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Desprate to Know Isaac

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Chapter 2

It's Friday after school and I'm with Amy, going to her house.

We decided to have a movie night at her house and I'm staying for the whole weekend.

When we get to her house we both get out and go to her room.

Since I have drawer with clothes and all the necessaries in her room, I didn't have to bring anything with me.

"So, I have the whole weekend planned out perfectly. Do you want to hear the plan?" Amy asks excitedly.

"Sure, why not," I say with a straight face knowing that I wont like what she is going to say.

I've never been a person for planning everything out perfectly, and when things are planned I never keep to the plans -something always happens or I just don't litsen.

"So firstly, tonight we are going to watch some movies," she pauses for a second before speaking further, "Then tomorrow going shopping for some new clothes for you and other things."

I stare at Amy wide eyed like shes grown another head as I wonder why she thinks that I'll go shopping for new clothes -I mean, everything I heve is perfectly fine.

"Come on Lee. Just for a day in your life enjoy shopping with me and don't be so dead. Pweese," Amy sais with the cutest puppy eyes ever.

I try my best to avoid eye contact with her, but after some time I give up "ugh, fine" I say

"Yeay!" Amy squeels.

After that we got blankets and sat on her bed watching movies -the whole bed full of candy and popcorn.

It's Saturday morning and I can feel did not get enough sleep in last night.

Today Amy and I are going to the mall, because apparently all of my clothes are either worn out or it doesn't look good.

I go downstairs with Amy to drink some hot-chocolate and after that we go to the mall.

"We've been here for more than three hours, I'm getting tired" I say to Amy who is looking trough a row of dresses, deciding wich one she wants.

We already have eight bags of things we bought.

"Well I guess we can go then, but first lets go get something to eat" Amy replies to my previous statement while literally dragging me behind her.

We just got some drinks, and now we are walking back to Amy's car.

As we walk closer we see someone leaning on the bonnet of her car with their hands in their black hoodie's pocket, and their head looking down.

When Amy sees the person she stops walking and looks at me...

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