, and she looked at her laptop where it sat on the dining table of her suite. Since her divorce, she built her empire based on the love she did not believe in, especially considering her first novel was a literal masterpiece. Her ex had come crawling back then, following the ideal of love, only to have Trinity pretend she did not even know him from the next fan.

That laptop was the same used model she bought three years ago, before she drew up the divorce papers. Trinity wrote many a piece on that old machine, and the sentimental side of her would not allow her to dispose of it. Even rich as she was, she would have the laptop repaired whenever something messed up on it, despite her fellow authors always talking about the newest piece of technology that would make writing easier. Trinity preferred the touch of the keys versus voice recognition software.

She turned her gaze to the lavish room around her, a frown marring her otherwise beautiful features. Since she made her riches on fancy places like this, writing many ‘happy-ever-after’ romances and love stories, she half wondered what her next piece should really be about. As she sat in front of the laptop her phone began to ring. Releasing a large sigh, she looked at the screen with a scowl. The number was not in her contacts, so she had no idea who was calling her.

“This is Trinity Faith,” She said forcing a happy voice. “What can I do for you?”

“Miss Faith, this is Jeriah Coster,” The deep voice replied with a husky tone. “Surely you’ve heard of me?”

“Ah, Mister Coster. If I remember correctly, you love directing romance and love stories.” Trinity said, keeping up her forced happy. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your phone call so late in the evening?”

“Tis but a simple request of a simple director,” Jeriah says with a hint of amusement that does nothing positive for her. “I would like to meet over dinner to discuss making your first novel into a movie.”

“As I’ve already heard of your reputation as a ‘lady’s man’ I’m afraid your techniques would be misused on me. I’m not the kind of woman to fall prey to your ilk.” Trinity countered in a deadpan. ”Tantalizing Love was my first work, still considered to be a pinnacle of success. It is also three years old. Usually you focus on new works, not old.”

“Ahaha am I that easy to read? I was recently introduced to your work. I had heard of you in my circles, but low and behold, a brazen young woman with a novel as warm as that?” He replies, pressing the issue. “I loved your work. Such a touching story deserves to be shared in video; I think.”

“As touching as that sentiment is for me, Mister Coster, I do not wish to rehash that old story and would rather focus on something new.” She replied haughtily, refusing his request . “And dinner is not on the table either. If you wish, we could meet for lunch, but I’ve no interest in sleeping with someone.”

Trinity did not want to go through the same emotions she did when she wrote that novel. Writing it, was severing her emotional connections, to her. To her fans, it was a whirlwind of love, passion, romance, and desire, but for her, it represented murdering those in herself. The first edition sold out within a week, breaking records all over the States, the second edition selling out a month after the first and it broke records all over the world, as it was translated into several different languages.

In under three months, she went from being a poor girl living in a shoddy hotel in Florida, to living in a house in the rich neighborhoods of New York. Trinity rode the excitement, as she continued to type away at her keyboard, putting out more and more pieces until here she was. As a general rule, however, she left her sexual urges up to one-night stands, leaving well before her partner woke to find out her name. She always wore a disguise as well, changing her physical appearance to the point of zero recognition.

“Is there anything I can do to convince you to put your amazing work to movie?” Jeriah seemed to beg. “I would love to see that done at the very least. I definitely wouldn’t turn down a roll in the sheets, but I only take willing participants. I’m sure I could convince you, if we were to work together.”

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