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Desprate to Know Isaac

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Chapter 1

It's another normal night in my life, walking home from the Library.

I start to get a little chilly, so I decide to walk a bit faster.

I finally arrive back home and go straight to my room not wanting to really talk to anyone.

The instant I touch my bed, sleep takes me over.

At six in the morning, I'm woken by the familiar sound of my alarm.

As soon as I leave my bed, I take my clothes to the bathroom and have a warm shower.

I decide to wear my baggy-black pants, with an over-sized grey shirt -with ACDC written on it- and my converse shoes.

When I finish, I ho downstairs and eat my breakfast. My parents are already out to work, so I'm alone (wich I prefer)

When I realise that it's time for me to leave for school, I get my bag and grab my phone from the kitchen table, as well as my skateboard.

I know I have a car, but I prefer my skateboard.

As I'm walking to my locker I feel a hand on my shoulder and see my best friend, Amy.

She is a tall girl, with curly blonde hair and light green eyes. She is also a cheerleader.

"Morning Lee" she says, and as soon as I want to speak she speaks again.

"So, it's our 8 year friendship anniversary tomorrow, and I was wondering if you'd like to come over to have a movie night or something."

Amy and I have been best fiends since we were nine years old.

"Sure, why not?" I reply to her previous question.

"Great, then I'll..." as she is speaking the bell rings indicating that we should head to first period.

"Well, see you at break then." was the last thing she tells me before going to her first class of the day.

It's finally break and I'm in the cafeteria with Amy, walking ro our usual table.

As I turn around to see why Amy has stopped talking, I bump into someone, and spill my food all over the person.

Isaac, the school bad boy is standing in front of me, staring at me with his dark chocolate-brown eyes.

"S-sorry" I stutter as I feel my neck and cheeks heating up from embarrassment. After a few long seconds of staring at each other, I decide to turn around and walk straight to where I was heading before and sit down.

"Holy shizzles, that was awkward" Amy says as she sits next to me.

We fall into a conversation and the day goes on fairly normal.


When I get home after school and walk inside, I see my dad on the couch with his laptop on his lap.

"Hey Dad" I say as I walk into the living room where my dad is sitting.

"Good day Amber-Lee" my dad greets, without looking up from his laptop.

As I walk closer to him, he puts the laptop on the small table infront of him, and stands up.

When we're only a few inches away from each other , he comes closter and gives me a hug, while placing a kiss on my forehead.

As soon as we pull apart, he sits back down on the couch and start to work again.

I leave my dad and go to my room.

When I enter my room, I realise how much homework I got today. I go and sit on my bed and start doing my homework.

When I'm done with all of my homework, I put my books back into my bag and lay down on my bed looking at my grey roof.

I decide to gwt my phone and check the time - 16:26

It is still very early and I have nothing to do. I get my sketchbook and start drawing rhe picture that comes to my mind.

After some time of drawing I decide to go downstairs and eat something.

I get myself some leftover mac-and-cheese and heat it up in the microwave.

When I'm done eating, I go to my room and lay on my bed. Sleep takes over my body taking me all the way to dreamland.


AN; Hey peeps

How are you all

I hope yall are enjoying the book so far.

If you are, please feel free to comment and vote



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