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The Exiled

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Sybil Clarke finds herself in a world of werewolves, going against everything she was born as. An Exiled. A deadly weapon forged from the Gods of Muare that were skilled hunters against the creatures of Earth. She hunted werewolves, vampires, and fairies without a care as her people had done for hundreds of years before her. It wasn't until one fateful night when her life was turned upside down after meeting the Alpha King's mate, Elizabeth. Two years later she still struggles in finding her place in a sea of creatures she once killed for fun. While away for a meeting with Alpha's from across the world, she finds herself tangled even deeper into the den as she is imprinted with a Celestial mark. She must choose between her own fate, her mate, or keep her promise of protecting Elizabeth for eternity. To make matters worse a war brews leaving Sybil stuck in the middle as she not only needs to figure out who to trust but also fight against all instinct to protect the people she loves. ~*~*~*~ * New chapter every Wednesday, Saturday, and maybe more days * Please note that this novel is mature and deals with heavy topics that may not be suitable for all audiences.

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Emerald Scorpion
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There was a time when everything seemed so calm, so simple, that I never had to worry about anything. A time when I was excited over food and toys; the bedtime stories and the late night movie dates with my dad. That, of course, was when I was younger, innocent, and in the comforts of my parents arms. Those days were long over.

Now I’ve seen more of the cruelty of the world then anyone would like to believe. Even so, I still remember that time. I long for those moments and no matter what I try to cherish them. Fearing they would perish if I let go, so I held onto them.

Even if my life was completely different now.

Being the Alpha King’s head warrior was a tough job. I had to make sure everyone on my team was in top notch and that they never lost any focus; including distractions like mates. They weren’t entirely exempt from having one per say, more their training and business came first before anything else. It was our duty to protect the Alpha King and his beloved mate Elizabeth.

I was lucky enough to call her my best friend, someone I could rely on; and someone I had a rare bond with. It was unheard of in our time, with only old stories told from my people as evidence that it had even existed before now.

It was something that wasn’t natural to my people, and even other creatures such as the werewolves. But it happened to us, and I was glad that it did, or else I would have never been given the opportunity to change myself, change who I was and become someone significantly better.

At least that’s what Elizabeth made me believe.

“Sybil!” I heard the familiar voice of Elizabeth yelling from downstairs. I had spent the morning cleaning my room and organizing my closet.

Something I did once a week.

Rushing down the stairs from my room, round the short hallway and into the living room, I tensely glanced around, eyeing everywhere to make sure no harm was near. Elizabeth sat on the single couch, legs tucked underneath her body as she engrossed herself in Little Lorenzo; a book she’d constantly read when bored. I’d never read it before myself, but I heard it was full of romantic domination with fetishes beyond my imagination. Definitely something I’d avoid for the rest of my life.

“Yes Ellie?” I asked, using my nickname for her. One I’d been using since we first met and spent two days trekking through the forest together. It almost seemed forever ago, even if it’d been at most two years.

I let the fact that she gave me a scare, thinking she was in harm, fade once I knew she was safe. It was my own fault for overreacting to everything she did due to the looming pressure of being head warrior and her protector.

“I’m bored!” She whined, throwing her book into her lap.

Cracking a smile in her direction I couldn’t help but relax my muscles and sit in the chair opposite to her. We weren’t much different in size, her height just slightly below mine; but she definitely had more feminine features. Locks of golden brown hair cascaded down her back, big baby blue eyes, and a rounded face. She almost looked like a porcelain doll, especially with the outfits she adorned. Today was the lace dark purple dress that came to her knees. Little flower patterns laid perfectly across the silk touch of her cardigan, and then the small purple bow she wore in her hair.

“Why don’t we go for a walk then?” I said, offering her a chance to go outside. “I only have an hour till training starts, but I’d love to go walk around the forest paths.” The Alpha King and I had set up paths throughout the forest for her and I to walk. They were close enough to the pack house in case an emergency happened, but far enough away that she could explore freely.

Beaming up at me Elizabeth jumped from her seat, practically throwing her book aside as she bounded for the front door.

“Ellie!” I called, “Wait for me!”

She was skipping as we walked out the door. I had to quickly grab my sword, latch it onto my side before we could leave. Though her impatience to be free was hard to control as she kept rushing forwards.

I wasn’t a wolf so I had to use other means of weaponry to ensure Elizabeth was safe at all times. Prior to meeting Elizabeth I would have conjured my weapons of choice through the power of serad, whom was a sacred god warrior of my people. But with the brace that subdued my powers, I was rendered useless without man-made weapons. I was still strong, the elders of my people trained the young in both forms, however, we were no match against a full grown wolf without serad. Our bodies were mostly human, beside the fact that we carried the powers of serad and were blessed with immortality, but we did not carry the same blessings of the wolf.

I was also still getting used to the brace, missing the power that once connected to every fiber of my body, but for the safety of everyone, I wore it without ever taking it off.

“Will you slow down.” I yelled as Elizabeth rushed forward even more. She was practically tripping over her feet trying to pass the wide-open space between the pack house and the forest. We passed the garden with fresh vegetables and fruits, where at the moment a few of the wolves were tending to it. They bowed their heads as Elizabeth passed but kept them high when I walked by.

“Sorry Sybil! I’m just so excited. Everyone’s been so busy with shit that I haven’t been allowed to leave the house.” She pouted, finally slowing her pace to match my own. I wasn’t a wolf so catching up with her prancing run was difficult.

It was strange hearing her swear. She seemed so innocent and delicate, yet had a fierce side only a few knew about. “Well if you go too fast you won’t enjoy the scenery.” She nodded her head at my statement, finally looking at her surroundings as we entered the forest. It was peaceful to walk with Elizabeth. She usually enjoyed keeping silent as to hear the birds chirping and squirrels chattering among themselves.

Even if I was on high alert, making sure we weren’t in danger, it was a quaint walk full of fern trees and small budded bushes. They hadn’t bloomed yet, as spring was just beginning but soon enough the forest would be full of vibrant colors and scented wonderfully.

“Hey Sybil,” Elizabeth spoke, fiddling with the hem of her cardigan. She was nervous about something, and I urged her to continue. Whatever she wanted to ask I’d be there to answer fully. “I think I’m ready,” I tilted my head in confusion, watching her face as it lit up in a bright pink shade. She was embarrassed. “I think I’m ready to...to sleep...with Carter!” Elizabeth practically yelled, saying it so fast I almost didn’t catch her words.

Staring at her she was as bright as a tomato. I couldn’t help but laugh, was she seriously telling me this? “It’s not funny!” Elizabeth yelled, flustered and stammering. “I...I don’t know what to do. I’ve never had sex before and I...I,” I’d be surprised if her skin didn’t catch on fire from the amount of red she was. I was still laughing, my giggles couldn’t be contained by her outburst.

“Could you please help me?” She asked, searching my eyes in hope. I couldn’t believe she was asking me for help, when she knew perfectly well I was just as much as a virgin as her.

Probably more with all the sex books she read.

We’d stopped at the small bench Carter had built so Elizabeth could sit down if she were tired. He was very thoughtful when it came to her, always making sure she was at the utmost comfort. Even if they’d known and been together for three years, she was younger and just now at the age of twenty was she finally ready to move forwards in their mating relationship. He was patient with her to say the least. Most of the time male werewolves were very dominant and needed to be mated soon, so they could protect them better.

“I don’t know how I’d be of much help Ellie. I definitely am not an expert towards sex.” I said after recovering from my blank stare. She shocked me by asking for help, especially with something that was personal and intimate. Something meant for the Alpha King.

“You could just help me find a sexy outfit to wear,” She whispered, shifting in slight discomfort from the topic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this embarrassed about anything, It was excruciatingly hard not to combust with laughter. “Or...or help me do research.”

“Ellie,” I laughed, grabbing her hand in mine. “I’ll help you find an outfit, but there is no way in hell that I’m doing research!”

Elizabeth giggled, “Fine fine. Thank you Sybil.”

“Your welcome Ellie. Now let’s head back, I’ve got training to do and if I don’t get there on time your mate will have my head.”

She laughed at this, knowing that in some ways I was correct. We walked back quicker, and I left her on the couch with her book before rushing towards the training grounds. It was a good ten minute walk from the pack house, spread out to allow for massive training sessions both in wolf form and human.

By the time I reached the grounds, most of my men were waiting, stretching and chattering among themselves. There were about forty of them, not including the Alpha King, his Beta and the Head Chief. Their roles were important to every aspect involving a pack, the Alpha was of course the leader and held responsibilities of protecting his land. Then the Beta was a second in command per say, that usually took control when the Alpha was away, or would help with paper work and problems. Then the Head Chief who was technically a doctor, but geared more towards spiritual works. I wasn’t as clear with his role due to the lack of books on them.

And then there were the Warriors. Protectors of the lands and people around them. It was our duty to guard and keep everyone safe. I was especially appointed to protecting Elizabeth if I wasn’t training my men.

“Let’s get started! Enough chit chatting and get into the proper stance with your partners.” I bellowed out my order. I might have been gentle with Elizabeth, but these men needed to be pushed. I was more in tune with my natural instincts and my own people when I was the fierce head warrior of the Athos Pack then the gentle friend of Elizabeth.

In the beginning I dealt with a lot of wolves who disrespected my position, the position their Alpha appointed me. However, after the initial blaze of rage over who I was, they settled, learning how my tactical viewpoint would be beneficial to them protecting the Athos Pack.

They now followed, eager to train.

The Alpha King stood on the sidelines with his Beta. Watching intently at each wolf; keeping tabs on their weaknesses and strengths. This was his duty, mine was to train.

It was a strange dynamic. In all honesty two years ago I’d never expect to be standing ordering wolves around, much less being allowed near the most precious one alive. It’s amazing how eager Carter was to take me under his wings, and put the position of head warrior on my shoulders.

I wouldn’t have asked it any other way, but nonetheless It was hard, especially with wolves who sexualized every move you make. They were unmated beasts who ran just as much on their animalistic instincts as their human side. Even though wolves were ordered creatures that needed stability and mates, I still felt the lingering looks and the desires from the young wolves.

I was the deadly but exotic creature in their eyes.

We trained for a few hours, pushing to our limits. I wanted them to work extra hard today; with the new thoughts of being demoralized in my mind, I wanted to show them who the boss was. I think they got it at the end when some collapsed from over exhaustion.

Their breaths coming out in short pants, eyes shut, and bodies flushed red. I’m sure they’d be bruised in a couple minutes.

I over exerted myself as well, my legs begging to rest from training with the warriors. I would never show them that though. I had to prove my worth and if I showed even a smidgen of weakness I would be chewed up and spit back out.

“Alright we can end it here men!” I said, scanning the area where most of my men were huffing and puffing. “Good job today, we can continue with training the day after tomorrow.”

Dismissing them I grabbed a water bottle before waltzing over to where Carter and the Beta, Ryad were standing. A small smirk itched the side of Carter’s lips, mischievous chocolate brown eyes gleaming at me. “Something on your mind Ms. Clarke?”

Rarely anyone called me Sybil, except Elizabeth. Everyone just used my surname. I laughed at his remark, “Just making sure they know who boss is.”

Both Carter and Ryad’s laugh echoed through the now empty training grounds. “I don’t think for one second they believe your below them. Honestly with your harsh training’s I’d say they might even be scared of you!” Ryad joked, his pearly white teeth beaming as his eyes twinkled with playfulness.

Ryad was a strong Beta. He stood tall next to Carter with being only a few inches shorter and a slightly smaller form, representing his power and his position being right under the Alpha.

I scoffed, rolling my eyes. As if I was scary...Maybe I was? Oh well.

The three of us began walking back to the main pack house. While the rest of the pack stayed in the main building, Carter, Elizabeth, and I stayed in a subsection that was attached to the pack house on the side. It had its own separate entrance and the essentials to live there without ever having to enter the pack house. I was technically occupying one of the bedrooms designed for the Alpha and Luna’s children, as I needed to keep an eye on Elizabeth.

I also suspected it was because I was the only one Elizabeth felt truly comfortable with. Everyone fawned over her as means of getting on her good side, and in turn getting on the Alpha’s good side. Because I wasn’t a wolf, the social aspects of their desires for higher rank positions didn’t effect me the same way.


I snapped my head up to look at Carter, blinking rapidly. “You didn’t hear a single thing I said, did you?” He said with a smirk. Syad was beside him laughing.

“Uhhh...” I blurted, knowing full well that I had been caught wandering inside my head. I was a very tentative person, keeping silent as I watched and listened, however, sometimes it slipped and my mind wandered.

“We we’re discussing the upcoming meeting next week,” Carter started, his eyes focusing on mine as we had halted our walking. I was the only one in the pack, besides Elizabeth and Syad, that could look Carter in the eyes without consequences.

“Before that mind of yours wandered. You know I kind of thought you didn’t have a brain up there Sybil, with all your brooding.” Syad piped in, cutting Carter off as he was about to speak.

I snapped my eyes to Syad, a scowl on my face. I knew he was joking but he also knew how to push buttons. “Fuck off Syad.”

His smile was contagious however as I caught myself smirking slightly after speaking. Carter stood between us, his demeanor shifting to a more serious tone. I felt his impatience with our antics. He growled and Syad bowed his head slightly in respect. “Sorry, Alpha.”

“As I was saying, the meeting is next week. We will be flying out in a few days to visit with Alpha Donovan as he has invited us to a small gathering beforehand. I need you to get yourself ready as your main priority will be taking care of Elizabeth.”

I nod my head in understanding. This was a serious matter and I forced myself to be the solider I was. “Understood. Who is coming?”

“Five of us. Due to the severity of the meeting Syad will be coming with us. Then Elizabeth, you, myself, and Reid.”

Reid was one of our strongest warriors of the pack. He was in his thirties, battled scarred and ready for a fight whenever he had the chance. He never found his mate, everyone assumed she died, so he focused on his training and had nothing to lose. He was fierce, and in some ways he was also a risk. I understood why Carter was bringing him with us to the meeting.

If anyone was to rebel in the Athos pack, it would be Reid. He was a good wolf, but something lingered in the air when you walked by him that reeked of caution.

Almost like if there was even a hint of weakness in the Alpha King, Reid would take advantage and attack.

“Understood. Who will be in charge while we are gone?”

“My father actually. Since Syad has to accompany us, I do not trust that Sean will be able to handle all the responsibilities alone. He’s still learning and nothing can happen while we are gone.”

Sean was the Gamma. He had only recently taken over for his father and had very large shoes to fill.

“That means you and I get to share a room.” Syad said, winking. His voice deepened as he spoke, with a hint of sexual intentions lingering on his lips.

“Seriously Syad, I will castrate you without hesitation if you don’t shut up.”

“Tough words for such a small woman. I wouldn’t mind you touching my balls though sweetheart.” He winked, making me more pissed off.

“Enough!” Carter bellowed, his growl turning into a snarl. “Syad stop being an annoying shit. If it weren’t for your strength as the Beta...when you want to be, I would have you sit in the jail cell forever.” we were still in the open field, a good five minute walk from the pack house and I could see the sun had started to fall behind the horizon. Syad stared at Carter nonchalantly, his threats were useless against the tyrant of Syad. He knew his power and his position, which meant that even though he respected Carter as the Alpha King, he was going to act how he wanted to act.

Carter was right though. He was skillful and brutal when needed and he had Carter’s back as the Beta.

He had nothing to lose though. His mate was slaughtered two years ago, and with her a piece of him died. Once she died, he was careless when it came to his own safety. In ways it was good as it made him a strong fighter, but it was also scary to see a wolf without a care. It was similar to how my people were, however, the only difference is that we never had hearts to begin with. Syad had his torn to pieces.

“As for what Syad said, it’s true. Unfortunately due to the amount of wolves coming on Alpha Donovan’s land, there is limited space available in the pack house. He already has some Alpha’s staying in tents outside; however, as I am the Alpha King he was gracious enough to get us two rooms”

“What the fuck?” I shook my head feverishly as I stared at Carter. “There is no way that I am sharing a room with Syad...and Reid.”

“Your only sharing with me baby.”

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