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Some Love To Give

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"Your body is on fire, Trinity. Are you sure you can stand the heat?" Jeriah whispered into her ear from behind her head. She shifted a little, trying to get some friction between her legs, before letting out a groan of annoyance. Jeriah always made her want him, made her beg for him, so it was her turn. Trinity grabbed the hand he was using to keep her locked beneath him, and turned until she straddled his hips, her body coming to hover over his. He looked up at her in shock, his blue eyes still hazed over with lust, and her hand snaked down his chest to the hard length between his thighs. When she wrapped her fingers around it, he shuddered, his eyes drifting closed for a second before he snapped back to attention. "Trinity, I'm in charge tonight..." He groaned, unable to stop her because of her careful strokes. "... Trin..." This was one thing that never changed in the time she knew him. She could still make him turn into putty with one touch. It was why he always tried to stay in control when they made love, but this was one time she did not want to let him have that control. Trinity wanted to see him as weak in the knees as he often made her. His face contorted as he stared up at her with a pleading ecstasy she felt familiar with. Before she could push him too far, however, he turn the tables and had her pinned beneath him ag

Romance / Drama
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“Everyone in the world has their eyes on the newest Hollywood couple, Jeriah Coster and Trinity Faith.” A reporter read from her documents; her smile blindingly white. “Though Miss Faith has kept herself scandal-free, does she think being involved with Mister Coster won’t create one? More on their relationship next on…”

She turned off the television with her hands on her hips. The pair had been dating for a month now, but their relationship was big news for everyone in the world, apparently. How long would it take for everyone to get over the news? Was it not normal for people in a work environment to date? But no, Trinity realized the truth. It was because she tamed the biggest playboy in the world, and no one knows how to respond to that.

Trinity looked around her living room, thinking about what she wanted to do for the day. Firm arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her back against a rock-hard chest, and she sighed as the spicy scent of his cologne filled her nose. Jeriah’s head shifted lower, and she felt his lips press to her neck.

They stood there for a moment before she felt his hands drift down to her hips and pull her body flush with his. Through her clothes, she could feel the heat of his hands, so she leaned against his firm body, basking in the sensation of him. Since she came back from her hide-away, he had barely let her go, even when he had work to do. It was as though he feared her disappearing again.

“Jeriah, go to work.” Trinity said, concern entering her voice. “I will not leave again.”

“Yeah, I know. Jeez, I never realized how clingy I would become when I finally fell in love.” He mumbled against her neck, sending chills down her spine. “I wish you could come with me.”

She knew. He said that every day. They were not living together, but he came to her home every night instead of going to the hotel. What was odd was that he did not return to Hollywood yet. Through the window, Trinity could see the sun rising through the sheer green curtains in her living room.

This was nothing new, yet extremely refreshing. Sharing the sunrise and sunset with someone. She never expected to experience this again, but it filled a part of her heart she did not know she was missing. Trinity relaxed into his arms for a moment before pulling away to turn around.

“Go and I have writing to do.” She continued, reaching up to run her fingers along his firm jaw. “You can come back over this evening, Jeri.”

He was handsome. She knew that from the moment they met, but she downplayed her attraction. Back then, at least. Now, she was ready to admit just how attracted she was to him. Jeriah gave her a wicked grin, his lips curling up to show perfect teeth, before leaning forward to press a kiss to her lips. The passion in that kiss melted her from inside out, and she clutched at his blue button-up, forgetting he needed to go to work. It was far too early for a kiss so hot her lower stomach tingled in anticipation. She wanted him.

“Trin, you make it so hard to leave.” He mumbled, nibbling on her lower lip before pulling back. “I have to go. I’ll see you this evening.”

With that, he removed his arms, his grin growing when he saw how breathless she was. Trinity smacked his chest half-heartedly before shooing him out the door, unwilling to give him the satisfaction of knowing he got to her. Though, she thought, glancing down at his black slacks, if that were any sign, she got to him too. He was the first and only man to make her weak in the knees, though she could tell there was a difference in the former playboy.

He stepped forward one last time, his arms wrapping around her shoulders in an affectionate hug before he turned to walk away. She watched him go before turning back to the view outside her window with a faint smile on her lips. They got started on the wrong foot, but now they were walking correctly into a future they could both be happy with.

Trinity turned to walk over to her laptop and took her usual seat, locating her music on her phone, before sinking into her chair with her laptop in her lap. The first thing she did was open an internet browser and a blank document to start a new story. Trinity let her fingers rest over the familiar keys, feeling the shape and size of each button before she realized a problem. She did not know what to write.


He watched the city pass by outside his window with a broad smile. Since Trinity returned to him, Jeriah barely knew what to do with himself. He was so happy, and relieved, and a million other things. The frustrating thing was if he did not see her for a few hours, he felt lost. It was only because she disappeared on him, and logically, he knew it made little sense, but he could not help it.

All he could think about was her. Trinity was fast becoming a drug for him, and something he could feel himself obsessing over. As he arrived at the studio, he ran his tongue over his lips as if he could still taste her from their kiss goodbye. When he stepped out of the car, the flash of lights and questions drew him out of his revere enough to fix his professional smile into place.

“Trinity Faith and her company released an official statement which confirmed your relationship, but what are your thoughts, Mister Coster?” One asked before another interrupted, shoving the other to the side. “And most of our viewers want to know why you’ve picked her?”

“Trin and I are in an official relationship, and it’s something we wanted to share with our fans. There’s no point in hiding it, since I ended my status as Hollywood’s Womanizer for her.” Jeriah replied calmly, though his nerves were at attention over the opportunity to gush over his girlfriend. “As much as I enjoyed my former ladies, they don’t compare to how much of a bright light Trinity is to me. She is such an amazing woman.”

Though he expected to rebuke a few, no one asked him any further questions, so he proceeded into the studio, not giving it another thought. They were going to be busy over the upcoming weeks with editing a new movie, and future collaborations, so he needed to shift into work mode. Jeriah reached up to smack both his cheeks before tucking his hands into his dress pants pockets. It was time to get down to business. He pushed open the door to his next set with determination to make things as wonderful this time as it was with Trinity when they made her movie Tantalizing Love.

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