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Anaya Jekson is an 18 year old bully,she finds happiness in what she does for reasons only known by her.They say love can fix the broken, can Anaya be fixed when Alex walks into her life? Or is she too deep inside to be rescued,will Alex be patient and support her through it all even when she is not letting him in

Romance / Humor
Judy ✨❤️
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Chapter 1

Anaya's POV

In this school we all need a way to survive, it's either you are attacked or you attack first and I definitely would not be stepped upon by no one's child. My name is Anaya Jeks ,I am currently in high school doing my junior year and I am a bully,how I became a bully you will know as I go on.

I am currently on my way to the English lesson but I am super late which is not surprising, sometimes you have to be bad for people to fear you. I finally reach the class and I just pull the door without knocking,the stupid brads all look at me but instantly face the other way as they don't want to face my wrath, good.

"Ms Jekson you are late for my class again" there he is my English teacher,for some reason he thinks I can change but I am way too deep to turn back.

I ignore my sweet teacher as I walk to my chair and put my head on the table."ok I guess we should continue"he says

Finally the lesson comes to an end only for my happiness to be short lived when I am told to remain behind.

"You asked for me Sir" i say as I cross my legs.

"You shouldn't be doing this in my class Jekson,you are making my job very difficult for me."he says

He is got to be kidding."Sir we both know that I am the top student of my class right,I do not understand how that is making your job difficult" I say

I mean I have my ways, I might be pretending to be asleep during class I do care about my future you know.

"Jekson academics go together with respect,you should balance it or else you are going to lose one"

"Sir don't you have some drugs to smoke before your next class starts " I say with a smirk. Shocked much,I repeat I have my ways.

"I don't know what you are talking about"he says with a shaking voice.

"Gerald don't play dumb,we both know what I am on about, this can stay between us if you stay out of my business then I will do the same, simple.Now if you may excuse me I have some toys to play with."I stand from my chair and walk out . Time to do something fun.

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