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The Forbidden Love!!!

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The werewolf Aria and the vampire Dray experience their forbidden love for one another and they see what it is like to be parents. While their parents don't support

Romance / Fantasy
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The Lion Fell in Love with a Lamb

On a dark stormy night, the scent of blood crossed Dray’s mind following the fragrance into the woods without thinking he attacked a werewolf but stopped to feel this weird feeling in his heart the werewolf ran off he sat there as he was a deer in headlights watching her with her fur as white as the powdery snow he saw her limping away leaving nothing but paw prints behind. He was sitting on the cold floor when he suddenly heard a scratching sound on his door he was startled to see the wolf with snowy white fur at his home she went back into her human form to his surprise as she was a beautiful girl with golden blond hair.

He then noticed she had a bandage on her arm she then offered him a basket of delicious sugar cookies “I made them myself” she said “May I come in” in shock he was able to gather the courage to say “yes you may.” “I’m Aria and as you might tell I’m a werewolf,” said Aria.

“I’m Dray.” he said “I’m sorry for what I did to your arm I don’t know what came over me.” “It’s fine I know you didn’t mean it,” said Aria “I can’t stay long or my father would KILL me.” “Do you have a curfew or something?” said Dray. “No, it’s just my dad has forbidden me to talk to vampires or as he calls them Filthy Blood Suckers,” said Aria.

“What is his problem with vampires,” said Dray “It’s not just him ...” said Aria “It’s the law of our tribe.” Dray looked confused but just then there was a faint howl at hearing that Aria paniked and left the basket of sugar cookies. Confused, he grabbed a cookie and ate it while looking at the door she left wide open. He ate a cookie every day till the day she returned.

A week later on the next snowstorm, she scratched on the door when he answered he said: “you know there’s a doorbell right?” she entered her human form and laughed they looked at the basket there were two left, and Aria laughed and said, “I take it you liked them?” “They were awesome!” said Dray “Do you want your basket back?” “No, it’s fine,” said Aria “keep it.”

Then the room went silent, then Aria and Dray made direct eye contact, then the next thing Dray knew her lips were on his but he didn’t pull away instead he put his arms around her waist, and then Aria pulled away in a hurry and left. Dray and Aria didn’t see each other again till the next day she stopped by his home but this time she rang the doorbell when he answered he was shocked.

He answered the door to find Aria crying “What is wrong?!” said Dray. “My dad found out about you and he banished me this was the only place I could think to go,” said Aria “I don’t know how he found out but all I know is after we kissed I went back to see my dad packing my things and he said if I fall in love with a vampire I am no longer a part of the tribe.”

Stunned at how her father did that to her Dray was so upset with her father just then the door slammed open and Dray quickly ran in front of Aria to their disbelief, it was Aria’s dad otherwise known as Phenix. “I knew it!” said Phenix “how could you betray the tribe like this?!” “Dad it’s not what it looks like,” said Aria still crying. “Then why are you here?” said Phenix “Of all the places you could go you go to the home of the vampire that got you banished it is exactly as it looks like!”

“You don’t understand Aria is perfectly innocent,” said Drey “It’s not her fault I love her.” as those words escaped his thoughts Arias’s eyes widened and so did her fathers as Dray saw the look of disapproval in his eyes as well and then he left. He held her arms as she still processing the words Dray said “At least I know you feel the same way.” said Aria.

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