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Sky Queen

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Evangeline Azure is a very kind woman with a twist. She fell from the sky straight into the arms of the Crown Prince of Rel, Landon Bryson. Who knew the path they would take as Evangeline rediscovered herself and carved a future out. As they work together to overcome difficult trials, they find themselves even more enamored with each other.

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Falling Hard

Prince Landon was currently heading down the steps of his family castle towards the court stables where his horse was waiting. For just a little bit, he needed to get away from the annoying prattle of his retainers and take a break. Shaking his head in frustration, he let out an inaudible sigh. Turning his head from the grounds to the sky, he noticed something swathed in red attire falling quickly directly from the sky. Throwing himself into his saddle, he spurring the horse forward into a full run, hoping to catch what he thought looked like a human before they could die.

Right before the human looking figure could hit the ground, Landon caught them, in his arms. Pulling back on the reigns to slow the horse to a stop, he finally looked down at the face of the person he had saved. Much to his surprise, it was an extremely beautiful woman, with sandy yellow hair, perfectly pouty lips, and a dainty nose. From her clothing, the finest of silks, he could tell she was - at the very least - of noble blood.

Turning back to the castle, he sunk into thought. Ignoring the stares of his subjects, who were eyeing the woman curiously, he made his way back. It was almost unthinkable that a human could survive a fall from the sky. ‘Just who is this woman I have saved?’ Landon thought as his retainers approached his steed and took the woman from his arms. ‘I shall see to it the Court Physician makes sure she is well.’

“Thank you, Chris. Call the Court Doctor and have her treated. Though I cannot think of a human that would be able to live after falling as she did.” He spoke, as he took the woman back. “She appears to be of nobility.”

“Milord, are you sure she is safe to take into the Castle?” His retainer questioned. “Though she may be the most beautiful woman I have ever beheld, she could be a spy from a foreign kingdom.”

“Spy or no, she landed in our kingdom. We must do what is right to those that come here, else they become an enemy.” Landon replied as they walked to the health ward. “She has done nothing but fall here. If she is of noble birth, perhaps I shall take her as my bride.”

“MILORD?!?!” Chris’s shout in surprise startled a few of the nearby servants who dropped their linens. “You have never before spoke of taking a bride. What of your concubines?!”

“I shall have them dismissed. If she’ll have me, I would love to have the most beautiful woman in the world.” He looked down at the woman in his arms as a servant opened the door to the ward. “I think she’s not the only one to fall today.”

Chris froze on the spot just outside the door while Landon laid the mysterious woman on the available bed. It was then that he noticed a piece of paper just inside the folds of her odd attire. Gently, he lifted the paper from her and opened it. Turning to the doctor first, he decided to impart some orders to insure her the best of care. He looked back down at the paper to run his eyes across the words spread there, he frowned in disbelief.

‘My name is Evangeline Azure, Crowned Princess of the Sky Kingdom. Due to some issues within the court of my kingdom, my Father saw fit to have my memory wiped and sent me here. The memory wipe will remove everything from me, and the thought scares me. When I wake up, I beg of you, please at least tell me my name. Do not tell me anything else, for my Father will come for me when the matter is settled. Please, burn this letter. Signed, Crowned Princess Evangeline Azure.’

It was short and to the point, but the elegant flow of the letters across the page almost made him regret to burn it. Walking over to a candle, he held it out over the flame and watched as the words burned away. Looking back at Evangeline, he placed his thumb to his chin in thought. No matter how he thought of it, he would have to settle matters with his concubines before he could take a wife, and he had always been something of a playboy. ‘Can I really win her heart?’ He thought before shrugging and walking to the door.

“Check her for any injuries immediately. See to it that no harm becomes of her.” Landon ordered the doctor, who was currently staring in shock at the beautiful woman. “I will return shortly. I have some matters I need to discuss with my Father and Mother. Call for me immediately if she wakes up.”

“Yes, Milord.” The Physician replied with a bow. “I shall treat her as a Princess.”

Making his way to the sitting room where his parents resided, Landon thought hard about how to broach this topic with them. Not only was he wanting to have all of his concubines released from their duties to him, he was also certain that Miss Evangeline would be his Queen. He had never before considered taking a wife, but the truth was, as soon as he saw her, his heart rate had quickened. Standing outside the door, he knocked sharply.

“You may enter.” His father’s commanding tone belied his actual care for his son. “You normally do not seek us out unless it is something important, Landon.”

“I have decided to put an end to my concubines. I have found a suitable bride for myself.” Landon said causing his mother to raise her hand to her face in shock. “Would that be acceptable for you, Mother and Father?”

They both sat there quietly staring at him in unconcealed shock. Unable to bear the silence any longer, Landon walked around the room, looking at the various paintings that lined the walls. He had been in here many times, but the artwork always fascinated him. It was very detailed, painted by the best artists in the kingdom. Finally - after a long pause - his parents seemed to overcome their shock, his mother being the first to speak.

“Is it that woman you saved when she fell from the sky?” She asked, though the shock was still apparent in her eyes. “I heard rumors that she was extremely beautiful. You do not even know her, my son.”

“You are most certainly correct, Mother, but I have been meaning to put an end to the concubines anyways. I rarely visit with them now that I have more duties for the Kingdom. I think I should only need one woman, a Wife. Even if she disagrees, this is for the best.” He spoke his thoughts clearly and concisely. “If she does agree, then all the better. I only think of the future for Rel Kingdom. What is best, a loyally married husband for a King, or a Philanderer King?”

“This is a good change in you, my boy. I shall order it done that your concubines are released from their duty.” His father said as he looked over at one of his retainers who nodded. “You are truly acting as one would expect of the Crowned Prince. I must say I am proud.”

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