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Life goes down hill for a family of 5 girls and a single mother when their father and husband dies in an accident Mother has to make a difficult decision to save herself from going to jail **This story is a mixture of different family dramas at the same time It embodies what parents go through everyday to provide for their children and how difficult decisions and sacrifices have to be made for the satisfaction and benefit of the entire family** **underneath all the family drama, this book also entails the of two eople who meet under a messy circumstance and have no choice but to adapt

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Chapter 1:Boring


A female voice boomed through the house.

Remmie knew this voice all too well.

It was her mother’s way of waking her every single morning.

To think she should be used to it by now.

Yh but she wasn’t

“Remmie!! What are you doing? You are going to be late for school again” her mother yelled from the kitchen

‘Ugh as if’ Remmie thought to herself.

“Coming Ma... and don’t worry I’m always so late they think it’s normal now” she replied her mum laughing

Remmie walked into her closet and picked her usual clothes for school. Today she decided to go with a high waist black jeans a sports bra and a black pokemon hoodie

Remmie walks out of her room holding her towel and toothbrush and heads to the bathroom she shares with her sisters

She brushes her teeth,does her business and takes a bath quickly and returns to her room and gets dresses

Before heading out she grabs her bag and phone from her bed and puts on her slightly worn out trainers by the door and heads down stairs.

“Oh what a miracle! You are all dressed up and 15minutes earlier than usual,”mocked her sister, just to receive a smack on the head from Remmie.

“How does it even concern you loud mouth,”she replied angrily.

Heavy footsteps were heard coming down the crooked stairs. Nobody needs to tell them who it was

It was Their father Bob

Bob is a lawyer and a very strict man. No wonder his kids fear him so much

Regardless he is a wonderful father to all his five daughters and an even better husband to his wife Sally

He barely glanced at his daughters for them to understand and run to the dining table to avoid any reprimanding for the little squabble they just had

^the time was 8:27am^

Yh they weren’t the average punctual family

The couple and their 4 daughters gathered at the table to have their breakfast. Their first daughter had already graduated high school and was in college now

Felicia, their 4th daughter was narrating to them how she got a gold star at school

‘Boring’ Remmie thought

She couldn’t wait to finish eating so she could get out of there. She wished she had the same privillages as her older sister

Well even if she tried, she couldn’t... She wouldn’t gave gotten the chance

Her older sister was so much trouble that her parents made sure to put her under the radar so she wouldn’t slip up and make the same mistakes as her sister did

Not like she was complaining. She did like her boring life... but she just wanted a little breathing space and for her parents to trust her. Anyways it was her life and she had no choice but to live it

“Ok bye everyone! I’m going to be later than usual if I don’t leave now,”said Remmie as she grabbed an apple for later and ran out the door

“Like that’s so shocking,” murmured her mother shaking her head

“Yh I’ll leave too. I still have to drop the twin off at school before going to office” said Bob standing up and kissing his wife goodbye

“C’mon girls! Get into the car”

They carried their lunch boxes and school bags before kissing their mum goodbye

“Bye mama”

“Have a nice day,”replied Sally kissing their cheeks.

Sally turned to her 3rd daughter and asked “aren’t you supposed to be going to school too?”

“No mama... I don’t wanna today,”replied Emilia fake sobbing

“Why honey,”cooed sally

“Emmm... uhhh... ummm... I... I... I’ve got a headache and my tummy hurts and not to forget my foot. I sprained it yesterday during PE”

Sally realised what was happening and decided to play along anyways.

“Oh, that’s too bad!!! But no worries I’ll just call the doctor so he could come check up on you”

“Uhhh no need I think I just need to sleep and I’ll be better by tomorrow... no need to call the doctor!!!”Emilia panicked.

Sally smirked and said “No! I can’t let my baby sleep when she is unwell...wait here let me call the doctor i’ll be right back” she went to the counter and grabbed her phone and pretended to dail a number

Emilia jumped off her sit and ran to her saying “Emm no need to call the doctor... I’m better now see!!!”

“No, you are unwell and your foot...Didn’t you say you sprained it yesterday?”said her mum raising an eyebrow.

“Emmm gotta go bye... I love you!!” she said running out the door making her mum smile shaking her head at her daughter’s mischief

Sally cleared the tables and did the dishes

Sally has been trying to balance her responsibilities as a mother as well as taking care of her siblings as her father put her in charge of his assets before he died.

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