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The Wedding Planner

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It has been eight years since the painful separation of Alexis and Kyle. Eight years since they last saw each other. Now they are both successful in their fields. Alexis is now a well known wedding planner that goes by the name Mackenzie Poiner. Kyle became the CEO of his father's company and is tagged as a monster because he doesn't smile and doesn't care about people. What happens when Mackenzie is asked to plan the wedding of the year- between Penelope and Kyle. How will Alexis/Mackenzie handle having her first and only love's wedding to another girl? Find out what destiny has in store for these two on 'The Wedding Planner'.

Romance / Humor
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rrr brrrr


I ran my hand through my silk bed sheet until my hand lands on what’s making that noise and answer without looking at the caller ID.

“Good morning ma’am!” Stacey, my assistant chirped.

“As cheerful as always.” I groaned and rubbed my eyes.

“Sorry! Did I wake you up again?” She immediately apologized.

“Having you is equivalent to having an alarm clock. Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m going to read your briefing for today. So, you have an appointment with Miss Gina Arthuyr today at nine, another meeting with Daisy Willer. Both to discuss their weddings coming up.” She recited to me causing me to yawn and stretch.

“Okay. The meeting is scheduled to happen at the office right?” I asked wanting to confirm.

“Yes miss. They will be early as well.” She added.

“Thank you Stacey. As efficient as always.” I complimented before hanging up.

I thought life would get simpler as I finished college but yet here I am, still waking up early to go to work.

After the call, I got up from bed and went straight to the shower. I combed my now black hair and put it in a neat bun before applying light makeup.

As I walked downstairs, I noticed Sophie’s door was still closed meaning she was still asleep.

Lucky! I’d give anything to sleep in right now.

Just as I sat down in the kitchen to drink my newly made coffee, the framed photo of my mom came into view and I pick it up.

Eight years. It’s been right years since you left Sophie and I, mom. I wish you were here at least life would have been much easier.

Aunt Stella made us leave the house because of certain issues and we had to live with Sophie’s boyfriend until Sophie got a job as a waitress and we could afford a small place. She had two jobs and barely had any time for herself just so I’d be comfortable.

I felt bad that I was a burden to her but it couldn’t be helped until after some time. My four years in college went by quickly and I graduated with my degree in Event Management.

We came to New York because of a job offer Sophie received. The pay was good enough to cover rent, food and petty expenses.

One day I her to work just for curiosity purposes. I met Avery’s grandmother, Mrs. Anna Qickelsin. Her grandmother was hiring people at her wedding palace.

She hired me as an assistant and guess she just really liked me because she left one of her wedding planning office to manage before she died. When I told her about how life was for me; she suggested that I start over with a new name; Mackenzie.

Now I own multiple chains around New York and California.

In all these years, I missed your hugs on the bad days, I missed the way your face lit up when you saw my grades, and I miss your cooking because Sophie still can’t cook for shit! But most of all, I miss you mom.

A tear escaped my eyes and stained my cheeks.

“You’re thinking about mom again?” Sophie’s voice filled the air.

“I was just reminiscing.” I stifled a laugh while using my fingers to dry my eyes.

“We agreed that we wouldn’t cry anymore. We are stronger than that and mom won’t like that.”

“Yes, but I’m not as strong as you are.”

“Yes you are. Maybe even more than me” She grabbed a cup.

I sighed and finished my cup of coffee, “I have to go because I have a bunch of meetings today. Love you!” I kissed her cheek.

“Love you too.” She smiled at me.

As I reached the garage, I decided a smaller car would be fit for this meeting so I used a Benz. After driving for a few minutes I arrived at a three storey building.

“Good morning Miss Poiner.” Everyone greeted as I passed by them.

Butterflies erupted in my stomach, there’s this satisfaction knowing that all the bad things I went through led up to this moment.

I got settled in my office and Stacey almost immediately barged into my office. “Miss Aurthyr Is here!” She announced.

“Tell her to come in.”

In no time, a young lady walked in. She was in the company of a much older woman, hand in hand.

Must be her mother.

“Good morning miss Gina.” I greeted no one in particular so Gina would respond and I’d know who I had a meeting with.

“Good morning the younger woman replied.”This is my mother.” She gestured to the woman next to her.

“Good morning ma’am.” I greeted and she smiled in return.

“Please take a seat,” I urged them. “From the details you provided, your wedding is in two weeks. How much is your budget? For the entire wedding, wedding dress included.”

“Maybe around $150,000.”

I open the laptop on my desk to type down what she was saying. “Okay so do you want a fancy wedding or a simple one?”

“Nothing too fancy. Simple”

I put that in my system as well.

“Okay. I have your contact details so tomorrow, someone from my team will get in contact with you for dresses. You don’t have to worry anymore; I’ll take extra care with this wedding.” I assured her with a smile.

“Thank you Mackenzie.” She got from her chair and hugged me excitedly before she and her mom exited my office.


It took years to get used to that name but even now when I hear my real name, I turn to answer.

The only people who know my actual name are just Anna and Sophie. Alexis. Alexis Coleman. The once innocent and naive nerd of Greenfield High.

Thinking back now, I only cringe when I think of how much I tolerated while growing up but one thing that makes me cringe the most is the fact that after everything Kyle did to me I never got over him and that awkward letter I left behind for him.

What was I thinking?!

The mere thought of the letter made me cringe again.

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