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Legally Married

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Two broken hearts forced into a marriage of convenience. It's been fifteen years since Winter lost Damian and Leo lost Riona. They say pain changes people, Winter and Leo are perfect examples of that. Winter now runs Simpsons Corp as a business graduate from Oxford University. Winter then was a naive soft spoken girl but has turned into a heartless and arrogant businesswoman whose purpose is solely to work. Leonardo 'Leo' is a word renowned doctor, he was a calm, humble and loyal guy now has quite the reputation as an egocentric playboy who doesn't give a second look at who he hits. After a bad first encounter, Leo and Winter are thrown into an arranged marriage. They both decide to sign a personal contract which states they might live under the same roof but they will not in any way get involved with each other. How long will they be able to stay away from each other for? Throw in two hot people in a house, add jealous exes and then nosy parents. A perfect recipe for disaster.

Romance / Humor
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’m very disappointed in you Coleman.” I shook my head in disappointment as I read the report he placed in front of me.

“But ma’am I made it exactly the way you wanted.” Timothy Coleman my finance secretary defended.

“If it was what I wanted, I wouldn’t be complaining dimwit.” I fired back.

“What’s the problem with it?”

“The ledger is not well arranged, where’s the amount budgeted for the renovation? What about the names of all the staffs and their monthly salary?” My eyes darted from the file in my hand to his face.

“I didn’t thin-”

“I don’t pay you to think idiot! I pay you to do what I say.” I interrupted him.

“I ju-”

“Why are you arguing with me instead of apologizing?” I asked through gritted teeth.

“I’m sorry ma’am.” He lowered his head and apologized in a solemn tone.

“Just get out of my office,” I raised my voice but maintained a calm demeanor.

“Someone’s got her panties in a twist.” Rachel barged into my office.

“I want the file before you leave the office today and make sure you make all the necessary changes.” I handed the file to Timothy.

“Yes ma’am.” He took the file from me and exited my office.

“It’s already past six, how is he supposed to make changes and return it to you today?!” Rachel my adopted sister questioned me.

“I don’t care! I just want him to get it done! It’s his fault for bringing me a messy file anyway.” I told Rachel.

“Winter,” She called me and I looked up at her. “It’s a Friday night, not everyone wants to be in their office working.” She sighed.

“That’s because they don’t have work to get done.”

“Winter,” she got up and walked behind me and I rolled my eyes because I knew where she was going. “You’re pretty,” she played with my strawberry blonde hair. “You should go out more, meet new people and have fun.” She said.

“I don’t want to meet new people.” I firmly told her.

“How about you just come out with me tonight?” She looked at me.

“What’s happening tonight? You just want to go to the club, drink and hook up with a total stranger.” I attacked her.

“So?” She shrugged.

I rolled my eyes, “I’m not interested in guys anymore.” I told her.

“Winter you’re going to need to move on.” She firmly told me.

“If this is about Damian then please don’t go there.”

“Winter it’s been more than ten years since my brother passed away, I know you loved him but you really need to let go.”

“I would understand it if anyone else said this, but you?!” I raised my voice and got up from my chair to point at her. “He was your brother, how can you just forget about him? Do you even remember that tomorrow’s the anniversary of his death?” I questioned her.

“Don’t you dare accuse me of forgetting Damian! I knew and loved him way before you okay?! I just don’t want to dwell on the past because I know it’s what he would have wanted! I know for sure that he would want the same for you!” She raised her voice too.

“Just go home already. I’m not going to the club with you so just forget it.” I informed her.


“Never mind, you can stay in this office! I’ll go home instead.” I furiously walked to my table, grabbed my brown bag and walked out of the office making sure to slam the door.

“Um ma’am does you-” Someone from downstairs tried to say but stopped talking after I walked right past them.

As soon as I got into my car and I dropped my bag on the passenger seat, I held the steering wheel and buried my head in it.

Why would she bring this up right now? I’m always very sensitive about Damian this period but she doesn’t even seem to care.

All my pent up frustration began to show as tears formed in my eyes.

Winter stop! There’s no need to cry. Just go home and relax. There should be more work you can occupy yourself with at home.

I raised my head and started the engine but before zooming off I took one long deep breath.

When I reached home, I was greeted by my mom who was just on her way to the kitchen.

“Welcome home sweetheart!” My mom cheerfully greeted with a toothy grin.

“Hey mom!” I only smiled back and walked up to her.

“How come you’re home? Rachel said you both were going out tonight.” My mom asked me.

“Rachel told you I was going somewhere other than the office and you believed her?” I scoffed.

“I thought she was finally able to get you to start living life again.” She said back to me and I rolled my eyes.

“I’m going to my room.” I said aloud and turned towards the exit because I wanted to avoid that conversation.

“Winter why are you this way? Do we need to hire another therapist? Tomorrow will make it fifteen years but you still look like a shell of yourself. You were always smiling and could never keep a frown for even five minutes but you’ve been wearing that frown for fifteen year-.”

“Mom stop it.” I flared up. “I’m fine! You want me to smile?! Here!” I forced a smile to her face. “Now leave me alone!” I angrily walked into my room and slammed the door shut.

As soon as I closed my door, my eyes closed and tears began to pour out. What’s going on? Why’s everyone acting this way?!

I felt so angry and hurt that all I could think of was what to do with all the frustration I felt but nothing came to mind so all I did was scream! Scream my lungs out!

“Winter are you alright?!” I heard my mom’s voice from the other side of the door.

“Leave me alone!” I yelled out loudly and the knocking stopped.

An escape.

An escape.

What can I do to stop the suffocation I feel?

I picked up my phone and my Face ID couldn’t work probably because of all my tears so I used the pass code and it unlocked.

I dialed Rachel’s number and after one ring she answered.

“I’ll come out with you for only a little bit because if I stay in this house, I’ll go crazy and lose my mind.”

“I’ll come home immediately so we can leave.”

She seemed excited before ending the call.

Only after the call ended did I realize what I had just done.

What am I gonna do?!

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